Obviously not a Trump supporter

I know you are ready to buy a gun

After reading much of the materials presented here on this objectively arranged web log certainly most of you are ready to buy your own guns for protection from evil while also adding that layer of protection by routinely praying to climate Gods for change, thing is, pleeze do not buy one made in China. For one, it supports communism, the other reason, well, look for yourself.

Fashionably survive CC

Climate Changes daily, monthly, yearly. In the big city of apples and oranges and designers of New York an environmental group is bringing out it’s collection that will help people survive CC, so they say.

We now know that our polar vortexes that brought us incredibly frigid air is due to too many liberals expelling hot air. They blame the extra cold on CC which is caused by too much carbon dioxide which is expelled from the lungs from all humans and animals as they breath out. CC is real as we see cold air as well as hot air all proves it. I do not understand why this group would not mention that in their post. They more they all talk about this the more they are creating climate change and the end of the world. If they were truly concerned at the deepest of levels they would stop talking about it.

So in my fashion collection there will be carbon blankets to keep those who will be suffering from this condition of psychotic delusions of causation fantasies during cold winters, even cold springs and falls, when they leave their furnaces off because they use carbon based fuels.

The collection will show many styles of wraps, blankets, even toasty warm fuzzyless slippers all simply made of that heat trapping C02, nothing else, just carbon dioxide.

I can’t wait so present my collection and see the responses of the audience.

Fashion Week

I think I may start a group called “Combat CC By Adding More Oxygen To The Room”. We would first start by kicking the AOC thing out of it. Oxygen directly combats the evil carbon molecules that are attach themselves to Oxygen. Another method is to drop an atomic bomb, no not drop, shoot up into the atmosphere, on every space of the planet above where these molecules are stuck together with oxygen. This way like what is done with Horribly Incorrect Virology viruses (HIV) we blast those things apart, paying no mind at all to all the other things that are destroyed, thus freeing oxygen from it’s molecular chains of slavery to carbon and thus save the planet from extinction of the horrors of molecular slavery. Unfortunately this will do nothing to stop anyone from instead of using climate as their tool for influence, as they go back to sandwich boards that say “The End Is Near” and stand on street corners and become politicians and movie makers.

Speaking of fashionable hot air, some brave Trump supporters showed up to the Grammys wearing pro-Trump and pro-hyper-Wall garments not made of hot air. One of them was a big flowing dress where on the back it said “Build The Wall”. She was holding a lunch bucket that said “Make America Great Again”. Such foul language!

The other fun thing about all this is these Trump supporters are now starting to COOC (pronounced ‘kook’).

They are Coming Out Of Closets, meaning they have been suppressed by liberals just like the homos were suppressed by conservatives. Rather ironic.

Hooray for all who come out of closets!

Red flag this

Red Flag Laws do not stop mass shootings but lying Dodocrats will push this on you like liars in medical industry and politicians pushed HIV on us. Emotional responses dictate many things. The Red Flag Laws already did not prevent shootings in Florida after they were introduced. California has them and still has murders and shootings of masses.

Liars keep using hysterical arguments and diseased concepts as claimed ‘solutions’ to very complex problems. This is typical of the Democrat party.

One of the sane states New Mexico has 29 of 33 sheriffs there signing statement against red flag laws.

Aw what do they know about guns and shootings? Leave it all to politicians to make these decisions. Yea, they can be trusted.

Ilhan Omar slams Jews

Few Democrats object. Oh but when a Republican is racist, as with Steve King, no, he wasn’t racist, he was perceived as such in error, feathers fly and coo coos have a field day.

I’m all for her saying whatever she wants against Jews as they think it’s fine to hack off body parts on newly born humans who are not even an enemy.

It’s disgusting, it should be slammed and banned.

I want reparations. I want my foreskin back. How dare anyone hack off a part of my cock.

Fuck your “oh that’s anti-Semetic” language manipulation tactics. People can be anti who ever they want for what ever reason in a ‘FREE SOCIETY’

Omar sees something others do not because they have been brainwashed.

You go girl.

I might add, I’m sick of deceit and the term “anti-Semitism” is another crafty ploy to use guilt as a weapon. They create a new term to deflect from the real meaning. They did this with Lingering Immune System Problems (LISP) which all have various causes, some are multiple causes, are very complex, and impossible to cure and treat with one pill or any pill for that matter.

So let’s look at what “anti-Semitism” really is, it’s anti-Jewishism. This is like anti-Catholicism, anti-Prodestantism, anti-Satanism, anti-Fundamentalism, anti-Abuseism, anti-Gunism, anti-Recklessdrivingism, anti-Poopinthstreetism.

When ever they use this term “anti-Semitism” they always associate that with “The Holocaust” and this is disingenuous.

You see “anti-Semitism” is merely an opinion regarding a religious belief system.

Jews are anti-Catholic and anti many other religions so for anyone to be anti Jewish is nothing to be ashamed of, put down about, or anything negative in any way, especially since many people are anti-Cutoffpartofababydickism and the Semites do this procedure to infants all the time and it’s a foreskin Holocaust.

Texas BP lines up vehicles at border to form wall

But “walls are immoral even made with vehicles” the Wacked Whicth of the West would say. Maybe she would say it’s ok to build a wall made of old cars.

Meet The Dodos

Watching Meet The Press today which I have not done for years left me rolling on the floor laughing. Over and over again the dodos insisted on their insane doom end of the world predictions, millions will die from carbon dioxide poisoning of the atmosphere, on and on the lunacy of the dodocrats is UN BE LEEV A BLE. The one dodo was of course a FATS/TAWKER on and on end of the world in 12 years. Another red paint face tawked about race painting offensivity uncomfortability yahwn. Turned it off.

MAGA new meaning

Make Alexandria Go Away!


Contains all disenfranchised groups.


University may add fee to college tuition for slavery reparations

Georgetown University sold 272 slaves. Wants to make good on this evil which was LEGAL at the time. Talk about slippery slopes, get out that Crisco. If the world starts making reparations for legal things that then become illegal we will not have any money left to pay them as we will be too busy with all the accounting to do anything other than that. There will not be enough time to cook, build homes, maintain computer systems, all energy will be on that. The Catholic Church will go bankrupt. So will the Jewish faith. All nations will be dissolved.

reference article

It’s said the money will go to charities that help descendants of those who were enslaved. We know that will not be in the least bit possible to track each of those slaves descendants so the monies will surely end up in Negroid based charities. This is disenfranchising to the whites also affected by slavery. What about the whites that never had slaves whereas the rich plantation owners did have slaves and profited, the whites starved while the blacks on the plantation were fed. There are tons of references to this in history. The narrative that whites are all privileged is bullpiss.

