Point of sale

I am trying to sell you something, the idea that ACRONYMS are stupid. You can use your CC to make payment.

LGBT has evolved into adding all sorts of letters, now I haven’t a clue what the “correct” acronym is.

Go back go GAY.

TPI is having this problem too. TPI is The Pot Industry.

Take for example this statement from Weed News:

What it is:

  1. A Point of Banking System (PBS) creates a cash-free ATM
  2. The PBS uses your debit card, or credit card if you can remember your PIN, to do a cash transaction.
  3. It feels like you’re buying legal cannabis with credit cards.

ATM and PBS. We all know what ATM means, A Place To Get Money.

PBS is the Public Broadcasting System, but now it’s also Point of Banking System (why leave out the o?? Make it POBS. That would make more sense but no, the ANS (Acronym Naming Society) has picked PBS even though POBS would define it better.

Now let’s acronymize more as clearly this 3 point statement of facts is too wordy, needs acronymania.

Here is the new version approved by the ANS:


  1. A PBS creates a CF/ATM
  2. The PBS uses your DC, or CC if you CRY PIN, to DACT.
  3. It feels like Y’r BLC with CC.

Oh that’s much better! Look at all the space saved!

Feature image of a CC has been released into the public domain by its author, Chairsenses at English Wikipedia. This applies worldwide.

Cheer this one

Cheers was a situation comedy TV series that ran from the late 1980’s to the mid 1990’s.

It had one episode I think you would like.

S1 E16

I give it a 10 on the gay trickter scale.

S1 E17 within the completion of the first 5:35 min the first segment has a great punch and keep watching until after Diane gets back from her blind date!

Image snapshot from “Cheers” and used to reference the show.

Conflictointerest Disease Condition

The top health official head of the Centers of Disease Control was caught BSO (Buying Selling Owning) tobacco stocks.[1]

OMG that is such a serious CDC (Conflictoinderested Deranged Cashscam) it’s not even funny.

This is the same outfit that started the HIV/LIE that killed my friends starting with the LIE that they discovered what caused COMPLEX DISEASE CONDITIONS, naming it HIV/TERROR, and pushing my friends to take experimental drugs AZT which IS/WAS a DNA cell chain migration terminator.

AZT WAS/IS a failed cancer drug a decade prior, which killed people then. Then they pushed the “Hit Hard Hit Early” campaign with this shit drug, no not shit drug as in shit countries, nuclear war drug that bombs the hell out of everything it touches. They used AZT as a nuclear bomb on my friends blood cells to try to kill Big Foot. The forest and the critters were all dead after the AIDS war, and my friends lived in that forest.

In the meantime, people like Fitzgerald who bought drug stocks all got rich.

Filthy filthy filthy.

But this shit goes on in government all the time. Congress buys/sells stocks knowing how a vote is going to go, what companies will benefit, etc.

Health departments make bundles owning stocks that promote the very thing they promote.

They are crooks. No government official should be allowed to own any stock in anything.

Here is a little of what the Politico article stated:

“After assuming the CDC leadership on July 7, Fitzgerald bought tens of thousands of dollars in new stock holdings in at least a dozen companies later that month as well as in August and September, according to records obtained under the Stock Act, which requires disclosures of transactions over $1,000. Purchases included between $1,001 and $15,000 of Japan Tobacco.”

So we finally find out about this CDC (Conflictointerest Disease Condition) after we hear the TND (Typical Nonsensicalitious Drivel) coming from Trump’s first SOUR (State Of Union Raunch) that went on incessantly with jerk off parties and sales pitches highlighting how wonderful they all are.

What is the CDC doing to control the addiction to money?


[1] https://www.politico.com/story/2018/01/30/cdc-director-tobacco-stocks-after-appointment-316245

Feature image of CDC head Brenda Fitzgerald is published by US government and is in the public domain

Update 6:17 pm pt 1/31/18 – she resigned

What causes cake?

I have been trying so hard to figure out what causes cake.

I think a virus causes it.

I mean it’s like it somehow got in that condition.

It wasn’t always that way.

Someone told me it was the recipe that caused it.

Another dude said, “A recipe couldn’t cause cake any more than a virus could cause a disease?”

I said, “Exactly, a recipe causes disease, and a virus is only one ingredient.”



Listening to the KTLA morning news today a newscaster was interviewing a transexual.

The T kept referring to the LGBT community.

In the old days a tranny would just refer to to it as “the GAY community”.

That is what gay meant, and still means, the entire community of male and female homosexuals, transexuals, etc.

Stop the madness.


Even a rocket scientist didn’t know

But the amateur did know, how to find what they had lost for 10 years.

Like with HIV/AIDS which is the most convoluted disease name in history, experts can make claims that something is not there, when it actually is there, and, the other way around.

