Roseanne killed by a PC overdose

The character of Roseanne O’Conner on TV is being killed off by an opioid overdose. PC police, which are never really correct, killed her off long before that. reference

Leader of NK says Trump stabilized region

A fantastic president is measured by whether or not he can shift a serious threatening global situation into creating a profound and stable situation. That is exactly what he did in the meeting with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un. It was actually easier than dealing with hysterical Democrats. reference

Fly in the face

The supposed fact that HIV cannot be removed from the body once it enters flies in the face of all viral research ever done throughout history*. There is no evidence based on how all well proven understandings on how the body processes work of such claims that HIV cannot escape and it doesn’t even make…

They made their beds

Now it’s Julie Chen, quitting her lucrative “The Talk” hosting position as her husband is accused of boo hoo meetooisms. She is married to the head of CBS who got canned “to support him”. More like she’s trying to save some face. What a lovely society TV has created. It killed my friends with inaccurate…

BAN/FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb

Trump is clueless when it comes to picking commissioners to head the FDA and this one needs to be banned. Scott Gottlieb is hell bent on banning flavors in vegetable glycerine propylene glycol liquids used in vaping. No flavor ban for teeth rotting kids cereals, oh no, even though those wreak havoc on the immune…

Leak factory

The US government is supposed to operate in a neutral fashion, meaning when people are given a job to do, they are not supposed to start doing political posturing as a part of their job. In other words, certain people in the FBI and other parts of government were actively trying to stop Trump from…

Gloryhole liquid

I’m not sure if straights know what a glory hole is or not. Watch and see what you think.

Migrant parents regularly “rip their children away from parents” in order for their kids to stay in the US

They send them to the US to live with friends or relatives. So much for all the drama Democrat liars made at the border regarding the US government splitting up migrant families and all of the boohooism, they all do it themselves quite regularly. story

Joe Biden claims Trump supporters use White House as “bully pulpit” as he speaks at event sponsored by Human Rights Campaign

The standard Democratic politician propaganda being thrown around once again. Watch the video here.

Chick-Fil-A feeds hurricane refugees, denies service to gays

Just kidding about the denial, but this is what a gay run business might do after losing the GWC* baking wars, they would tell the straights to go away. They would discriminate based on whether or not they were discriminated against. There is so much hypocrisy in the gay community. Whoops there go my advertisers…