Dump HIV

Test results are likely false + and/or flu +

Positive results merely indicate antibodies, which are in everyone all the time, and can merely indicate that at one time you had the flu. They are reactive for 6 different conditions. Tests are not specific enough to pinpoint one particular virus or any one particular disease condition that exists or is said will exist in the future, contrary to most marketing claims. It should not be used as a diagnostic.

January 1, 2017

For more than 30 years the gay community has been pounded in the head, stomach, and wallet with false claimes of lurking “deadly” viruses and it needs to stop. Just because governments and a very few scientists around the world say something, starting a chain reaction in beliefs and declarations, doesn’t mean it is accurate. The theory that a virus that is “sexually transmitted” almost exclusively and is the cause of complex immune system problems isn’t universal and has been well proven to be false and non-sensical. The idea that you only catch certain viruses from sex is totally absurd (all viruses travel by air) yet this is the world we have lived in for 30 positive nauseating death inducing drug pushing years where we all have watched friends die due to medical poisoning. The whole HIV theory falls on it’s face when we ask one simple question, if the virus can be transmitted by shared needles, then it certainly can be transmitted by shared needles, the latter being more specifically, flying ones. If there was a viral cause for gays and the world to be afraid of, backyard BBQ’s would be a place to wrap the entire yard in prophylactics in order to protect guests from contracting HIV from an HIV infected neighbor’s yard full of mosquitoes or a community’s HIV infected population. Mosquitoes are flying used dirty shared needles. How can government continue to promote this lie that a virus is the cause of rare diseases when this theory has been smashed to pieces as far back as when it first started when Margaret Heclker Secretary of US Health and Human Services made the erroneous contentious announcement that “The probable cause of AIDS is a virus…” which then terrified the world and thus became “real”. Can government ever make mistakes? Can drama queens perpetuate drama? The reality is there is no viral cause. HIV is a fraud and what they call HIV has never been shown to be anything more than cellular debris, in other words, shit, or “harmless passenger viruses” that are as dangerous as dust traveling accross country hitching a ride on a train.

What is a virus?

  • In short it’s a paracite like a mosquito and not like an alien monster we see in movies that gets bigger and stronger and more destructive

Does a virus get lodged in my cell as if it’s been sent to jail?

  • No, they are swept out like how a trash man collects garbage and takes it to a more suitable location

Why are people saying we all need to get untested? 

  • Because testing is not specific and only finds antibodies which is like finding a houskeeper in your house using a gay rag or houseboy to dust

Why is gay blood treated differently than straight blood?

  • In many countries gay blood donation continues to be banned. This rule came to be in the 1980’s because in the US the “virus” was affecting overwhelmingly more gay dudes but this is askew, because more gays get tested thus more gays show up as “having it” thus the faulty theory that in order to protect the blood supply they must ban all blood that comes from active LGBT and QWERTYsexuals. They don’t ban any blood that has come in contact with dirty shared mosquito syringes which if a virus is transmitted by dirty needles can be transmitted by dirty flying needles. All blood donation bans should either apply to all people who have ever come in contact with a mosquito, or ban the bans completely as they truly make no scientific sense.

It needs a better name like LISP (Lexicological Immunounderstanditive Synapsis Problem)

Are you saying I have been lied to all these years?

  • Yes, testing is a complete waste of time and resources yet it continues due to demand. If people understood the lie better eventually it would end. The only way to truly END/AIDS is by ending the definitions that are erroneous.

What does HIV truly stand for?

  • By all indications it’s Hysteria Informaticaliticouciousa Virusmania or Horribly Incorrect Virology

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