In this case, it was the amateur who found it. IT/IS a satellite:

As seen in Tech Times:

In a blog post, Scott Tilley describes that while searching High Earth Orbit for signs of the mysterious Zuma satellite, he detected signals from satellite 2000-017A instead, the IMAGE satellite thought to have been long dead.

More data gathering confirmed that the signals were from IMAGE indeed. However, when his original blog post did not get the attention of anyone who could possibly do something with the discovery, he contacted the principal investor of IMAGE, Dr. James L. Burch, last Jan. 24.

Two days later, he got a confirmation from Richard J. Burley, former ground system manager and mission director of IMAGE. Burley said that the engineers at Goddard Spaceflight Center have detected a signal consistent with IMAGE.

HIV/AIDS is supposed to describe a disease where if you have sex with someone infected with the virus you could get sick for the rest of your life, “immune system malfunctioning Major Tom.”

The experts, like NASA, are missing something.

First, let’s look at the stupidity of HIV/AIDS as a label. AIDS is a disease. HIV is a virus. The virus causes the disease.

Flu is a disease. TFV is the virus that causes the disease. They don’t call it TFV/FLU or FV/INFLUENZA because naming it like that would be stupid but that is what they do with immune system deficiency which is claimed to be caused by a virus. They call it HIV/AIDS. THEY are lost, like satellites.

AIDS is the disease and there is no other causes besides HIV is there?*

Let’s ask an amateur to look out there in space for an answer. It’s more likely to be floating around there than in the space between medical science ears.

Better chance an amateur figures it out than experts that have schedules and appointment$.

Or did they know about it but LIE/TO the public since the satellite was first found for sale in the classifieds?

An amateur finds a satellite that NASA can’t find, while they declare it Lost In Space and ask congress for more money for new satellites.


In the case of HIV/AIDS it’s sorta the opposite, they discover it, and then ask for more money to find more of it, what orbits it takes around humans, and how to control it’s path.

One thing in common, request for funds.

HIV/AIDS is found orbiting the imagination. Yes it is indeed there.

It was the amateur that discovered it.

* Actually there are other causes, 29 of them not related to HIV at all since AIDS is a syndrome of diseases. See if you can find anyone that has AIDS that isn’t also HIVI (that extra I is for Infected). So to be consistent, all the other diseases under they massively broad category of illnesses called AIDS should be when diagnosed, added to the front of AIDS with that back-slash. For example, Fungus can cause AIDS so it should be said that when one gets Fungus Disease, that it be called F/AIDS. Or better yet, call it F*AIDS.

Image of satellite orbits by Rrakanishu and used with permission under GNU Free Documentation License

Feature image of a satellite sandwich not suitable for human consumption or by HI viruses is in the public domain and made by NASA’s multi-million dollar fantasy department.


Category syndrome

The medical community is like the gay community.

They both suffer from syndromes of categories as do all humans.

The one that affects the gay community which is a category is one that believes that bigoted unicorns can infect people with bigoted viruses that bigoted mosquitoes refuse to help get where they are going.

In Southern California there was another small earthquake, a day after the big one in Alaska. This image shows where the earth quake occured, “The Ring of Fire”. Pinpointing who would be affected by an earthquake that happened in this would be like pinpointing what exact virus affected a human being.

HIV is said to be a human virus. Ok great, narrowed that down to 7 billion humans. The 7.9 earthquake that affected the planet is a planetary event. Neither are specific.

With HIV, let’s drop the H it’s not needed, we have immune deficiency. OMG biillions of things affect immune systems, one of the biggest is what lurks and invades your gut every day.

Let’s look at the flu, it’s claimed to be “caused by a virus”.

Now let’s look at heart attacks, it’s claimed to be caused by plaque.

Now let’s look at the new claim that heart attack is caused by the flu.

The microscopic image of “the flu” is an image of bacteria eating phlegm.

And of course they claim to avoid the flu you get a flu $hot even though they can’t guarantee that the “strain of flu” is the same one they concoct in the $hot a year prior. They claim viruses are constantly morphing, changing, like snowflakes all different, yet they claim getting a flu $hot will keep you from getting the flu.

Deciding what is fact and made up stuff by all these scientists and medical hucksters is daunting, but one thing that make it simple, when their claims contradict, run.

We could also create a category like this, “The ring of Flu” describing the areas where the flu occurs. This new category acronymized as TROF, like HIV/AID$, could then be used to describe certain areas that it occured, blaming it on the water, like what was done with Flint, Michigan illne$$e$.

“The Flu” snapshot from Bing news on January 25, 2018 during “The Flu” season which is always in The Cold season and The Post Holiday Full O’crap Food Season.