Then what about the white girl who had a black slave baby, is she going to get reparations?? No because these monies will only go into black charities. Oh whites are privileged will be the cry. No, trace that white woman’s history and she is living in rural Tennessee in a shack with no running water or power. Her entire family history is dirt poor. There are tons of examples of this. Medias are not going to portray this though as it does not sell. Libraries have this information but the tooting horns will only tell you what will sell, in books, views, using drama, lies, distortions, and fast talking salesmen.

Expanding optionality

There’s a new dodo term.

Heard it while listening to a dodo try to walk back lunatic’s Olive Green New Deal.

The bottom line of how the dodo explained it was that it’s all about CARBON/NEUTRALITY. Fast talkers spew out more carbon dioxide than anyone into the air. They claim they want less carbon dioxide in the air then talk 10 times more than anyone. If they would all shut up…..

Their Olive Green New Deal is more of the Al Bore agenda which is a con game that sucks money into all their pockets out of yours.

The CO2 spewer claims not trying to ban air travel, just make it obsolete.

So airplanes will be used less by driving electric cars and trains that use electricity that is now mostly powered by natural gas which leaves a huge carbon footprint.


“Inflation is a relation” the con babbles at HIGH/SPEED.

I never trust fast talkers. Always analyze their claims. Fast talkers are often very manipulative with their conversations.

OGD leaves out LGBTQ+

The whacky New Green Deal has no mention of the oppressed, it minimalizes the left out group of sexuals. It mentions many groups of people who have been disenfranchised during history and calls to protect them while leaving out Certainsexuals.

As we look closer at this lunatic sponsored plan to save the planet from it’s most abundant mineral, carbon, it’s shade appears to be a bright ugly OLIVE GREEN, the color that’s always torn out when TV shows do remodels in homes.

The Olive Green Deal antics that Dododemocrats are wild about is like watching a group of cave men and women have sex with millennials who freak out when ITS hair isn’t right and ITS word use is not right, and they have babies that grow up to be cavennial adults and come in to redecorate a home while sucking on pacifiers, holding their clubs which part of them want’s banned, and insisting on OLIVE/GREEN appliances instead of stainless steel.

Red paint face explains why it does not clap

The New Young Saturday Morning Cartoon In Congress (TNYSMCIC) explained that it’s because Trump is an Authoritarian.

It clearly has a problem with men and authority.

That problem lands some people in jail.

In my view it’s in jail or worse really. To live in that outward covering, surrounded with authoritarians, fighting with them, feeling the need to red paint face theself, to scowl, to selfie, to not have even graduated from kindergarten, it’s living in hell.

Things Ocasio-Cortez didn’t applaud;

– Record low African-American & Hispanic unemployment
– Stopping sex traffickers
– The “common good”
– ICE agent who saved 300 girls from smugglers
– Not killing full term babies
– Veterans

Things Ocasio-Cortez did applaud;

– Herself

It used to be religious kooks that predicted Armageddon

Now it’s Democrats.

Another Virgina Dodocrat makes 4

Now we see after watching 3 Dodocrats in Virginia make asses out of themselves with claims of racism and sexual assault, we see that possibly one more could be added the list of “scandal” as he’s apologizing for statements made 5 years ago against Israel.

He’s a Muslim born to Palestinian refugees and living in the US now running in Virginia’s 86th district February 19th, 2019 election.

Supposedly said that giving money to Israel is worse than giving money to the Ku Klux Klan and wished for the late Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon to “burn in hell” and other online posted nasty statements.

Hate is a funny thing and even made it’s way to illegality, but frankly any country that routinely for thousands of years and continues to hack off parts of the male genitalia for religion and profit has something terribly wrong with them, so this candidate might know something that we do not having been around it first hand or hearing it from his parents who suffered at the hands of greedy Israelies who keep taking the Palestinian lands.

Full list of Dodocrats that are all in on the Green New Deal

Anyone who votes for any of these people at anytime in the future is an idiot.

This claim does not necessarily apply to those who vote for themselves as some of them are not idiots, they are lying con things.

Many of the Dodocrat presidential contenders for 2020 gleefully support this absolutely insane plan that is literally insane and 99.999% unworkable by any stretch of the imagination that would be based on physics instead of unicorns and Santa Claus. To vote for any one of them for the nominee is really really stupid.

Another massacre

Red blood cells killed by AIDS drugs. Many lives lost.

Gay holocaust needs to end. Holocaust In Virology needs to stop.

Ban DRUGS that kill innocent cell lives.

Don’t expect that to come from Democrats though, they refuse consistently to believe that AIDS drugs kill anything but viruses.

Since they are not watching the massacres play out on TV they don’t believe anyone who tells them that it’s real.

Only what’s on TV is real to them.

This misunderstanding also affects other political party-ers.

Drag Queen Story Hour

For the kids!

They do some children’s book readings.

As you can see in this snapshot acquired on 2/9/2019 from the official website the child on the right sees that something’s terribly wrong with this person and the child on the left is running away.

Traveling road show where drag queens tell stories to the kids.

That’s a joke. Do not send me hate mail as that is hateful. I think it’s fabulous. I totally support this. Well not totally, I keep my money though I think this is just lovely.

There is a lot of conservative types having fits about about it though as to be expected. They never dress up anything to look like anything else ever so they are consistent.

It’s been at the Vancouver public library. Bloggers write articles that are less than truthful implying that the performances are like those found in gay bars. The readings to the children are clean appropriate for children.

Lifesitenews.com article focused on the hysterical and author derangedly misled readers by associating a more risque performance that is done in bars for adults by the drag queen with one for kids.

I call out lies when I see them. The adult performance has at least once featured a cardboard cut out of a school bus being fucked.

The adult show is “Death of Glitter: Genderfuck Cabaret”. There is no such thing done or referred to even in the remotest sense for a kids book reading.

To be so insanely against such an event is like being worried that one of the old jokesters in Jack Benny’s era would be too risque, who was that one that, oh yea, Milton Berle dressed in drag a lot, it’s like saying no to Milton Berle reading to the kids because he did an adult show that was risque.

Another reason some partents probably object is because telling stories to children is considered lying. Parents would only allow stories to be read to their kids by Saints that show up in drag expecting cookies and milk to be left out for them as they make their way into homes while everyone’s asleep and instead of taking things the drag queen leaves presents.

