6 year old beaten up in school bathroom and it wasn’t by a transgendered student or boy

With all the fuss made by bigoted idiots that pushed the bathroom bill in North Caronlina and similar laws in Tennessee (what is that bill called H2O or something) that insists on humans using a bathroom not of their choice but of the choice of the gender they were born with, all in the name of safety and privacy, it’s no surprise to read that again, it’s not a transgender student that hurt someone in a bathroom.

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then there’s this one where a 6 year old boy was beaten to death

on the other hand we have this story of a 9 year old girl who was screaming because a man was trying to kill her at a Target bathroom

After reading that article one has to consider that the fears those have who created the “bathroom bill” do have a point so anyone who is in this stupid boycott mode really should do more study.

Is there a Smith virus?

Could be.

Naming things is something that has been going on for eternity. In this episode, we see the head/line reading something about an official government “that never makes mistakes because they rely on scientists and doctors that never make mistakes” statement saying that 157 pregnant women tested positive for the Smith, no, correction, Zika virus.

zika-positive snapshot from Google News May 20, 2016

Naming things is so funny, why aren’t they also testing for the Smith virus?

They should be testing all humans to see if they have the Smith virus. Then there’s the Lopez virus. The Landers virus. The Brown virus and the Jackson virus, Harris, Jones, Rodriguez, and Clark viruses too. Zika is just another name for Smith.

Are you beginning to understand this virus naming scam yet?

It’s like saying that only people who are named after immune deficiency or Jones have the ability to kill someone, scaring the public about anyone named Jones or immune deficiency, and saying that we need to test everyone to see if they fit into the category named Jones or immune deficiency.

If you test positive for being named Jones or Smith then you are categorized under all these methods of how the Joneses and Smith’s are treated.

These naming categorizations is like how how we used to categorize Blacks, Asians, and Indians saying they are all this way or that way, some not even deserving to be treated human at one time! This is how viruses are treated, routinely/discriminately.

Just because you had a virus in you and it has a name, it doesn’t mean they are a killer. Viruses are like humans, pretty much all the same and should equally be treated equal.

Positive test results for the HI virus is like testing positive for your neighborhood being infected with a family of Jones’ “you have to keep up with”.

Where are the tests that indicate a specific ACTION that these different named viruses do such as the tests in justice systems that indicate that an accused killer actually committed the crime? There are no blood tests for this yet viruses with the name Jones, Smith, or HIV are all said to be killers.

See the absurdity. See spot get tested.

HOAX is the word of the millenium

Do a search on YouTube for “bombing spree brothers hoax“.

Mosquito threatens BBQ/GUEST

A nasty bug flew into the yard unannounced and without invitation and threatened to inject HIV into one of the guests arms.

What to do!

I decided the best way to handle the threat was to, rather than spraying toxic chemicals or AIDS drugs in the yard, or PrEP chemicals, quickly remove negative concepts that had been injected into the mind of the guests prior, concepts that needed to be controlled, such as the the following:

  1. Claims that HIV is injected only by needles that are made of metal, man cock made of flesh or plastic, or blood transfusions and not the air
  2. That an immune system virus as claimed is anything more dangerous than cellular debris
  3. Once a virus enters the body it can’t find an escape hatch like an ass hole, it’s locked inside for/ever.

Plain packaging Nazi’s

The article states:

Plain packaging of cigarettes will be mandatory from Friday after the high court in London rejected an attempt by the tobacco industry to prevent the change in the law.

So now it will be difficult to distinguish Marlboro’s from Kent’s. Wow that really helps someone stop smoking.

Let’s see how this works, the person becomes frustrated by not being able to quickly figure out which package is which, and whenever they are frustrated they reach for a cigarette. There’s government handling problems again for you, making them worse. Now the smokers will smoke more.

I believe it will also frustrate NON smokers and plain packaging Nazis who are stuck in the line at the registers behind those purchasing cigarettes waiting for the clerk to figure out where the Marlboro’s are as she starts pulling out each one until she finally finds it. Some of them will start smoking.

This is one of the many reasons we dumped that tea in Boston.

I hope alcohol and saturated fats and oils is their next target if there is to be any sense of conformity to any set of standards. Cooking oil and lard kills, heart disease you know, gotta sell that in plain packaging!

And your favorite beer and especially spirits!



VC infects the body the same way that the HI virus infects the body. Vitamin C enters and is used as needed and anything the body doesn’t need it gets rid of. The HI virus also enters the body and what the body doesn’t need, it gets rid of and is eliminated. That would be all of it.

