Climate change pusher Catholic Pope decries politicians who expolit fear


Zika virus now cures brain cancer

The sci-fience never ends, “Pei-Yong Shi, the study’s lead investigator, told the news outlet that the team created a vaccine from an inactivated form of Zika, which was able to target the glioblastoma stem cells while largely leaving the healthy brain neurons unaffected. “ Inactivated form of Zika? What the fuck is that? It’s basically…

African walk for cancer

Smiles and puppy dog dreams abound in the AIDS walks and the African walks for cancer. Those smiles would become frowns and anger would certainly ensue if some group did a Caucasian walk for cancer. DUBL/STNDRDS


Food and Drug Administration Confirms FLEA/TICK medications cause neurological problems in dogs. It’s finally confirmed. I confirmed this as well has many others decades ago. It’s rather obvious. pesticides cause neurological problems FLEA/TICK medications are pesticides dogs lick themselves, pesticide gets into system pesticide application site absorbs pesticide entering blood stream as that is why…

Reactor: The most difficult to wick coil ever

 This has got to be the next hardest, the Envii Terra Octacoil.

Vandy Vape sucks

Never buy ANYTHING from Vandy Vape. A Reddit user sent them his design for a RDA squonk or drip atomizer that has a unique “stove top” coil. Obviously dude didn’t know anything about non-disclosure agreements. They TOOK the design and made it. NO credit or money to the guy. JaiHaze did a review on the…

Another Democrat sexist in charge

Senator Mazie Hirono stated this on the Supreme Court Justice pick hearing “I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up!” THAT IS A SEXIST REMARK and not a very intelligent one. Now if a Republican White Male said that, news would be all over it. DOUBLE/STANDARD reference

Another manufactured fake crisis now it’s opioids

Mostly these things all become illusionary crisises due to MEDIA/PUSH and political posturing. The FAKE OPIOID CRISIS has had center stage now, HIV/AIDS is a bore in the news (has been for decade or so now). Deaths from opioids have gone down but you would not know that listening to the liars on TV. Now…

Equine encephalitis virus found in mosquito

Like this is news. They are everywhere. All viruses are everywhere. EQUINE is horse. ENCEPHALITIS is a brain disease. It has MULTIPLE/CAUSES just like HIV/AIDS has multiple causes. Causes of encephalitis include viruses such as herpes simplex virus, rabies, bacteria, fungus, or parasites.[1][2] Other causes include autoimmune diseases and certain medications.[2] In many cases the…

Mosquitoes are eating plastic

Now we need to study to see if they eat latex condoms. Imagine mosquitoes spreading STD’s. Still not widely reported that mosquitoes spread HIV when they suck the blood of an HIV host. At least we now know where all those banned plastic bags went. snapshot of google news clip dated 9/19/2018