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“Two four six eight everybody masturbate” that was the chant at the Toronto Slut Walk.

Awesome! Toronto is so liberal!

Woman watching says “They’re blocking all these cars like the Black Lives Matter movement” as if cars matter and people don’t.

But as I watch the video I find out that it’s not just a free expression gay rights kinda thing, it’s an attempt to stop rape somehow.

It’s a Slut Lives Matter movement! Eek.


Viruses are not competing in Rio

Fortune published an image of some Olympic athletes supporting the use of condoms to stop the spread of Zika.

OMG/ROFL – that stands for Oh My God causing Rolling On Floor Liking like how HIV/AIDS stands for Humanities Immunodeficiency Vehicles Are Indiscriminate Differential Sanctions

Oddly, nothing is stated about breathing in the virus. All virus particles become airborne. All claims of certain forms of transmission are erroneous and/or fradulent. Any virus there is can enter the body by lungs, mouth, anus, broken skin, or eye, nose, ear canal.

Viruses are not the problem! Bad information that goes viral is the problem.

If a virus was the problem than anyone who breathes can get Zika or Immune-o-deficiency like they do In-flu-enza viruses.

Similarly, the body creates IR (Immune Response) with antibodies to wipe it off the map. Basically this is like how a cleaning lady or man will come in and get rid of the dirt. Unfortunately the dirt returns but it’s not the same dirt, it’s different dirt that looks the same and named the same.

If people could understand that naming viruses is like looking at all the names in the phone book (do those still exist?) and naming dirt and worrying that all the “Smiths” or dirt particles are killers because the news reported that someone named Smith killed someone or the dirt was found to have caused a malfunction in a bearing, people might just get a clue.



Trans Mission Routes

“Zika virus and West Nile virus can be transmitted through a mosquito bite” so it is said by the officials.

To keep this in perspective, Hitler was also an official. Dads and dads and moms and moms are also officials in their equal marriage at home with their kids. They can be loving and kind and/or rule with an iron fist. They can be correct, they can make mistakes and insist on being correct just like that person with whom you debate political issues.

Questioning the judgement, rules, orders, and conclusions reached by officials is paramount, especially when finding the world in an endless virus war.

So here we once again find ourselves bombarded with the claim of a particular transmission route of particular viruses that are particularly interested in only hitching rides on particular mosquitoes. Let’s ask ourselves though, even though we are not officials, what particular property make these two viruses transmissionable by only certain mosquitoes and not others? Are the other varieties of viruses too heavy for certain breeds of mosquitoes to carry? Do certain mosquitoes say “Buzz off!”?

We should ask all scientists and those who disseminate their claims, to provide precise explanations regarding that question and ask if the viruses they claim are transmittable by mosquitoes can also be transmitted by syringes (or dirty needles). Seems all viruses, since they are stupid particles of matter that are not living things, which are all in similar size and weight, are able to be found attached to many things and routes. By all indications viruses receive equal treatment by many transmission routes.

You may want to stick that male information into this female connection and see where it goes from there.

image courtesy of Wikipedia.org user Asim18

a computer router that transmits 2 numbers electronically – image courtesy of Wikipedia.org user Asim18

The QWERTY community

Quandrous Willing Entropathetic Revealing Transponding You-hoos

Gays should never donate blood

image credit John Elson 

Reading that there are blood shortages” in California, someday, the gay shit blood ban will end I am sure of it.

At that time many will donate. I won’t be one of them.

My government told me for decades that my blood was shit, unworthy, tainted, infected even though they had no proof of it, just because I’m gay.

I can’t be expected to simply forgive and forget such treatment.

Pay me restitution for the suffering I went through and all the lives that were decimated by your screwy “facts” about immune systems and viruses in gays that are supposedly spread by penises and not dirty flying mosquito needles or the air, then I will consider it.

Otherwise, maybe in my next life.

Gay blood ban may soon end, sorta, maybe, probably not


The headline on Time magazine online edition read “The ban on gay men donating blood might be going away”[1]. Notice they don’t say LGBT. Does this mean that HIV/THREATS are only affecting men? It doesn’t affect T’s or L’s or B’s? It’s only a G problem?