Drag Queen Story Hour official website

Lo mar o nino

No es racido.

Walls keep children from being dragged across highways. This is a real problem still. In the 1980’s where there was no walls in San Diego many families got killed running across highways. Walls at the border were a humane moral solution to this dilemma.

Ice scrapers

It’s winter and when democrats are asked about it some run in circles flailing their arms saying the sky is falling when it then hits them on the head, The O Thing’s response was that we need to abolish ice scrapers, saying that ice is a natural response to climate change and that immigrants can do all the work for us and should be allowed to come in and scrape ice without documents.

The take party

“The Democrats want to take your car, they want to take your house, they want to take health insurance, they want to take your air travel, and they even want to take away your hamburgers.”— Marc Thiessen, senior fellow, American Enterprise Institute

In the real world it is better to give than receive, unless you are a self centered egomaniac politician selfie maniac loon that truly believes we can be oil free and have a great country that’s faminless and giving means giving it all to them.

The Alexisioocasio Monster Thing politician selfie snapper scum baby in white KKK medical lab coat makes wild claims in her NGD which appeals to what has become the lunatic party of democrats that all think that Mother Earth is staying warm because of air blankets.

Air blanket warmth is the biggest scam ever to hit feeble minds.

Physics does not have a part in her new super hero plan her catchy like a flu Green New Deal which calls for the end of air travel, use of fossil fuels, and hamburgers. It’s literally a lofty plan created by nothing but CO2.

The O Thing is so fucking clueless and is the biggest bag of hot lying air ever seen in politics. You cannot even build high speed rail without oil, coal, fossil fuels, you can never in a million years have enough wind energy to create enough heat to melt steel for the rails and parts unless you burn down all the forests and of course they will make burning wood illegal too “to protect Earth” from global warming which in their dit wit heads does not have cooling even though we see it every year with Polar Vortexes that really cool it back down.

In her plan windmills will all be erected with butterflies all working in niacin and with one heave ho of their antennas the windmill will be upright.

Then the animal kingdom, being so grateful that she’s saving their world, will tighten down the nuts and bolts to hold it to the base. She has no use for oil, so she says, in reality she will be like all politicians and All Gorey Hucksters with the climate con game, they will keep their jets, cars, manufacturing facilities that serve their needs while taxing to death the public to pay for it so that the public will have their fossil fuel devices ripped from them as the government imposes so many fees, taxes, controls “to save us” no one will have them. She claims air travel will have to go the way of high speed rail.

When you try to talk to these brainwashed environMENTAL religious cult nuts they go into denial and defense, one of their arguments is spoken on the high horse that super cold vortex in winter is proof there is warming. No stupid it’s proof it’s cooling back down to normalize any extra warming, or the Earth moved back from the sun that winter by about 50,000 miles in it’s IMPERFECT ORBIT you stupid fuck.

No one can get through to these dumb fucks though as it’s their religion, it’s their fantasy as seen in the cartoons they grew up with. That’s all fine for them if they want to keep it to themselves, but it becomes a cult when they do what the cult leaders always do, make it a bigger problem that only they all collectively can solve, which always leads to the leader becoming rich while the followers get scammed.

In political cultism these methods are imposed by laws in government. Not much different, in cults it’s imposed by laws in the cult government. Jim Jones, Charles Manson, others all used those techniques that the demonicrat party is now using.

The New Green Deal is the biggest boldest bogusest concept to ever hit politics because it is not rooted in even the most basic of physics. You cannot even have these high speed rail transportation systems because of all the plastic that would be needed.

The New Green deal would eliminate plastic, it’s 100% derived from oil.

“Oil is Satan! We must kill the oil monster!” they chant.

AOC and green pals are all big fucking stupid losers sucking all the oxygen out of the room and expelling nothing but carbon dioxide. I’m not worried though, they think they are bigger than the abdominal snowman.

Theissen writes about how she is ignorant and DISHONEST.

If Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) were a conservative, all anyone would be talking about is how uninformed she is. She would be facing trick questions from reporters designed to expose her lack of knowledge, and brutal sketches on “Saturday Night Live” mocking her intelligence and fitness for office.”

Instead they fawn all over her because it’s what their audience drinks up, a lot of bull piss.

Saves water.


Politics in Seattle were rather interesting in this Frasier episode which as watching it reminded me of some of The Things going on and on in congress now, such as the call to give people who do not want to work $10,000 a year and eliminating airplanes and automobiles that use archaic immoral fuels that will destroy the universe. I mean who could have imagined then we would really get people like Phil Patterson (character) in office who’s secret he shared with Frasier was that he…….**spoiler

It’s a must see highly rated episode playing on Hulu.

Phil was played by Boyd Gaines. The episode aired in November 1994.

Kelsey Grammer who played Frasier is one of the best actors ever seen in television.

**spoiler was abducted by aliens at one time

Let me know when a woman chooses to do this to her leg

After all it’s her body.

“The baby is injected with a poison directly into his skull or torso. He then suffers a hideously painful death, which he will certainly feel because of his developed nervous system. The mother carries the corpse around in her womb for a day. The next day, there is an ultrasound to check if the baby is dead. If he isn’t – if he has been writhing and suffering in agony for the past 24 hours, clinging onto life – then he will be injected again. The following day, the mother delivers her dead child. Sometimes she delivers him at the clinic, but if she can’t make it on time, the clinic is perfectly happy to recommend that she give birth into her toilet.”

Or what if she chose to do it to herself as an adult, after all it’s her body.

The Thing destroys Amazon plan to be in NYC

There goes the hood. It’s destroying 25,000 jobs! Monster!

How could anyone have given such power to The Thing.

Would have brought in $25 billion in tax revenue. Many happy families, 25,000 of them!

It’s said that Tennessee and Virginia are more welcoming. These are states that held onto slavery until the Nasty North declared civil war thus annihilating 625,000 US citizens 154 years ago when the population was 10% of what it is today. That’s like turning on the news and hearing that 6 million were killed in the Civil War* if it happened today. They say 6 million Jews were killed in Europe by Hitler.

Today, Things Of The North are battling statues of stone and companies that bring in jobs both of which they deem as evil.

Psychotics act that way.

* Lincoln was a bad man. Compare the Civil War Holocaust killed by government to the few remaining slave holders killing their workforce which is something that was sorta rare and makes no sense because what employer would kill off it’s workers?