Cake decowaiting

The reason the gays will lose the Supreme Court case against bakers and candle stick makers is really rather simple, the business provides what services it wants to provide to the customer, it is not telling the gay dudes “I will not sell you a wedding cake with a man and a woman on top because you are gay and we don’t serve gays because our religion does not approve of homofaguals”.

That would be discrimination if they did.

You cannot force a cake decorator to decorate a cake to your liking, any more than you can force a cake baker to give you a blow job on your candle.

You can force them (by law) to sell you the same wedding cake they provide others.

A gay wedding cake is not the same cake provided to straights.

The force them thing is as absurd as forcing a women’s hair salon to trim your beard when they don’t provide that service to anyone.

The silly fag screams “That’s discrimination!”

The owner says, “That’s not a service we provide.”

It’s like forcing them to provide oranges on a chocolate cake where the owner says “Sorry sirs we do not make cakes with both oranges and strawberries on it, we find it offensive as those flavors do not combine well with chocolate. It’s not that we have anything against orange farmers, it’s just their behavior we hate when they force oranges on chocolate.”

Feature image shows chocolate cake that would be sold to either gay or straight couples by

  Kurt james

Con cent

Some dude from India is in the news.

The feminists are attacking HIM now for not being able to understand non verbal “cues” by the woman who accuses him of the worst night of her life.

But now we have a different view, presented by a woman, about the trashfest.

It’s in the New York Times. It writes an article saying that “Aziz Ansari is Guilty. Of Not Being A Mind Reader”.

It’s a nice change from all the crap the last few months, but i notice that the “proud feminist” who writes it condemning the current #metoo noisy [digestive] movement calls herself an ist of sorts.


Let’s see, if I am a racist i am not good because I do not accept all races like my own, I am prejudice against other races.

If I am an optimist, I am not good because I have bias against non-optimizing behavior unlike my own.

So if I am a feminist I am not good because I do not accept all femininity like my own, I am prejudice against femininity.

Makes sense.



Dallas Fuel player xQc said some “homophobic” comments, well actually one, when live streaming one day.

He was suspended for 4 matches.

He said in a hurry that his opponent would “enjoy sucking a fat cock”. ROFL.

“You didn’t smoke shit,” he added. “Shut your fucking mouth. Go back there. Suck a fat cock. I mean, you would like it.”

Well duh, yeah his opponent would, he’s out and gay and out and gay.

Dudes that are friends with other dudes be they gay or not REGULARLY, ROUTINELY, JOVIALLY, AND GAY, will often say shit like that to each other.

In sports this shit goes on all the time and the guys have fun with it.

It’s no big deal, but no, some people’s ears hurt when things like that are said.

Then we have so called champions of protecting the feelings of fags like me who are all in their own headspace and don’t give one flying fuck what me the gay dude here thinks or wants, it’s all about what they want.

Selfish snobs.

So how is this a “homophobic” remark or by any means a nasty remark? Let’s examine this fat cock thing expression.

The dude said there was no ill intention what so ever other than friendly competition.

If there is no ill intention IT IS NOT HOMOPHOBIC you twits.

Said it just happened so fast, wasn’t thinking.

But people were horrified. They demanded justice. They picketed the Straight White House.

Last line was bull crap except for the horrified part. They were shocked. Good, turn up the electricity.

This super sensitivity bullshit is stupid. Where did that freedom of speech thing go?

It hi-tailed itself back to Europe where it is smashed into pieces like it was in the 16th century.

Europe hates free speech. OMG Europeans are so…..oh wait, don’t want to talk bad about Europeans, lest I get suspended.

Remember when the internet was free? What happened?

Today with all the WIC’s (Whiners In Charge) we can’t have any fun.

Corporations won’t allow such things to be said in fun anymore at parties, or on the job, or in the restroom.

Can’t even think about it.

Oh wait, am I allowed to call people whiners? That’s whinaphobic now.

Fuck all of you sensitivity freaks. You NEVER speak for me.

I’m a fucking fat cock sucking fag. I enjoy sucking fat dicks. I enjoy it when straight dudes say shit like that.

Now with all your homophobic remark bans dudes are afraid to talk normal to me. It’s like they act like stupid robots now.

Please make reference to my desires and what does and does not offend me when you make your stupid presentations that are ONE SIDED.

What offends me terribly is when you people claim to represent me. You don’t.

Feature image of a weeping Parisian (Frenchman) who was disappointed about something THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS and worth crying and whining about, losing his whole fucking country to the Germans in 1941. “A Frenchman sheds tears of patriotic grief as flags of his country’s lost regiments are exiled to Africa”, according to the caption in the 3 March 1941 issue of Life magazine. Incorrectly captioned by NARA as “A Frenchman weeps as German soldiers march into the French capital, Paris, on June 14, 1940, after the Allied armies had been driven back across France.” 208-PP-10A-3.