It’s PEP

Once again the alphabet community is naming things goofy.

They keep calling it PrEP. If there was any standard in naming things, in using the English language, in communications, and in using acronyms, they would call it PEP.

I guess the problem is that if they kept calling it PEP it would be confused with pep.

Used in a sentence: “I am on PEP”

Friend replies: “Oh you are herbal energy supplements?”

A minor problem yet PEP is the correct use.

This brings me to HIV/SchMAIDS.

The I and the ID mean the same thing, why use two different uses of the same thing? Makes no sense.

It should be HID, that’s it.

Human Immune Deficiency. Not HIV/SchMAIDS, not AIDS, not HIV, not HIV/SAID, just HID.

But who am I to help the world do anything nonnonsensical?

What motivated the Pulse nightclub shooter?

According to Yahoo! news the gunman was outraged by a gay couple that kissed in front of him and his wife and kids when in Miami.

details at Yahoo!

Practice safe nightclubbing

Bad news today, gunman kills 50 in gay club Orlando.

This was in another “gun free zone” where “we can be safe without guns” where the only ones that ever have guns in these places is gunmen.

This doesn’t happen in Texas, or Idaho, or Montana where open carry laws trump democratic whining about guns. In the rare instances where it does, the shooter is killed within seconds.

The sitting duck free zone where this massacre occurred, the “worst in US history”, didn’t have any one there with a gun who could have saved lives.

Bernie and Hillary can go jump in a lake if they start their blabbering for “gun control” which should be named “sitting duck policies” to be accurate.

And how is the Great Trump Wall going to stop this? He and his clansmen keep blabbering about how giganticnormous walls will make us safe.

This is bad news piled onto that other horrific event that just happened days prior where “The Voice” gal was murdered outside an event she performed at.

I’m afraid we are not at Disneyland anymore and we better darn well consider what we need to do to protect ourselves.

There were plenty of condoms in that night club, not one gun.


Sea lice

The story goes that swimmers in Florida beaches are getting “sea lice”. They are parasites.

HIV is also a parasite.

So is WN virus and Zika-dika-do virus.

I wonder why they don’t go and spray the ocean for parasites like they do mosquitoes and the human bloodstream?

Kill too much of everything else in that flowing body of water maybe?

Yeaaaaaa, that is the problem.

The blood stream is also a flowing body of water teaming full of things that we don’t want to kill.

Yet, we routinely treat it with chemical parasiticides.

Our shit blood

Walking past the “blood drive” in front of my local supermarket again makes me cringe and feel like a leper class citizen.


Double your pleasure

I read in a gay rag that was laying around a Palm Springs gay establishment on page 3 (that is the first page you see when you open the cover of a magazine) the Get Tested Coachella Valley group had a full page devoted to pushing their testing agenda.

In it they said a couple of key points:

  1. They have doubled the number of testing locations
  2. Their goal is to have EVERYONE in the area tested so that they can get those who are infected on drugs and put an end to HIV.

What a lovely thought. I suppose we could say that these are drug pushers that are infecting our neighborhoods. Granted their drugs are not recreational, but when I think about what they are doing, and what the drugs do to the human body, I have to wonder if maybe what they are doing is worse than those drug pushers who illegally sell horrible drugs like marijuana.

Have you ever seen what the drugs do to people? If not, do a search online for “aids drugs side effects” or “hiv drugs side effects” or “my friends died of HIV meds”.

Here’s on image that came up from of all places, the people we can always trust for everything and is never incorrect on anything, the government of the United States at Take a good read of these three points they make about what is commonly referred to as PrEP, the HIV prevention medication.

Not 100% effective and no guarantees? Difficult to finish?? Like causing paralysis? OMG. Who in their right mind would bother getting tested or taking this crap? These drugs are all chemicals. Bodies don’t like chemicals especially in large doses. A child can accidentally drink a chemical like drain opener, thus suddenly getting a massive dose of chemicals, and we have to rush them off to the hospital and hope we can save the life but with chemicals that are used to wage war on viruses, just like nuclear war, these bombs that are dropped inside the battle field wreak havoc with innocent cell lives. Humans ingest smaller amounts of toxic chemicals in pill form that do not react like drain opener but one really should inquire what are those chemicals that are in those pills. Ever read the ingredient list on medications? No, I doubt it, they don’t like people to read labels. Doctors don’t provide ingredient labels and will look at you funny if you ask for an ingredient list. There are no ingredient lists on the orange prescription bottle either.