Thus when we understand the matter better than TV dares to explain it to us, how dare anyone demand reminders of the Civil War Holocaust which murdered the equivalent of 6 million Americans, who carried the US flag and Confederate flag, be removed anywhere. People need to understand history.

It’s a yes or no answer for every question

Dodocrats on the questioning committee today for 6 hours repeated their demands for a yes or no answer.

There is a crafty methodology they use to try to trip up and make it look like the one being questioned is a bad guy. It’s in part for show so Rachel Maddow and other clan members have fodder that’s later presented to their clan followers.

What they do is ask 3 questions that are complicated within the one and get all hot and bothered when it’s not answered with one of their check boxes.

“Did you ever create, become aware of, see a planetary alien become aware of, ever think someone might be aware of, ever hear of someone who thinks they may have thought of someone who thought about someone aware of……..” see how this goes?

Then they talk over the witness being questioned.

It’s disingenuous.

Democrats are full of scum.

This of course is not just a political party tactic, it’s used by many including your grad school teacher and family pet.

Who’s next?

This White House gardener could be appointed Governor of Virginia and throw darts at a board of decisions to be made and do better than the 3 clowns that are in line right now who are all wearing scandal face.

Racist cymbals

Noisy clangy Things in government and private life keep calling for Confederate statues to be destroyed.

James Comey (another liar like Hillary) has recently stated ‘Every Virginia leader is responsible for racist symbols that still loom over our lives’.

Ok fine, we give up, no more racist anything. Let’s get busy cleaning out the last of it.

So who’s first in line to boldly call for Black Entertainment Television to be removed from channel listings. It is racist.

If it is not racist what it it? If it is not racist then we start White Entertainment Television network and that is acceptable. It’s not? Why not? If a black TV network is not racist how can a white TV network be racist?

Actual racism, not all this TV and online fantasy distortion, barely exists anymore except on TV fantasy land.

It’s now clear, Cortez Thing is RACIST

Says that the Latins have indigenous right to migrate to America as they were all here first.

“It is a right. We are standing on native land, and Latino people are descendants of native people. We cannot be told and criminalized simply for our identity or our status.”

What a fucking dip shit piece of overused carbon paper.

She thinks it should be a right for all Latins to easily migrate to the US, a guaranteed right, go right through the gates, past all the other races, that means that she feels Latins have the right but those of African decent DO NOT, Europeans do not, Egyptians do not, only Cortez’s chosen Holy Ones.


The Thing wants to help the rich and “her people” and doesn’t give a shit about the rest of us who are not Latin. Those of us who have great grand parents who legally immigrated and are struggling, she feels we do not have a right to be here, it’s belongs to Mexico. Sorry hon we made a deal, look it the fuck up.

Already we have many legal and illegal Latins coming into the country,

That annual flood of roughly one million legal immigrants — as well as visa workers and illegal immigrants — spikes profits and Wall Street values by shrinking salaries for 150 million blue-collar and white-collar employees and especially wages for the four million young Americans who join the labor force each year.

Tell us again how you hate the rich. Even your fucking green deal will make them all richer. They all own the steel mills that make your windmills, they own the battery factories, they own the minerals mined for copper wires, no twit twut full of itself vomit mouth is bringing them down.

Another thing these lunatwits never tell you, how are you going to make plastic without oil? That Prius is loaded with plastic, even the batteries of which there are like 5 dozen are cased in plastic, wiring is encased in plastic, how hon are we going to be free from oil in ten years with your lunatic deal?

The dipshit does not even understand what indigenous peoples did to other indigenous peoples throughout history. After Mexico declared independence from Spain the northern section did not have much Mexican military. Indians that roamed all those lands had bows and arrows and used them on other groups. What’s also not considered in The Dip Shit Thing’s new improved world she the dictator alone will be leading, is that many of those Mexicans called “indigenous” immigrated from Spain and those areas over hundreds of years. What time frame does “indigenous” span kook head?

“Mexico’s military and diplomatic capabilities declined after it attained independence from Spain in 1821 and left the northern one-half of the country vulnerable to the Comanche, Apache, and Navajo native Americans.”

GND is immoral

The Thing’s Green New Deal would make my truck a pile of scrap metal. How does that get recycled Miss Thing? You aren’t going to have enough energy using wind or any of your poofy green energies.

The Thing wants us to be free from oil. It wants those of us in the country to walk over the mountain into town like the indigenous people did. This is progress.

Oh the sales pitch The Things will give us is butterflies and unicorns just like they saw on TV cartoons.

Countries that do not have much oil but have a lot of people are shit holes because they do not have means to literally get rid of all their shit.

Ask The Thing how we transport waste with wind and lofty ideas? In the bird brain this is possible, anything is possible. The real world exists though. Fossil fuels (which don’t exist) move all the things around so we can put things in their proper places and be healthy as we efficiently grow crops enough to feed the world. Cannot do that with batteries.

50 idiots signed onto it. They are The Immorals. Their cult leader called protective barriers immoral. The followers threw away all they condoms after hearing that. They tore down the Berlin Wall which was only 1 foot high now in places, other areas completely gone, and they leveled their walls of their homes because they are immoral. Some how their roofs stayed in place as they are not immoral.

It’s amazing what can be done with a little bird’s imagination. They do anything they set their minds to. Combine that with unicorn shit and you have the NGD.

Mexico governor: “No more caravans allowed”

Pelosi will fly them all to live with her as that’s what’s moral.

Walls are immoral.

Joy Behar wore black face and Afro hair

Now that all the Democrats are being called out for face painting to look like Negroids they will change their tunes and say it’s all ok. That’s fine. It just points out though how hypocritical they have become. Years back I mean decades back it was the conservatives that were constant hypocrites, now it’s liberals. They will say it was wrong or say it was just in fun and say all sorts of contradictions. Liars do this.

See the image of her doing this at 29 years old.

Lieahontas keeps Lizzying

Elizabeth Borden, I mean Warren is such a liar. She is even lying about her apology, she really has not apologized for lying.

I think it’s what she knows best.

Her apology is like ones craftily used by all liars, blame the others for being confused, then throwing in more confusion. It’s a very deceitful slick tactic. She’s good at it.

I presented this in another post and gave her credit for being about 1/1000th American Indian, but it turns out she’s not even that much Native American,

“Warren’s DNA was not compared to American Indian DNA. Rather, it was compared to genetic material from Colombia, Mexico, and Peru — which means Warren is anywhere from 1/64 to 1/1024  Mexican, Colombian, and Peruvian, which again makes her no different than the average white American.” – Breitbart.com

The Liberal Clan

This is the image of what appeared in the minds of many who watched the 2019 United States State Of The Union Address (USSOTUA) as many of the Democrat women wore white symbolically celebrating 100 years of the women’s right to vote.