When we read the fine print the headline doesn’t exactly match what FDA is proposing.

FDA is seeking input from those interested in adding their 2 cents to consider what they think is a good next step.

you can read the details here

Here is a part of the summary

SUMMARY: The Food and Drug Adminis


They seek opinion based on recent scientific data and considering changing from a “risk behavior” model to individual assessment of risk behavior.

That’s like piling dog shit on a pile of trash and saying “This is a better pile of garbage”.

It’s like only taking data that’s recent regarding a current train wreck in order to prevent other train wrecks when new data ignores the old data and the old data contains the truth about how the companies that make the rails skimped on the quality of steel they used in thousands of miles of track laid down already, and misinterpreted some x-ray photographs of the molecular structure of the steel, whereas no politician or official anywhere wants to tell the public that there was a made a mistake, and that all government agencies that were supposed to be protecting the public screwed up, and that many or all train wrecks in the last 32 years were caused by bad track as the uproar would be worse than the noise inside a vortex tornado during a fake massacre featuring fireworks at the Bataclan Theatre where heavy metal band who’s name I already forgot was playing and acting.

All HIV research is based on a faulty theory (one that ignores that dirty flying mosquito needles can transmit any virus) and faulty so called evidence which is little more than interpretations of slices and dices of viral particles also known as cellular debris which are subject to a wild array of interpretations, none of which can definitively be deemed absolute causation.

Until these authoritease can admit that there is a flaw in the very track laid down for the HIV train to ride, all rides are subject to catastrophic failures.

But as government and mindsets and HIV/COMMERCE goes, don’t expect to see any dumping of the trash, or re-evaluating the quality of the track anytime soon. Still, at least we have gotten this far where they see that there is a serious flaw in discriminating against blood when blood doesn’t even have a gender and there is since 1984 supposedly a “test that finds immune deficiency viruses” when in fact they don’t find any such thing unless you want to believe that testing for catastrophic failures finds infected tracks.

[1] – Time article

[2] – “Dance to the Berdache” – feature image Sac and Fox Nation ceremonial dance to celebrate the two-spirit person. George Catlin (1796–1872); Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Image is in the public domain. Native Indians didn’t have issues regarding blood or marriage like governments do. Governments have often set out to purposefully spill Native Indians and other “enemies” blood. Has anyone thought of banning blood spills? How can government justify blood spills when it has no way of knowing which soldiers have had sex with other men? Is war blood spilling safe? Shouldn’t government practice safe war, making all soldiers wear body condoms so that blood is never spilled in order to prevent the spread of ISV (Immune System Viruses) especially on a windy day where atomized particles of male blood that had sex with other male blood are swept up into the air and spread all over the world? Someday those who follow their leaders and those who lead who have banned blood that is homosexual will see how stupid all this HIV nonsense is which contradicts itself left and right. For now, invest in blinders.

Why would any Gay, Fag, Queer, or LBT vote for Hillary when she voted against same sex marriage twice

Hillary Clinton opposed same-sex marriage until 2013.[1]

Donald Trump has not ever voted on gay marriage. Trump deserves a chance at leading the country a thousand times more than Hillary does.

In the video below we hear and see her state “I believe marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman”. This was in 2004, not exactly the 1950’s, or 1800’s, she said this in the new Millenium.

She also said she believes in the sanctity of straight marriage just like the crap we heard from fundamentalist Christian ass holes. Most of us believe in the sanctity of equality in marriage.

What Hillary did as a liberal to the LGBT community is absolutely unforgivable.

How many gays and LBT’s have suffered for so many years because of her votes and what her vote stated to the country? Millions. NO ONE who has ever voted against gay marriage deserves a chance at running the country. I don’t understand how any LGBT person can ever forgive that of a Democrat.

She didn’t give a crap about the minority LGBT community, all she cared about was the majority of votes she would have lost for her next election. She’s proven herself to be what we are all tired of, politicians. I recommend voting for the other candidate, one who calls her out on her lies and deceit.