That is what is done with viruses which are given scary names like they do to characters in slasher movies. What the body leaves behind is something called antibodies and when you go get tested for HI viruses you are actually getting tested for antibodies. You might believe that this testing is precise but you would be wrong. It is like testing for movie theater patrons after a movie ended and the theater closed.

After the movie patrons left the theater they left used drinks and buckets of greasy popcorn (which attracts viruses) and candy bar wrappers and half ticket stubs, which proves they were there, but it doesn’t prove that they are still there. That is exactly what they do when they test for viruses, they find what’s left after the performance and they all leave. An HIV positive result only means that some viruses were there at the show.

To determine if it was a virus that gets in your body exclusively from sex and not from used popcorn and that it’s still in someone is like trying to determine specifically who came to that theater by looking at the mess they leave behind. If they dropped a wallet maybe you would then have this evidence, but scientists that scammed the world with this HIV nonsense got everyone to believe that they see wallets left behind for every virus identifying them precisely as the janitors clean up the bloodstream after the show.

They may be finding evidence of junk laying around but they haven’t found evidence of any living organism doing harm to the structure.

The Joe Blow virus


In today’s May 18, 2016 Google News we see that Zika virus is a top search term. Joe Blow virus is not appearing anywhere yet. Neither is John Smith virus or Patti Vakernirickle virus. These viruses are not as well known. I would expect to soon see the Abe Lincoln and Dolly Jones virus as well. Then there’s the Randy Galleirha8 virus which is trying to get into pictures so it drove to California past Indio which has been named the best live music festival city in the entire country all the way to Hollywood to get on that famed casting couch. Even viruses need stage names.


HI viruses are like God

Today’s headline read that up to 1 in 4 dudes have the HI virus, boo! The internet told us! Yahoo showed a pretty picture that of course is meant to put HI virus tainted blood drama in your face to scare you yet again. Frankly I’m more scared of running into Lady Gaga at a Halloween party where she dresses up as a normal woman than cellular dirt particles that my body routinely sweeps out that preachers and test pushers label as HIV.


Of course, since government, scientists, and 99.91% of the population tells us that this is true, it makes it true for all herds, even though the CELLULAR DEBRIS that is claimed to be a killer, is no more a killer than a garbage truck that dumps it’s load on someone would kill them. Yes it could kill the man if it dumped it’s load, though that would depend on how big the load is. If it was I container of household trash that was in a twist tie bag 13 gallon kitchen garbage can size, we can almost guarantee the man would live and not even be knocked down by it. If it was a load of trash collected from all day’s worth of collecting which weighed 20 tons, that would kill him by suffocation and crushing him to death.

With HI virus non-sense they can’t even create a test that actually finds the stuff, because there is so little there of this cellular debris called “HIV” for it to register. Like the 13 gallon bag of trash, there isn’t enough of it to kill anyone.

People believe all of this HI viral non-sense is real though because they have been taught by the HI preachers that it’s real, attending weekly news sermons on it, and being bombarded by other sources, all of whom have an HIV agenda, because after all, we have a test “that finds it”…….never mind that FACT IS no test finds virus, only antibodies, or markers, which is like having a test to find magic markers in a classroom and janitors down the hall which leads them all to claim “We have mountains of data” such as the pile of garbage in the garbage truck and this article on Yahoo.com that proves nothing other than a scary story can be told over and over and over again so many times that people believe it.

Like those scary stories told in the Bible used to get people to convert to Judaism, the HI virus is portrayed as Satan and redemption is only found by worshiping treatment and prevention. I find this to be against my religion. I shall have no other Gods before the one true God and the image and likeness of God thrusting itself inside of me. I cannot worship God covered in condom.

After all it’s just a speck of dirt that the herds are worried about here, cellular debris budding from the cell like shit buds from someone’s ass hole. If someone shit and never flushed yes that would cause a problem but it wouldn’t be the pile of shit that caused the house to crumble when there was an earthquake.

Human spreads animal disease

“Hunter spreads deer disease” is the headline.

It can be said that the/air too spreads deer disease, but to many who have been lied to by hustlers in the medical industry this is big news in the world of viruses.

read the article

Gay military leaders!

According to MSNBC.com: “It’s been eight months since President Barack Obama nominated Eric Fanning to become secretary of the Army — the first openly gay man to be recommended to that branch’s highest ranking civilian position.

Since then, he’s no closer than he was months ago to a confirmation. Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, is holding up Fanning’s confirmation because the lawmaker wants Obama to promise not to move Guantanamo Bay detainees to the Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, military installation.”