TLC – The Liberal Clan

This is because the liberals keep lynching people.

XX is XY

That’s what liberals think in regards to T.

Imagine the alphabet insisting that the XX is actually a XY when used in a sentence.

“Like many sexually reproducing species, humans have special gonosomes (sex chromosomes, in contrast to autosomes). These are XX in females and XY in males.”

Change the outside of the body all you want, change the mind all you want, acknowledge all these changes all you want, you cannot change the XX into an XY or an XY into an XX.

Mom forces child to be T

Dad says that the thing does not want to be a thing but the thing wants it to be another thing. The thing is going to go so far as to have a sex change on the child thing.

For those of us who are not insane or LGBTQWERTY the dad says the mom makes the boy dress like a girl and be referred to as a girl, but when the boy is in his custody (they are divorced) the boy refuses to wear girls clothes and does not want to be a girl.

The mom is prepping him to be castrated at 8 years old.

OMG. How can this even be legal?

listen to the dad speak about this

full article with links

Abdul finds a way to get to sleep

Frame 1: “This is Abdul, he can’t fall asleep.
Frame 2: “Allahu Akbar! I can’t fucking sleep!!”
Frame 3: Visualizes sheep going by, counting them, 1, 2, 3

This is where the concept of counting sheep to get to sleep originated.

Frame 4: Abdul gets a hard on

Seattle housing

Seattle will use tax revenues to create homes for those who cannot afford homes. They will cost more than a cozy 2 bedroom by about 30%.

The project is using $90 million. Divide that by 200 homes that will be built, that’s a cost of $450k each. You can get a basic home there for about $250k.

That’s liberal government math for you. If it cost $250,000 for each one they would have scrapped the project.

TS vs TC

The Lizzy Warren lying piece of thing was caught saying in 1986 she was a “Native American”. Native Americans get perks like free school and a variety of things.

So to explain away this little error she blames her family for telling her she was Indian then she says she is not a Tribal Citizen that she is Tribal Sovereign. What an obvious display of bullshit.

Wikipedia references tribal sovereignty as being “the concept of the inherent authority of indigenous tribes to govern themselves within the borders of the United States”.

She obviously pulled this out of her bag of tricks, having had been in meetings in Congress where Tribal Sovereignty was discussed. So she’s trying to get us to believe that she has inherent authority as a part of an Indian tribe to govern herself in the US as an actual Indian would and that explains it better than calling herself Tribal Citizen where the tribe checks to see if the claim is real and they grant a document saying she is a citizen.

She’s not even 1/1000 Indian. She is a Caucasian. No matter whether anyone understood her to be a TC or a TS she’s using a lying tactic that is used by many Democrats that’s crafty uses of words that claim this is not that yet they really are the same thing. This was done with health problems in the gay community as well as they started renaming old things with new words while finding new causes for the old things that were now described with new words.

Oh what’s that horrible crash, oooooooooooooo down she goes. Like a piece of plate glass shattering into itsy bitsy pieces, worthless. I never feel sorry for any piece of plate glass that shatters because they are things.

Mike Levin invited an illegal immigrant to SOTUA

Nothing like having an illegal alien be taking the seat in an important political event instead of someone who worked hard and legally to gain entry. Shows you were Democrat leaders priorities are, not on that of those who are citizens.

2030 your car will be garbage

Under the whacked out Democrat NGD promoted by lip glossed attention rapists fossil fuels will be eliminated for good, not used for anything, our planet will be saved. Phew! Praise Jesus.

Now the reality, that means that all cars that run on gasoline will worthless and have to be thrown in a heap of scrap. The energy to replace all cars will be 700 times what would be used if we keep cars on the road.

These loons are so fun to watch make fools of themselves.

Oh and don’t be making any plane reservations, aircraft will be all grounded. They will make new ones with massive battery packs that will have unicorns at the controls flying them.

The Maddening Delusion Of Equalitarianism (TMDOE)

I love viewing the world from all angles. It’s like some people just like being on mountain tops, others like being in the valley, others like just being in caves, and yet others float.

Looking at political views is like noticing landscapes, one can get stuck in one area, or enjoy the variety and travel a bit.

Equaltiarianism seems to be one of those peak adventures that is consuming many right now kind of like how we all thought pet rocks were the thing.

Staying on top gets boring real fast.

What crash?

1929 Great Depression. Is this exaggerated? Medias tell us so much stuff today that are exaggerated. Looking at the Dow Jones Industrial Averages of the pre-crash to the post-crash one has to wonder if all we’ve been told is a bit off. In my mind for decades the crash would have shown a chart going from say 1000 down to 100. That’s a crash. But looking at the chart we see it dropping a large amount but to say it’s a crash is disingenuous. It’s like the Wizard of Oz is behind his curtain again. At least now in the year 2019 as we have so many outlets Grabbing Us By Our Attention (GUBOA) we can be more calm knowing that we have HGTV to rely on to help us decide if those curtains need an update or if we should just replace them with mini-blinds.

Slick tactics

I was trying to figure out what Pelosi’s game was where in the State of the Union Rolodex she would keep picking up, shuffling, looking through folders and papers.

It’s a distraction technique and cunning. People the day after are trying to figure out what she was reading rather than discussing anything of substance, like how the White Coat Lab Rat Experts in the audience were not clapping for the low unemployment rate.

Earth’s magnetic pole moving toward Russia

Due to collusion between Trump and Putin of course.

DVAG wore BCOHF oh my!

Toto, the Democrat Virginia Attorney General wore Black Color On His Face.


Next we go after kids that wear BCOHF and kids that wear WCOHF and dogs that are dressed up to look like humans as that’s some kind of ist and ists are isty and must be called out and never-forgiven and there should be step-downs and chaos because there’s nothing more important than medias selling ad space.

And obviously now since it’s considered wrong to ever dress as another race as that’s offensive and racist, it’s also offensive to dress as some other sex as that is sexist.

Let’s see how the liberals get out of this. Clearly drag performances are sexist and that is just wrong.

Schitzophrenia rules!

Unban life

Self centered things have fits about their rights to murder their baby that is growing inside them because it’s their body they say. Actually it’s the body created by another body and their body inside their body so it’s not just their body. To put this into perspective imagine the mother and father who cannot create a child donate the mother’s egg and his sperm and have a surrogate harbor the child in her womb and her saying that it’s her body and has decided to kill it off.