[1] – The Atlantic


HB2* is the “gender neutrality bathroom bill” in North Carolina that forces people to use the bathroom corresponding to their gender. The National Basketball Association (NBA) has decided they don’t want to play their game there so they pulled out before coming in that State.

Also note the title of this blurg – it’s worded out as follows – House Bill 2 causes National Basketball Association [to get] out.

*the acronym is expressed as “House Bill 2” (the House of the State of North Carolina)

read official statement from NBA here

A fictional story about Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz pretty much embarrassed himself by not endorsing Trump at the National Republican Convention. He got booed. It’s kinda silly to not endorse the people’s pick, but Ted claims he’s still not happy with how Trump insulted him and his family.

The following presents how after hearing this, I imagine Ted, Trump, and Hillary playing in the schoolyard as tots:

Like the grade schoolyard boy that cries and says that he won’t play with his friend anymore who just called him a name, Ted won’t play with Trump in the sand box anymore.

The only other kid there is Hillary who he never liked.

So what’s Ted going to do when the bully comes back and kicks sand in all their faces, and wrecks the sandbox like he aways does when his friend Trump isn’t around when Hillary runs and hides and emails her friends from her daddy’s private server, and Trump stands there and says “Ted, let’s teach this guy a lesson he will never forget”.

The bully is ready to wreck both their faces and Ted is more concerned about making Trump know how he is still mad at him and Ted keeps whining then gets slammed down by the bully. Ted has a bloody nose and broken middle finger while Trump immediately hits the bully who then runs.

Ted gets up and says to Trump, “As I was saying……..you insulted me and my wife and family………”


*Please note this wholly uniquely creative free expression which shall not be plagiarized was categorized under the 3 P’s – Politics, Pride, and Priorities.

Renew the fight

While most of the world is tired of all the fighting, and realizing that most war strategies are failures and/or way too destructive, those who wage war on viruses want the wars to never end. There are those in this war business that do make a pretty penny off it you know…..

So here we have a Yahoo! News headline dated 7/21/2o16 (click on image to read story) that says Prince Harry says world must revive urgency in the A fight (A stands for AIDS).


Inaction?? I just saw little smart cars, brand new, with logos on them in orange and white that say “Ge+ Tested” displayed in authoritative glory in front of the Palm Springs Desert Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Project. Those annoying buggers run around town and infect gay neighborhoods, street festivals, and gay bar parking lots (not straight bars or hotel bars where straights go to pick up sexual partners, noooooooooooo we wouldn’t have them go there because these people wouldn’t stand for it).

So at taxpayers expense we see that the fight is expanding, the disgusting homo blood ban wall still there not allowing us entry into the country of blood donations remains intact unlike our cock foreskin that Jewish doctors gleefully removed from our unsacred bodies making them sacred again, and that discrimination continues to hold it’s head up high because of this disgusting war.

I doubt Prince Harry has done any real research on this topic like I have and others have who don’t listen to contradictory mainstream theories that really make no sense at all. I don’t think he understands or ever heard how the images of “the virus” are thin slices and are so riddled with interpretation possibilities which the true experts in understanding how to understand such electron microscope imagery say that it’s quite the stretch to claim that what is seen in these thin slices is a threatening virus. These TRUE/EXPERTS say it’s nothing more than cellular debris (cellular shit) being pooped out of the cell.

Alas, he’s just doing what all politicians, salesmen, and famous figures do, and what all warmongers do, constantly call us to arms, entertain and sell us stuff that we don’t need or sell us stuff that we feel can’t live without, and keep the war machines running.

Oh wait, I am wrong, movie stars usually say END/THE/WARS. My bad. But wait, they keep calling to arms with the AIDS/WAR. My good.

Dear dear Harry, (and other celebrities who we can totally trust will never mislead us with other people’s money and bad information) please come to Palm Springs and let me show you how the war has bombarded this area, the casualties, and what can be done to STOP/THE/WAR. I will gladly pick you up and give you a tour showing you all the destruction so you can go back and start telling everyone to END/THE/WAR/ON/AIDS instead of expand it.