There’s that Q again

A good article can be read on The New Yorker about a Muslim filmmaker who came out and soon after his mom died and he blamed himself for it for years. I had to make note of this paragraph:


from The New Yorker

That mysterious Q has appeared again. Sometimes it’s just BLTG which really should just be BTG because saying gay and lesbian is redundant because gay means both gay and lesbian.

How about we just say the AS community for all sexuals. Or maybe the I community for identity as it seems to all be about identity issues.

If we are going to have these letters come and go we should do that with HIV/AIDS and sometimes call it IDV/IDS or simply ISD for immune system deficiency or ISI for immune system issues.

Oh my G-d

Vandals covered with black paint a church sign that read “God created man and woman, Satan created gays and transgender” that was visible to the public.

see the signs of the times here

It’s hard to say that this is wrong because they have a right to free speech. At many a gay pride event I recall hearing gays spew hatred towards that kooky Baptist church. I go to gay seminars where hate is spread against many a religion and person.

Hate speech is hate speech. If you want to eliminate it you have to eliminate it all, in which case you might as well move mount Everest to Hawaii because it’s blocking your view.

There must be more effective ways of scaling these mountains of hate.

There is that little used method of fighting hate speech with love speech.

see what a Hamburgur Mary’s restaurant owner did

Imagine what it would feel like to have someone who hates you suddenly force you to take their hand in fellowship.

After Orlando (which can be acronymized as AO) the United States Republicans suddenly loved the LGBTQWXYZ community. Some L’s (L stands for LGBTQWXYZ – read post here that explains why this is perfectly acceptable acronym behavior) feel that they were forced into holding hands with these people they have hated for years, but when you think about it that concept is absurd.

L’s have been fighting Republicans for decades on gay rights, oh sorry, LGBTQWXYZ/RIGHTS, and the very thing they want is for them to hold their hand and be on their side.

But as the story always goes, there has to be drama!

So when I imagine what it would feel like to have someone who hates you suddenly force you to take their hand in fellowship, I think “Hey that’s great” and feel like “OMG the war is over thank G”.

read story here

Suddenly ultra conservatives ARE/OUR good buddies

Now they are all rallying around the gay community.


Is it due to a revelation or is this political crap.

Now gay pride is banned too!

Bad enough that our shit blood is banned due to “security concerns” now Istanbul has banned gay pride due to “security concerns”. I guess that’s making some people very happy. Also could bring out a lot of new conspiracy theories. Takes pride to a whole new low. Who woulda thunk they could find a way to ban gay pride. Makes as much sense as banning banking when there’s “security concerns” after a robbery. Gays again are being denied equal treatment. They didn’t ban the Boston Marathon or elementary schools. Of course we are talking about two different countries so these examples are like how researchers compare gay diseases. America didn’t ban pride but it continues to ban our worthless shit FAG blood.

gay-pride-banned-istanbul snapshot from Yahoo! News dated June 17, 2016


Marines threaten gay bars

The few. The proud. The acronymless.


Gay bars is a term that refers to most bars that cater to people of various sexual identities. BLTG not needed.


“Donald Trumps attempt to paint himself as an ally to the gay community was rejected by the ABCDEFG community.”


Legend has it that Donald Trump was flippant. So #askthegays was born. It lived a simple life. Until one day when the beast came to Cindefella’s house. At that time all the Kindgom of gays and all the horses men of Dumptees couldn’t put logic back to get her again.

“Reflect not” said the queen. Reflect only #1’s self. Flip about flippancy flippantly.

Game changer!

So it’s all a big game. Now confirmed.


snapshot from Google news on June 15, 2016

Denmark and shit

How refreshing it was to stumble on a less tip toe through the tulips website that obviously doesn’t have a problem with free expression. Notice they don’t have any issue with using words with 4 letters. They even sell popsicles that have 5% alcohol that they legally sell to kids. In America, land of the free, certain words with alcohol in them can’t even be sold.


snapshot of the front page of The Copenhagen Post online found here on June 14, 2016

Learn about their kids treats here



All articles on the gay blood ban being crap are crap

None of them address the problem. HIV theories are crap.

All of the stories I read in the wake of the Orlando/Tragedy regarding the horror of now wanting to help your community by giving blood and having the door slammed in your face because you are a sexual just dance around in circles, not one says HIV THEORIES ARE CRAP THAT IS WHY BLOOD BANS ARE CRAP.