How is that not disgusting?

So the liberal self centered insta-party goes around claiming they are against the death penalty while they give the death penalty to a growing not yet born child.

Seems illogical to me.

It’s a bit complicated as the current state of government in the USA has tipped the scale toward the mother with the “it’s my body” argument for a period of time, but now many in the “it’s all about me” party want that to extend to the moment of birth and even a tad past that in some cases.

Ok, so government gives the mother the sense of being God for the first part of pregnancy, but then the other part has been that government plays God more as protector of life. It’s seemed as best we can realize some kind of workable balance but now this thing of demanding it be in the constitution that a woman has a right to choose life or death for a soon to be child is way over the top and now has fallen down the cliff into evil.

Complications arise with new demands for not even being referred to as she or he anymore, where they want to be referred to as they when it’s just him or her so we now think of them as a thing or things.

But then the things get mad for being called things and demand they be called her or she. Then as we try to understand, process, analyze, think through these demands we are called racist and sexist if we think, write, Twat online socially, or say any of this stuff, and some are called “old white men” as if that’s not racist and as if there is something wrong with being white old or a non-toxic male, and we then apologize but are told apology unaccepted it’s unforgivable, then they go tell everyone that criminals who have raped and killed over and over again should be forgiven and given plentiful support for re-entry into society as normal and give criminals that keep being exported that re-import themselves without approval, we are supposed to open our arms also to them and tear down walls.

They are demonstrably schizophrenic and need help.

The beautiful human life conceived by another life and growing inside these mothers need to be saved from them.

Abortion is not the way to do this.

Then they get mad for you saying that, which is clearly what makes dudes gay as they heard all this crap going on outside the border wall of the placenta while they were on the inside and thought “fuck I’m not going back in there ever again with any part of my being”.

Then as some of them enter the world for the first time right away part of their dicks are cut the fuck off and as they scream in pain and wonder “what the fuck why are my body parts being cut off what the hell hole kind of place is this?”

We don’t even do this to animals why on Earth is this allowed to be done to humans? Oh the Jeruzophrenics said it’s a good thing?

Stop aborting penis parts after they are born. It is only a sick society that allows such horrors of new born dick heads.

5 million off food stamps

Dodos scowled.

Con-servourselves applaud.

The human party ate dinner.

The Thing did not even applaud goal to cure AIDS.

The White Party wore straight jackets.

The Thing’s death star stare

The newest toy thing the dodos in congress have to play with could not stand to celebrate low unemployment for blacks and hispanics and that sex traffickers are being rounded up and put in jail.

The Thing hates Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and wants it abolished.

How is it that people who hate the laws of the United States that are clearly there to protect people are in Congress now?

At least prior it was just full of bozos and liars.

I can hardly wait to see this thing destroy itself. Things often implode. Watch any monster movie. They are presented on C-SPAN all the time.

Things suck all the air out of a room and out comes all that carbon. It alone will cause the ice shelf to explode and rain dodos and con-servers all over the planet.

Things like this do not last. They are too full of themselves, too stupid, too in everyone’s face, too look at me and give me attention and if you don’t you die. See that in it’s face.

Spot hid.

Monsters that are infected with lies about how the governing bodies work should never be left alone without treatment. Give the thing some Horribly Incorrect Virology drugs. That will kill off the virus, yea, like it saved all my dead friends. Not one of these cult followers will acknowledge that.

The death stare is just another form of hate and bullying. Liars. Hypocrites.

Dodos did not applaud low unemployment

During the SOTUA the White Coats sat there with deranged looks on their faces and as many others applauded Trump’s statement of fact that the US unemployment levels are at historic lows, they did not.

What the fuck is wrong with them?

They just sat there with evil stares at the State of the Union Address while they wore white flowing gowns pretending to be something they are not.

To not applaud low unemployment means they applaud high unemployment. Do they prefer another Great Depression?

This is why they have driven me far far away from them. I am not a dodo now, I am a republico.

The dodos seem to not even understand the most basic things as they are all absorbed with themselves, their hate, their demands, carbon blankets that they don’t even use at home, reminds me of all the stupid fags protesting, demanding poisons during the fantasy virus crisis of the 1980’s that shaped the holocaust that KILLED MY FRIENDS with AIDS drugs.

It was a horror that should be remembered, understood, and never repeated ever again. We can thank the dodo party of the time for it, entertainment monster nuts of the time, evil medias for acting as if they were presenting the facts, and most of all I would like to not-thank the liars the medical and scientific communities and above all leaders at the National Institutes of Health, for creating the Holocaust In Virology.

Coal miners are racist

Make one joke about race and the dodos pounce. Makes me wonder where the Negrozoids are? Just black coal face white dudes. Coal mining is terribly difficult work. Were blacks on the farms? If I had a choice I’d pick farm. Who the hell could stand being underground all day in black coal face. CO2 must have caused it to be mighty hot down there. We are all slaves to government anyway. Racism is such a joke. Used now to grab women by their attention. I find it offensive.

The Things of Scorn

The Newest Thing had a pretty nasty look on it’s red paint spill lip face. It’s an evil monster. Other notable freaks are seen below.

You could see in her face the HATE. Why do people who call for ending hate always get caught with expressions of hate?
Here’s the Bern thing. He was sad and disgusted. He owns 3 homes makes about $200,000 sitting like a cow in Congress. I’ve seen happier homeless people.
And OMG this loser acted like she just learned that her child was murdered. It was the most over exaggerated emotional display that made no sense during the entire State of the Union Address of 2/5/2019. She’s part of the liberal nut thugs that rip babies out of the womb and think nothing of killing them even after they are born demanding that it is their right, they are Goddesses. I don’t recall Goddesses ever being portrayed that way in Greek mythology. I do feel a bit sorry for this one though. There may be things many in this country do not understand about what she has seen and has gone through. I will give her a chance to prove herself as time goes on. Then again I get this feeling if I said I feel sorry for her to her face I’d get my head ripped off so it may be a monster. Be careful when approaching.

Show your balls

Someone needs to come up with the equivalent of a plunging neckline bodysuit that women wear in our faces that show that crack between their boobs and the rounded non-voluptuous curves of the edges of their baby feeding devices where the dress is just barely covering the nwords.

For men this will be something that covers their dicks and some of their balls but exposes enough of the balls to show hairy covered rounded edges of the balls. This will be worn at Presidential addresses like those revealing women’s clothes do. That will be my state of using your balls address.

As we start seeing men in business suites showing up at meetings with their balls partially revealed similar to what women do watch the women demand they be covered up. It will be a fun display of how hypocritical they are.

Another cop gets away with killing a black dude

This is again another reason why the illusion of maintaining “gun free zones” needs to stop. Because no one should have had a gun there, the good guy that was trying to stop the bad guy was perceived as being the bad guy and since his gun was being held in position where it looked like he was going to shoot people in the mall, cop murdered him. They will win a wrongful death suit but no amount of money is worth the beautiful life that has been taken. Stop the illusion of gun free zones, they do not exist. As you create more of them the bad guys with them take advantage and as we see here even those who are the good guy get killed. Next liberal step, ban shopping malls, country music festivals, bars and confiscate knives, rocks, guns, ammo, glass.

Satan appears as an angel in white

Bad choice for women who were full of scorn at SOTUA to wear white lab coats. The White Lab Coats are well known for torturing animals in lab experiments and aborting babies when they can feel pain. They support open border and open leg policies.


Lizzy Borden took an ax and gave her mother a bunch of wax, Lizzy Warren took a pen and wrote on the State Bar of Texas form that she was Indian. Someone should take an ax to her Senate seat and other things she got by LYING HER FUCKING ASS OFF to get. The lying piece of political thingness is like 1/1,240 Indian, which means that somewhere in her ancestry going back 10,000 years one of her relatives is Indian, which is basically the same as every Caucasoid ever born in the 1900’s.

This piece of fucking lying ass political human thing is caught by a Bezos owned liberal publication that in between all the fluff and liberal garbage sometimes clues into something very important to know. Lizzy is a disgusting Trump hater that spews nothing but lies.

72% watching State Of The Union Address approved

Trump won yet again, this poll came from CBS no less.

Then there’s that Hate of the Union Address coming from the entertainment kooks that followed. I speshally like this one about the FUC.

Liberals invent so many things, I especially like that CO2 blanket that’s not keeping me warm at all this winter.

Women formed a wall of white. Notice also these are women who support abortion as they were all mad ass liberals sitting in the dodo section.

When I think of the white coats now and what they represent I can’t help but wonder about the walls of their vagina. They don’t support border walls. Do they actually expect us to believe their position? How can anyone believe they would want anyone to come in? How does one stop intruders without walls? Seems the USA is getting raped and those that get in are not being aborted in the womb of America.

Let’s put drug dealers out of business

So said the president. Kamala Harris attorney general in california shakes her head in what disbelief or disapproval? Anyone that stupid should not be president. Certainly not get any acting roles which is president is mostly. Of course they all say that they will put them out of business while they spend more time fighting with each other more than doing anything productive.

Dodos in white

SOTU dodos sat there in white like cluckheads. I guess they left their pointed hats at home so as to not mess up their hair. Most were things. Did not clap at much of anything. Sat most of the time with frowns on their faces. What idiots. I think they flew in from South America thinking it was going to be a socialist country where all their bird seed would be free. They did not clap when the president said 5 million were off food stamps. What the fuck is wrong, oh, bird brains. Waiting for their CO2 blankets, they were so cold. It’s the united states stupid. Get the fuck over yourselves. The dodos were having such a hard time, it’s all about appearances, should I clap, should I stand, there were so many standing claps. So many unhappy dodos in white and some in black, sat there unhappy. How the fuck can anyone be so unhappy in the USA, there are tens of thousands hopping our fences happy to clean toilets. They get amnesty, they overstay visas, enjoy so much, and these dodos making almost $200,000 a year are frowning. Duh. These fence hoppers should run for Congress, with toilet brush in hand, once they get their legal status, I will vote for them, not for cluckheads in white. Sadistic traffickers were put behind bars says the president and the Cortez Thing doesn’t clap, reluctantly stands, still refuses to clap and stands there with scorn on her face. The white coats were not happy hearing the president talk about illegal immigration. They did not clap at anything he said. They like illegal crossings. Kamala Thing had smirky scornface as president talked more about the dangers, 80’s year old couple murdered by illegal alien, they don’t care, they hate Trump. It’s all about hating trump. They would not stand or clap when the president said walls save lives. The white coats are the enemy. They did stand though when the president said something I did not hear, oh, it was about women in the workplace. FINALLY. Everyone was standing. President points out more women serviing in congress than any time before they finally were happy. LOL. The entire congress started chnating USA USA USA USA, wow. What a moment. Oh but he’s sexist. He grabbed them by their attention and their egos. Trump asks congress to ban late term abortion where the fetus can feel pain, the white coats all sat in disgust, did not smile or clap, frowns not turned upside down, they like killing fetuses. Eww. Sickos. Fetuses are things they want out of their bodies they do not want to be mothers the mother fuckers. White coats are evil. Buzz is the guy who pretended to put flag on Moon was there. Going to end AIDS again, this time in 10 years. This has been promised by government every year for 34 years. They just don’t understand HIV is cellular debris, not Satan. Says America will never be a socialist country most white coats sit, they want America to be like Venezuela. Israel declared capital embassy opened, white coats sat. Worst of all, Oscars will not have a host. Happy Birthday sung to a rich Jew. Jewish is a religion that loves hacking off part of a thing’s dick. Most find that offensive, worse than pretending to be Michael Jackson which is also offensive unless his music is playing. Kentucy and California were mentioned. Extrordinary nation, how will we be remembered? White coat Democrat dodos looked like KKK. They are the party of carbon dioxide blankets that will be handed out during winter to the homeless to stay warm, they are the party of walls around their homes but not your home the UNITED STATES, they are the party of walling themselves off logic and reason. Next the rebuttal from a sore loser.

Things in white SOTU

The things wear white to bring attention to suffrage even though the things have had right to vote for decades, century.

Other things should wear black and say ok you all go to war, we will stay home and whine.

The Thing supports visa abuse

The rap star dude who overstayed his US visa for years, performed, made money, paid taxes? doubt it, has support from the Cortez thing. Disgusting. The Thing claims it will in 12 years create a universe with no carbon emissions thought the physics do not support such a plan. The Thing is the most ARROGANT piece of thing ever seen. It’s a huckster big time.

Other arrogants I despise: Al Gore and Tony Robbins. DO NOT give them your money or attention.

Mascot massacre

They’re now killing off mascots that are “racist”. If I was an Indian I would find that offensive. Killing of native Americans has happened in the past, and it was horrible though complex, no one group is totally responsible, but how dare anyone now kill off images of native Americans or any other group.

