That was a Rude crack

Rick Rude is a wrestler, beefy, ripped chest and body, who’s ass crack was exposed on live TV.

Not sure this really is what ended his career.

We can see the referee run over and pull up his tights.

It’s said that “With his raunchy pre-match entrance and opponent themed tights, Rude paved the way for male superstars adopting an adult film star type character.”

Rick died at the age of 40 of heart failure due to a “mixed medication overdose”.



Wow Cool Man Sports Network produced this entertaining request to help fund a movie project geared to the TBGL community.

I like that their goal is to “help end TBGL youth homelessness”.

Their website states that they successfully funded their project.

This short movie could have been shorter but it is well done.

Charlie Sheen is stupi

The libtard tweeted in response to Carrie Fisher’s death,


Apparently this man is another libtard who doesn’t understand that whether we have Trump or Hillary or Big Foot as president, the world wasn’t going to end and certainly it wouldn’t stop it’s drama queens parading around with outrageous tweets.

This guy takes the gay wedding cake, he has called for the death of a human being who has not even killed anyone and associated it with the sudden and tragic heart attack death of a movie icon.

I really had hope for this guy after he got slapped hard by HIV which stands for “Hucksters In Virology”.

Now I realize he’s not that smar.

I had thought he was smar enough to figure out the scam and slam the scientists who have sold the public on the fraud.

I also thought of all people he wouldn’t use a celebrity death to spit stupi-ity.

Carrie Fisher


Portrait of actress Carrie Fisher on a train by Riccardo Ghilardi photographer taken on September 3, 2013 – she was a member of the jury in the 70 Edition of Venice International Film Festival 2013 (Ritratto dell’attrice Carrie Fisher membro della giuria durante la 70 edizione della Mostra Internazionale D’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia nel 2013)

Feature image of Charlie Sheen By Angela George at [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

China and viruses are killing us

Trump has oddly picked a film maker for Trade Advisor. The man’s name is Peter Navarro. He crafted a motion picture documentary on par with Michael Moore’s trash heap, whereas China is made out to be an assassin of the United States.

In reading Politico’s article on this, a section struck me similar to what happened with blaming a virus for complicated disease causation matters.

Here is what it stated:

“These are all standard tactics in the agitprop documentary playbook: Present one side of a political argument with a dizzying array of semi-credentialed talking heads, leaving dissenting voices on the floor of the editing bay. When your logic is lacking, appeal to emotion instead….” Politico

In the world of blaming a man’s cock for shooting viruses into another man we have this same thing happening. Emotions and hysterics rule. Try to argue that,

  1. If a virus can be transmitted by shared hypodermic needles
  2. Then shared mosquito needles can also transmit the virus

This most basic and 100% valid argument that annihilates viral causation is always met with denial.

Some responses that are completely absurd and stand no test of scientific scrutiny are,

  1. The virus is too big to fit into the needle of a mosquito

That gets a big ROFL. It’s ridiculous to assert that yet that is what is stated by experts.

So for 3 decades now, with the dizzying array of claims made to try to support the virus causation theory, the concept continually falls flat on it’s face. There is no viral cause. There cannot be.

Yet the documentary keeps playing like a rerun of a bad B movie.

Roll em:

HIV causes AIDS

You have to get tested

When you test positive you have to go to war

And these same people get pissed off when Republicans win because “they start never ending wars”.

See the awful trailer for the Peter Navarro movie “Death By China”.

The A.V. Club called it “the documentary equivalent of a raving street-corner derelict.”

I have a similar view of the GVD (Gay Virus Documentaries) playing repeatedly in minds, the keep presenting the flawed concept that certain UMT’s (Ultra Minuscule Things) only have the ability to hop onto cocks and not planes, trains, self driving cars, mosquitoes, and AIR.

George Michael style copied by Michael Jackson

George Michael was clearly one of the greatest musical talents. He forged new ground in visual styles, and music story telling that was copied by other great artists including Michael Jackson.

The feature image above shows a scene in the alley way with some tough guys (cough) dancing. It’s eerily similar to the street scene in the Michael Jackson Thriller video where there were bad ghouls instead of bad boys.

Thriller was made in 1984.

Bad Boys was made in 1983.

Here you can see it in this video of his called “Bad Boys” when he was in the group Wham!

Here’s a clip showing the street scene in Thriller:


And the full length video can be seen here:


The Meating

Film student created this short movie about men in bathrooms.

As with most good films a bit of exaggeration is a key element.

The Unknown Comic had a baby

I guess that means he’s not gay.

I wonder if he had any gender identity issues. If so, would his paper bag look any different?

He certainly was a HEAD of his time as paper bags are now acceptable and plastic is not.

He can come out now.

1978 “The Gong Show” was kind of a preclude to “America’s Got Talent”.

No drugs were harmed to film this episode.

In 1970 Langston “The Unknown Comic” began his show business career on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In doing impressions of a fork, a tube of toothpaste and a grandfather clock.[1]

Feature image of The Unknown Comic by Source, Fair use,

George Michael was a heroine addict

George couldn’t get enough animated heroines. Here is a Disney heroine called Fa Mulan.

Oh my bad, he was addicted to heroin, a bad/drug. His hot boyfriend said he had a problem with it. I had suspected such.

Here is a wonderful interview presented by Oprah where George discusses his life and when he was arrested for being a sexual being on planet Earth. It was what I call the dark ages of modern man.

He talks about how he fell into a horrific depression after that event. It was a time where medias loved exploiting such things.

Being openly gay isn’t the deal it was 18 years ago.

Gays can openly serve in the military.

Ricky Martin has a husband and kids even.

Even Apple’s CEO came out as gay.

Learning someone’s gay is becoming almost ho/hum.

People do and/or did drugs to escape from these mental torments brought on by various things.

Sensitive people can be destroyed by the terror of being trashed publicly, humiliated, and made fun of. I think George was a very sensitive man.

My wish is that humanity find ways to untorment their minds so they don’t have to get trapped by drug addictions. To find ways to not be affected by the nasty things people can do.

Losing this great person at 53 is very sad.

He will be honored as an angel on top of my Faithmas tree next year.

Oh pardon me, I have a call…..

I don’t think that call was about how he crashed his vehicle into a store front while high on drugs and had spent time in prison.

Feature image of Disney heroine character Fa Mulan, by Source, Fair use,

Floating funk

LG has come up with speakers that float.

read all about it

see how this is not really a new idea

Feature image of floating lady riding champagne bottle cork in public domain and was created in 1915 from The Lordprice Collection

What does HIV stand for?

Just because a definition of a word is not well known, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Here are some of the other understandings of what HIV stands for:

Hustles In Virushunting

Holocausts In Virology

Hypnosis In Vitro

Human Influenza Virus

Feature image of dictionary (used to help people understand definitions of words) By User Alex756 on en.wikipedia (Own photo by en:user:alex756 on en.wikipedia) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons