When you hear that word you think maybe a vehicle and shifter, or you might think of transmission of viruses. That’s what I thought of when I saw a banner that was displayed at a protest by a group that calls itself “Tranzmission”. So in … Continue readingTRANS/MISSION

The @3$ Li*^(&tyle

The latest “smash free speech into the ground bad word to say” is LIFESTYLE – U can’t be a public figure who’s not a part of that lifestlye and say that you don’t agree with the BLTGQWERTY lifestyle or those with that lifestyle will trash … Continue readingThe @3$ Li*^(&tyle


LGBT/QWERTY folk in The South (which is south eastern states in the US with the exception of south Florida which is very QWERTY/TBGL) could face more discrimination is what is said by the gay rag due to another bill that allows a mental health counselor … Continue readingTHE/SOUTH


How I view “The war on AIDS” and it’s aftermath. This of course is the aftermath of the dropping of Little Boy the atomic bomb dropped in the second World War on Hiroshima, Japan. When I look at this image I see the river is … Continue readingAFTER/MATH

Ganging up on Trump

Trump lost Colorado delegates to Cruz, he calls the delegate rules “crooked”. I am not well versed on the rules, but I would guess he’s probably right, after all they were drafted at a time when slavery was legal. It’s interesting to note that everyone … Continue readingGanging up on Trump