They are doing this too with immigrant groups, no longer is having an Arabian mascot acceptable.

See where this is all going?

There is a slimy underground that is trying to neutralize you all.

I like having mascots from other countries or from this country. Placing a mascot on such imagery is like creating statues of them.

So as they tear down statues of the Confederacy which is a bit complicated and controversial, they are going further and tearing down all symbols of the great people that come into America from all over the world.

Anyone who finds this acceptable needs their head-in-their-ass examined.

Stupid bunnies are also calling for the removal of the silly rabbit mascot on the box of Trix cereal.

OUT/BREAK may spread

The officials who study nothing but what they are told by officials who lie about their studies and effects are proclaiming that a measles outbreak of less than 50 may spread from Washington state to California I guess leaping over Oregon.

How is this even remotely possible? California ended measles because their Nazi leaders force every child to get an injection of measles. No one there should be getting it because they are protected.

It’s more con games that the medical shot pushers are spreading.

Kimmel and Fallon are acting different

Seem to be avoiding the face painting subject in skits.

Gee could it be because they don’t want to make fun of themselves making fun of face painting because they face painted themselves in the past?

They are such hucksters. The have added so much to the “oooo it’s offensive” nonsense that it’s now starting to get real close. These things have a way of boomeranging in the media spheres.

Kimmel has done it to poke fun at celebrities in the past why so quiet all of a sudden?

It’s all been done in fun but since these bafoons have all jumped on the hyperprosensitivity bandwagons all the fun is being taken out of everything.

There’s nothing more bizarre than seeing a class clown become an annoying school hall monitors that never grows up.

Being Caucasion is a symbol of white supremacy

Lunitards are now saying that wearing a red hat with writing on it is like making one’s self look like a different person.

Robin Abcarian is the latest to say stuff like this, “Whether white people who blacken their faces for fun know it or not, the practice is rooted in minstrelsy and the mockery of blacks by whites. Like the MAGA hat, it is an expression of white supremacy.”

Of course that is a racist statement in itself besides it being stupid. Artistic expressions as such also portray it as a mockery of those who mock others and there are very few in society today that even use this as a mockery at all in any way thus the argument is so fake.

First, she nor nobody knows the actual roots of wearing black face, like all roots they are not easily seen. They know the well publicized racist version because that mind rape version is what gets attention and because it gets attention is repeated ad vomit.

I can imagine that the tradition started with kids pretending to be one another while playing cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, and slaves and masters all games kids play FOR/FUN.

I might add that if any one thinks that a master is the supreme one, they do not at all understand who is really in control at times, sometimes all the time, nor do they understand the inter-dependence of such relationships that have a history going back to the days of cave amoeba whereas even in those days black amoebas and white amoebas were mostly equal.

So the author of the article claims that the MAGA hat represents white supremacy. It doesn’t seem to represent that to many Negroids all you have to do is look around and ask around to find that out.

The makers and promoters of the hat never stated that it represents supremacy in any form. The only inference might be that America is better than other countries.

In contrast a KKK hat is stated as it’s principle ideals. That can be said to represent WS but to claim a MAGA hat represents WS is stupid.

Thus if one is to believe any of this racist crap being perpetuated by lame stream swamp people, being Diana Ross is a symbol of black supremacy and being one of The Supremes is supremacist and a symbol of racism.

Ask yourself, would Diana have let a white singer in as one of The Supremes? No. She’s a racist.

Now that we cleared up how everyone is racist how about doing something productive.

Rappin’ border policy

This is a hoot, the famous singer got nabbed by ICE after he trashed Trump’s border policy because he’s a fucking illegal alien from Britain.

HAHA ass hole.

Orange bad man

Once upon a time thugs that govern in NY blamed the orange haired bad man for people leaving high priced New York. Thug in chief says the bad man’s tax changes causing it. THIS/BLAME is like how dodocrats blamed cellular debris turned into a monster fantasy killer virus for too much partying and drugs that were routine in San Francisco’s gay culture when the “AIDS crisis” started in the early 1980’s (also never mentioned was how smoking caused immune deficiency).

Blame games are a big fun time game for dodocrats. It gets money to flow from DC and your wallet their way, diverting it from essential projects that were doing just fine prior, well except when orange bad man is the president.

You see one day orange bad man put a limit for the millionaires deduction on their state tax payment on their federal taxes, thus they end up paying hundreds of thousands more to the federal government for their federal taxes, instead of having it to spend on local NY businesses they go visit as they leave their penthouses overlooking Central Park as they work hard at redecorating and remodeling their homes every year where they rip out everything and replace it all with new stuff because they get tired of how it looks.

It’s a thing I think that the AOC monster thing should praise which by the way is a Republican thingy – making taxes fair – so why the fuck is the a dodothingy a demododo?

The fed thingy then takes that non-deductible super rich income tax and distributes this money more evenly through out the country instead of just to NY city la la land. The money then helps with infrastructure projects everywhere, disaster relief, education as in FEDERAL GRANTS, home loans, etc. after all the money does not grow on trees in NY it grows in stock portfolios there.

Thugomo man claims the rich are leaving the high tax rate state. The explanation of the budget deficit of billions in NY State is multifaceted and not because of orange head. A better explanation that that coming from NY State thug-o-crat in charge can be read here.

Doctor flight

The state – Italy – pays up to $150,000 to school doctors. It’s like a Bernie plan for federal government to provide medicare and schooling for all. Guess where 10,000 of those doctors in Italy went over the last 10 years to go practice thier medicincraft? Other countries. That’s right, it cost the taxpayers there in Italy $1.5 billion to train doctors who fucking left for greener pastures.

Socialist thugs in the US want to do the same thing with education. Medicare is a different matter. Making federal government guarantee everyone a college education whether they even complete it or not, would be a similar disaster, plus it makes it so that the richer kids parents get it for free.

There goes the butterfly

Border wall building is going to annhilate the Texas border National Butterfly Center. They will need passports to get in. Construction beginning soon with out Pelosi.

You would think, if she was smart, that instead of repeating some of the rediculously stupid stuff she’s been regurgitating, she would make butterflies a national emergency.

Watch the nice video showing people walking through this place.

Jussie Smollett’s attackers bit him so he says


Oh my God I need to catch my breath this is too funny. We are supposed to believe that MAGA Country haters who hate black dudes and faggots put their lips and teeth on his face.


Trying to cover up that he has a Grinder date that went bad and the fact that he is now a criminal as he’s lying about this whole event.