Using your dick as a brush

He paints using his cock. Did this on stage. Big talent. The painting will be hung.


Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, Horrors In Virology, and Acquired Information Deficiency Syndrome all have one thing in common, they are caused by too many things going viral. The latest to the addition of wacky claims is that both Zika and Dengue viruses can be transmitted by mosquitoes in one whammy shot!

Well well, if that’s the case, and that mosquito was just at a hospital where an HIV patient just got drilled with a ZIKA/DENGUE carrier mosquito, and it goes to a family’s backyard BBQ, well then it’s a triple whammy!


When you mention this to anyone though they just can’t understand it one bit.

So to confuse these simple concepts even more I say “The Syringe mosquito transmits HIV just as much as dickheads do”.

Blank stare.


And the war on flying objects madness doesn’t stop there, it’s spread to 2 Israeli cities.

To get rid of them they are spraying rid the area of pests, namely mosquitoes, maybe some red blood cells too.

That will help stop the spread of HIV, Dengue, Typhoid, and ten billion other viruses as well as it’s primary target, Zika. Yaaaaaa.

Problem is, they are not spraying the entire globe with viricide, they are only using pesticide.

Pesticides kill pests, they don’t kill viruses. Thus when the dead critter falls from the sky along with honeybees and birds, and other ways of explaining sex, the virus gets picked up by the air and transmitted worldwide anyway.

Point is, the concept that viruses cause all this stuff is non-sense. These things are in the air everywhere.

Will the world ever get it? Not as long as they are hypnotized.

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How election evening played out for Hillary supporters

As the election results rolled in a small group of Hillary supporters were watching.

Some were more clueless than others.

In fact, some weren’t clueless at all.

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Canada’s proregressive gay BLOOD/BAN

Canada and the US have bans on gay men donating blood even though they claim they can screen for it in the blood supply. Hmm.

I’m always a bit baffled why mosquito netting is not handed out as much as condoms since flying (or passed around) dirty needles “transmit the virus” as effectively as dick heads in government do.

Here’s one interview with an official that clues us in as to why this is.

Featured image credit By Tjeerd Wiersma from Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Canada mourns gambling loss of USA

Trump’s non-racist pals

The flaming libtards (many of whom label themselves QTBGL) think Trump is a racist. They point out the horror of his “association” with Russia’s President Putin. The sky fell on us all, heaven help us!

So as we peek out of the wreckage of that sky/fall we notice in a video a ceremony featuring Trump’s closed buddy in Russia, President Putin who is shaking hands with a black Muslim of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia with great honor and respect.

How can Trump be such good pals with non-racists, don’t birds of a feather flock together? Surely they all at least fly back and forth together when the climate changes at minimum I would think.

According to the Russian Embassy website for Gambia it states that English is the primary language there and this fun/fact,

Religious Diversity

Islam: 85% of the population Christianity and Other African Traditional beliefs (ATB): 15%

The Gambia is one of the most religiously tolerant nation in the world. Most people are inter-related, regardless of their religious backgrounds. It is not uncommon to find Muslims and Christians in wedlock, or closely connected. In fact, in many instances it is the norm.

It was interesting to hear the Russian President state: “You can count for the support of the Russian leadership, the executive power and the (inaudible) power of bodies, representatives of business and broad circles of society. I highlight that Russia is ready to cooperate with all countries in the spirit of honest and mutually beneficial partnerships.”

Featured image is a snapshot of the video

HIV on a stick

Fasces. Not faces. Not feces. Fasces. It’s a bundle of sticks with an axe in the middle.

What’s that got to do with HIV?

First it’s a STICKy subject.

Next, we have a new claim that there’s a test for it using of all things a computer drive.

Yes indeed. Your hard drive can test for HIV!

Welcome to the wacky world of virus hunting.

Well actually it’s a test that’s on a USB drive. They claim they can use a USB drive to find HIV. So you may soon be able to find HIV on a stick.

HIV/TESTING on a stick

HIV testing is claimed to be possible by using a USB drive. How does one find something that doesn’t exist?

I think this great new advance means there is no better time to colonize the MOON, that is once we actually send a man up there and not produce grainy footage from a studio, and take a USB drive with that man to make sure HIV hasn’t infected other planets.

It certainly has infected many minds.

According to Fox News The researchers say the technology, although still in the early stages, could allow patients to regularly monitor their virus levels in a similar way to diabetes patients checking their blood sugar levels.


OMG I can’t stop laughing.


Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton are laughing at something

Are these men laughing about HIV being the most ridiculous causation theory ever discovered?

The Fox News article also stated The test, which uses a mobile phone chip, requires a drop of blood to be placed onto a spot on the USB stick. Any HIV in the sample triggers an acidity change, which the chip transforms into an electrical signal. This is sent to the USB stick, which shows the result on a computer or electronic device.