Yet people get so freaked out about preservatives.

Testing only finds antibodies anyway, non-specific, and antibodies are always there to defend you. It’s like Russia testing the United States for military. The test comes out positive, and they claim that we are infected with a plague because clearly anyone can see all the destructive weaponry the military has. Antibodies are like the military, testing to find antibodies and getting a positive result merely shows they are there, ready for action, or are actively in combat. They have no test to determine specifically what caused the military to respond and that could be a hundred different reasons yet these test pushers keep deceiving the public with their claims that you are getting a specific test for a virus you caught by being a bad boy and having normal sex, while they ignore that if there was a virus to be concerned about, everyone should be tested because of backyard mosquitoes.

That is their goal.

But that leads us to one nagging question*, if viruses are stupid and can be picked up like dust particles from anyone with a dirty needle and transferred, and thus flying backyard dirty needles have been doing this for 3 decades, why are fags considered a “risk group” and not the entire public? Everyone who is in contact with backyard BBQ flying dirty needles** is a risk, and thus all blood should be banned.

Obviously their theory on viral transmission for multi-causal and more complicated immune problems falls flat.

Would I get tested or take their treatment and prevention drugs? Hell no.

You couldn’t pay me $10 trillion dollars to take that crap.

Countries are also committing to “ending aids” by doubling their pleasurable treatment. They want to end aids by 2030.

They also wanted to end aids before Y2K, remember that plan?

Ending aids is easy. Press delete. It’s an acronym. It’s like ending LGBT or adding to it with a Q and the rest of the alphabet to be equal.

Of course that’s about as likely as ending religious wars.

* nags can be a real pain, it’s like how nags are a pain for bosses, like those safety inspectors who see that a bolt on an amusement ride came loose and also notice the roller coaster track has just developed a break because of that loose section and the park is about to open and they say “STOP. You can’t open this ride because we see a problem” yet those in management are more concerned about the loss of revenue and the blow back they would get from the public if they closed the main attraction and so to handle it they simply put up a sign saying “Ride not 100% effective”. There are a handful of nags that keep telling the HIV/AIDS bosses that there is a problem with the track and in response the bosses just keep putting up small signs saying that you risk your life if you ride on their track.

** backyard BBQ flying dirty needles are mosquitoes

What cult?

COCAP – Church Of Catholic Aids Priests


Ali died. The world mourns. The liberals acclaim that he made no apologies.

Of course it’s said as if that’s a good thing and everyone laps it up like good dogs.

Even spot laps it up. See spot lap.

They look at heroes as ones who make no apologies, they are strong and triumphant.

Trump makes no apologies and he’s Hitler.

Now that’s stupid.

In fact, it emphasizes to me again that Trump is stronger than the others.

He never cowers like all the other Republicans did and still do. They all responded recently in cower mode regarding something they don’t even know all the facts on, that judge who Trump believes is biased based on race.

They claim Trump is the prejudiced one and they are 100% completely stupidly wrong.

Can we even say the judge is prejudice? No, but it’s based on racial bias Trump believes, not bias against whites, bias against anyone who would do anything against Mexicans.

I buy Trump’s argument but sadly the liberals are so stupid and mindlessly ignorant in their quest to rather than seek truth and justice and the American way, spread kryptonite where ever they can.

They think Trump is Superman.



Shall we play a game?

Simon says:

HCV – The Human Cold Virus, once it’s caught, you have it for life, you can’t get rid of it. You can get treated for it.

HFV – The Human Flu Virus, once you catch it, you cannot get rid of it.

HIV – The Human Immuno-d-ficiency Virus, once you catch it, it’s there for good.

d) all of the above are false because viruses have no particular properties that make them impossible to remove

The way things work in the politics of health is like a game of Simon says, one person tells another what they say then they are told to repeat it and do as they say and the game goes on until death do they part.

It makes no sense for Simon to say “Once you catch it you cannot get rid of it, you are HIV + FOR LIFE!”

Viruses don’t work that way.

Stop playing games.


Some of you kids don’t know what it’s like to live in a world without the HI virus. You were born at the time of or only a decade or so before the virus/hysteria hit the fan.


The science that is the absolute foundation of HIV/AIDS reminds me of a business that is stuck still using 5 1/4″ floppy drives, antiquated, obsolete, pretty much useless. All of the treatments are based on old flat earth models. It’s like expecting UPS and the postal service to run like they did in 1900.