The climate is changing

Many LGBT/QWERTY’s are realizing that politics as usual is what we get if we have more of the same Clintoncy in the White House (which is sometimes lit up rainbow) so they are voting for Trump instead of Hillary. Yes, gays and QWERTY’s are voting for Trump.

So the climate in Washington is changing and Trump’s position on climate change is that it’s a farce. I agree. Democrats can’t seem to understand this.

If it isn’t a farce, someone please show me your CO2 blanket you sleep with at night in the dead of winter and show me a video of how you are not shivering under that blanket of protective air that “traps heat” then I will believe you and all these other farcesters that our planet can’t cool itself each night when it’s surrounded by sub zero temperatures hovering around -458 degrees that stretch out for zillions of trillions of bazillions of octillions of infinite miles at that -458 degree temperature.

Trump isn’t so gullible, you can’t be to be successful in business, and thus is one of many reasons he makes for a better selection as really what we have is not climate change in politics, it’s climate same. Same old climate. It’s time for the climate to change. You won’t get climate change with Hillary, who lied to the gays and lesbians and transgenders about marriage, changing her climate of promises to support it, then voting many times against same sex marriage which was a bigger slap to the face than any that came from Republicans because she was supposed to be our friend, instead, she BETRAYED/US big time.

Finally her climate on marriage changed, but only when she knew that it wouldn’t cause a vortex in her ability to be re-elected because then she was just appointed as a secretary to manage the climate in foreign affairs which also changed rapidly.

Image credit from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of a tornado/vortex which appeared because climate is always changing on Earth, this event appearing on May 3, 1999 in central Oklahoma, USA

This is criminal

Vivienne Westwood fashion show 2016.

Time for a swim

Teen bodybuilder Marek. What do you think of his swim trunks?

Be Healthy. Fuck natural.

If you want to be healthy I think one way of doing it is to fuck and get fucked the way nature intended more often.!

When a dick fucks many ass holes it helps spread around good healthy bacteria, different strains, that are good for they immune system, 70% of which or more lies in the entire digestive and absorption process found between our mouths and our anuses.

These “one size fits all” fear campaigns that are routinely put out by government bodies that are infected by becoming a little too intimate with Miss Understanding (a transexual with both female and male body parts) that are trying to always protect u$ don’t fit every human any more than separate bathrooms do.

All this crap about STD’s** being the big scary thing and reason to build Great Barrier Penis Walls using tree sap to “protect us” from immigrant viruses is rather Miss Placed when it’s obvious they have ways of getting past those walls and through them anyway.

And when we are healthy our bodies create barriers better than condoms.

The two primary ones are called healthy skin and antibodies.

Where the real scare is, when you understand the body processes, is not having all the good bacteria we need and the building materials that make healthy cells.

The reasons we may not have these great bacterias is more than one, such as how sugars in the diet can make sucky bacterias flourish out of control, and oil slicks that occur when people eat healthy salads and smother them in salad dressings, sometimes creating immune system environmental disasters, but it’s clear, having the good bacterias in your system fucking each other is paramount to health.

Thus, I think it’s high/time to start promoting FMT’s.*

Another option toward better health is to look into the functions of good bacteria. For some that would require removing that condom they placed over their heads so they can see clear. It’s a condom they used to protect them from understanding the bigger world of bacteria around us, and how transmitting these good ones is healthy even when the transmission of these healthy bacterias is by cocks.

So it’s time we read up on poop transplants.

Yes indeed, the medical world is transferring one person’s poop into another to make them healthy again.

No shit.

Of course you can do this easily yourself, and it’s more fun than seeing the doctor.

Also note, fucking one’s self never helps.

*reference Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT’s) on Wikipedia

**STD’s is an erroneous acronym because it’s viruses that transmit, not disease (disease is a complex condition of a body that cannot be transmitted, it’s developed so they would be accurately referred to as STV’s)

!for the movie version of this performance to give added drama the director adds sounds and scenes of bodies hitting the floor fainting as we also hear gasps of astonishment, horror, with added screams of outrage from certain establishment authorities who cannot fathom such things in the realm of health even though they are well documented

image credit Jacobo Werther

Target on target

Target is adding separate private bathrooms that don’t have issues with gender identity. That means these bathrooms will not be Fundamentalist Christians that whack their Bibles over the heads of lawmakers and people who want to piss in the right places. Hooray!

Each bathroom according to their investors report will cost shareholders about 3 to 4 cents per share of stock they own. So those who are multi millionaires that own gobs of shares, will effectively be paying more to help alleviate these concerns about gender changing individuals. I mean it’s not like they get a bill for this, it’s just that it’s costing the company that much in share value. I would guess that most multi-gobholders are conservative? That’s just a guess though.

Speaking of changing, people routinely change clothes and dressing rooms don’t seem to have an issue about transclothing identity, and people change identities to entertain us better with their movies and other show business paraphernalia yet transthumperers don’t make an issue of that. Gee why? Is it that it’s not in the Bible, or is it that such issues are pretty stupid as they are all about material stuff and God doesn’t really care about the body, he cares about the soul, and souls don’t have any gender.

In other words, now think about this, if souls don’t have gender, there is no issue in the eyes of God. Maybe in the eyes of the Bible there is, but we don’t worship the Bible, do we?

So the total cost of each of these 265 new bathrooms (one for every store that doesn’t have one) is about $65,000 each. I say send the bill to Bible publishers and bible pushers. They are the ones that started all this.