Making a determination based on acidity? OMG there are a billion things that change acidity.

My bullshit meter is now broken by this news pushing the needle off into the sky where mosquitoes can pick it up and prick someone with it and spread HIV.

Have to get a USB drive now to test for the HUCKSTER/VIRUS.

Image of two former world leaders By White House Photographic Office. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of Fasces from Wikipedia and is in the public domain

Image snapshot of Google News on November 10, 2016

Manufacturing glazed looks

Glazed donuts are easy to prove to people that they exist.

Not so with things we cannot see, touch, taste, feel.

So the guy walks into the bar (me) and I get asked by by this dude “Are you positive?

My reply is “Oh I don’t do any of that testing garbage”.

Glazed look appears.

Asks if I get tested.

I explain that HIV isn’t real.

Glazed look remains and all I can think of now is a glazed donut and some coffee as I know glazed things I can eat are easier to deal with than this conversation.

I try to explain that if HIV were real it would be carried by mosquitoes, dirty shared needles…..

Doesn’t get it one bit.

Now my mind wanders into thinking of Terry Glaze who was a heavy metal musician and being at work hearing “Debbie’s Got A Chainsaw” while I make donuts.

Things that are manufactured are often very obvious that their existence is real.

The manufacturing process of believing that HIV cannot be transmitted by flying syringes is one that instead of presenting a finished product, ends up presenting something more like a GOOEY/STICKY mess.

I think HIV was manufactured here in the 1800's

I think HIV was manufactured here in the 1800’s

Image credit of manufactured donuts by DO’Neil at en.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Sand in their eyes

The Silicon Valley is stunned that Trump was elected, referring to it as “sureal and unlikely” victory.


The article seems to infer that it’s doom’s day for the computer industry. ROFL/SUCH/DRAMA.

LIKE/OMG it was so fucking obvious to those of us who don’t have their head stuck in the silicon that he was going TO/WIN.

The computer world thrived under every presidency there ever was, Republican, Democrat, and Dramicans.

Like duh. It’s like they are trying to use an Abacus while sitting in the sand on the beach to calculate our future.

What is silicon?

Image snapshot of Google News on November 9, 2016 one day after the people of the United States elected Donald J. Trump as president who will start his term in January of 2017

Abacus image by Encyclopædia Britannica 1923 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The speechless just keep right on talking

When people say they have nothing to say, they should be either stop talking or start singing, like how in the 1960’s the Kinks wrote and sang a song called “Nothing To Say”. The image is of album cover. I never heard of The Kinks really until now.

Nothing to say. Hmm.

So I am covering the news with a fresh coat of paint, and today we learn that Van Jones, ardent Obama and Hillary and global warming NON/SENSE supporter and frequent commentator on TV news babble boxes, has stated the he doesn’t know what to tell his children about a Trump win.



Similar upsets simultaneously occurred when the S community realized that some of the other seeds went ballochory they freaked yet oddly enough this whole thing is mother nature’s plan yet so many of the seeds continued to say the sky was falling.

Ballochory is a type of dispersal where the seed is forcefully ejected by explosive dehiscence of the fruit. Often the force that generates the explosion results from turgor pressure within the fruit or due to internal tensions within the fruit. [7]

An exceptional example of ballochory is Hura crepitans—this plant is commonly called the dynamite tree due to the sound of the fruit exploding. The explosions are powerful enough to throw the seed up to 100 meters.[10]

In a 1970’s sit-com (situation comedy) show one character would, when excited and pleased about something, say something very similar, I mean not “How do I explain this to my children”, he instead would say “Dyyyynomite!” Of course the sky was steadily in place in the 1970’s so maybe that’s not a good comparison. Today we learned of an upcoming episode of a Trump Presidency.

“OMG the sky just blew up, it didn’t even get a chance to fall” say the libtards.

Oh sorry guys, not supposed to use the word “tard” as it’s offensive. Can’t play football either because it’s offensive and defensive.

The 1970’s were such a great time for people as we can see in this very cool show. Crime was exceptionally higher than it is now, and wages were very very low and there were 3 TV networks to choose from while you had to get up off the couch or chair to manually change the channel and computers ran on punch cards and telephones were all owned by one phone company, none of this iCrap.



Finally, the liberal nightmare is over. Republicans now control the Senate, the House, and the Presidency.

Watch America prosper and the battles continue to rage. It never ends.

No one is ever happy until they turn on their TV’s, today’s date is the exception as TRUMP/WINS the presidency!

Image snapshot of Van Jones news story by Google News on November 9, 2016 after Donald Trump stunned the great worldwide garbage patch media field with a victory over Hillary Clinton

Image of “The Evans Family” from the show Good Times by CBS Television (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Featured image shows the Kinks cover art of their album “Arthur” with “Nothing To Say” as one of the tracks and is presented under fair use principles, listen to the track here on YouTube