I’m gay and acronymphobic

The Joy Reid matter ** has the use of the term LBTGYKOZ used in a sentence with the term homophobic quite a bit. It’s scary. Created a new phobia. Get tested. TEST NOW So what these language bastardizers do is say in a sentence that Joy Reid was homophobic 10 years ago, referencing her having…

HIP – Human I Parasite

I came across this “Being in the path of the mercury arc light would have exposed this glass to intense UV rays which would sterilize any microbes.” Can you imagine where this came from? Of all things a photography article on lenses. They get “infected with fungus” and other microbes. This can cause an etching…


The rose smelled it coming, sensual male energy in union, infinite defined expression feature image of rose pinned to men’s suit lapel by a masculine man by Trinity Kubassek see more of these images here  

Big mosquito!

Finally found a mosquito big enough to carry HIV which weighs 200 tons. This heavy weight is why HIV cannot be transmitted by common mosquitoes. The one pictured here is infecting Detroit, it’s so big you don’t even see the tall buildings. You can see the curve of the earth though. Luckily for the rest…

QWERTY group takes back award

The “LGBT” group (where’s the Q?) was unhappy that the internet presented data from 10 years ago of a woman on MSNBC named Joy Reid who allegedly had made LGBTphobic remarks. In the article they say “homophobic” but that’s an error that all these groups keep making, they say they are inclusive, then they are…

There’s even an app for presenting “verified” STD status!

OMG they have got to be kidding. Shows your “verified STD status on your phone”. Who would do this? Verified? That’s a joke in itself. Testing for HIV is totally bogus. feature image by rawpixel.com see their other photos here

Horseshit In Virology

After 35 years of rigorous research, there is still no cure for HIV. Current drugs can be used to halt the infection, but fall short of reaching hidden reserves of dormant virus that can lurk for life within infected white blood cells. If a person stops taking the medication, these viral landmines can be reactivated…

Florida tornado

This of course is caused by global. The globe spins causing weather. Conservatives will use tax dollars to create stronger buildings and weather prediction systems. Libtards will use tax dollars to try to control the weather.

Michael Moore commits act of bio-illogical errorism

The latest stupid stunt this lying liberal freak pulled is spraying water on a government building labeled “Flint water” and holding up a glass “of it” demanding the Republican governor drink it. The state has stopped supplying free plastic container bottled water, plastic that liberals also blast Republicans for not doing enough to protect the…


CDC study shows DGU’s are around 2 million per year. People defend themselves to save lives with this little piece of metal. DGU is “Defensive Gun Use”. Carry protection. Keep protection in your nightstand. Breitbart.com