Also, I wonder how many homes could have been bought (instead of store bathrooms) with 3 to 4 cents per share? Hmm, that comes out to, for a $65,000 home, 265 of them.

I mean like why solve the homeless problem when what this country really needs is more bathrooms!

Image credit by Cmglee (Own work)

Men on Mars

The CDC (USA’s Centers for Disease Control who all have good salaries and pensions paid for with tax dollars) has told pregnant women to avoid parts of Miami because of the threat of Zika. So what happens when the virus travels across town and then spreads to every part of the globe? Warn everyone to avoid Earth? Will we soon have see pregnant women being sent to Mars to avoid Zika on Earth?




Space travel, it’s what viruses do, travel through the space between cities, cracks, crevices, they go everywhere like dirt.

Since the air is the biggest carrier OF ALL VIRUSES known and not known to man and virus hunting freaks, anywhere the wind blows, these viruses travel. That is a scientific fact. Why don’t they tell us this? Are these people on Mars?

Zika, West and East Nile, and HIV are everywhere now, routinely injected by all types of mosquitoes who carry dirty syringes and share them with their hosts and victims so where is the CDC going to tell people to go to avoid all these threats, Mars or the moon is all we have left, oh, and I guess Pluto, you know, that planet that was a planet, then was a rock, then a planet again, all decided by votes of a small group of people deemed experts who keep changing their minds.

If HIV and these other viruses was the cause of anything, everyone would have it now. Everyone HAS these things now like they have dirt. Same concept. Can’t avoid it. How one deals with these things is what’s important. What one believes the powers are beholden to dirt and viruses is also important.

Of course, there are those who are not slaves to these whacked out systems of perpetual misunderstandings, and routine calls to war, and those who know that it’s not the virus that is cause at all, which when you analyze it fully, becomes crystal clear that we have been lied to or infected by lies spread by others.

Testing for lies is what’s important now, and utilizing antibodies, our system of allowing cheap labor to clean house efficiently so we have more resources to do other things.

Image credits – Google News snapshot August 19, 2016 and NASA image in the public domain found here on Wikipedia keeping in mind that the Mars Rover might actually have been never really seen on Mars but merely here on Mars like sets. Those theories are spreading like dirt.

Get into this guys pants!

Who wouldn’t want to be in this guys pants?

If you are a size 30 waist, you can fit into them as they are for auction on Ebay and be sure to look at his “other items” for sale they look damn good.

Snails carry AIDS

If you say they can’t please explain why. Is AIDS too heavy? Are they union snails and refuse to carry it due to their contracts?

I sometimes may be a little slow but understanding the simple concept and fact that viruses are so infinitesimally small and lightweight that they can be carried by mosquitoes, flies, horses, buggies, and snails, should be simple.

It is well understood though that viruses are not transmitted through wires so we can rule that out, but please, scientists extraordinaire and those who exalt them, what is the exact reason that a virus cannot be loaded onto a snail with a forklift and transported if viruses are the cause of STD’s?

Image credit Jürgen Schoner\

STD – Snail Transportation Device

Viral/sexual WAR/PEACE

Do viruses have sex? If so we need to add a “V” onto that QWERTY community thingy. We wouldn’t want to not treat viruses equally.

iWonder if they war? I am always hearing about the never ending liberal and conservative war on viruses.


Image credit – The MacMag virus as it was displayed on a Macintosh computer displaying “Universal Peace” in March 1988 by Mike Evangelist

AIDS mosquitoes

Say “hello” to the Aedes mosquito (pronounced “AIDS”). It’s said that this particular type of mosquito is the sole flying method of transfer of Zika dika do viruses. Never-you-mind that their flying dirty shared needles are all the same, and air molecules can carry anything lightweight, science can make all the claims it wants, just try to prove them wrong, they will stand there and say “Prove it”. Then you say “No, you prove it (because they haven’t)” and they say “I did prove it” and you say “No you didn’t” and they say “I have mountains of data that proves it” and you say “But Sir, what about flying dirty shared needles” and they say “What the fuck are those?” and you say “You have just proven that you haven’t proven anything”.

Aedes mosquitoes (actually pronounced ay-ee-deez according to the free dictionary) are said to have been discovered by and first described and named by German entomologist Johann Wilhelm Meigen in 1818, the generic name comes from the Ancient Greek ἀηδής, aēdēs, meaning “unpleasant” or “odious”.[1]

Used in a sentence: “The mosquito I just discovered has an odor so I am going to call it the Greek name for odorous isn’t that scienterrific?”

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Family: Culicidae
Subfamily: Culicinae
Tribe: Aedini
Genus: Aedes

The chart above from Wikipedia shows the scientific classification. In other words the mosquito that transmits Zika (and all viruses) is an Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Diptera Culicidae Culicinae Aedini Aedes mosquito. We can do what was done with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and shorten this to AAIDCCAA.

We could also be more generalized and refer to it’s kingdom, rather than it’s specific name. This is like calling one of 7 billion people “human” instead of calling them by their race and first and last names, so instead of saying “Zika the Aedes virus” we could just say “The patient is infected with an Animalia virus” or since viruses are parasites we could equally gramatically correctly scientifically say that “The patient is infected with a parasite”.

Image credit – snapshot of Google News health section August 16 2016

[1] Wikipedia entry on Aedes mosquitoes