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This site complies with GDPRQWERTY privacy laws and other privacy laws in the US. There are no 3rd party advertising plugins that would collect any data from you.

The site like almost all websites places “cookie” on your web browser. Cookies facilitate your browsing experience and you have the option to NOT ACCEPT cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser. It is fundamentally your responsibility to wear such protections from cookies if you do not like cookie crumbs and feel that they like viruses are harmful to your privacy. There is no private information that is collected here, cookie crumbs do not even fall on the floor here to clean up, they are all on your end. The only things that could be noticed is a few technical things like what type of browser you have that is visiting OUR SERVER. OUR SERVER does not initiate any thing. It is like you walking up to someone at a coffee shop and tapping someone on the back and saying may I sit here” at your table. The person OUR SERVER looks at you and sees a few things about you and jots that down in memory. These are things like “Hmm you are a Mac or a Windows user” and “Hmmm this computer wants to sit here and gather some copies of my documents I have here in front of me”. GDPRQWERTY makes wild sweeping claims that you have the right to have all data deleted about you, but that basically applies to systems or companies that collect personal data. does not collect any such thing.

In regards to the fantasy called HIV your privacy regarding your status is also important. No where on this site are you asked to share how positive, negative, indeterminate, outdeterminate, frustrated, or other wacky derivatives of status. HIV is a lie. Technically only unicorns can get HIV and this site is not a dating site for unicorns so this site does not participate in onerous displays of status and the amazing array of repercussions that can come of it.

It’s amazing to see that on so many of the dating sites for LGBTQWERTY humans they have a way to publicly disclose your private results regarding your private parts of the inner workings of your body as described by HIV tests that are positively erroneous. HIV is a retro virus and all study on such should start here comparing retro viruses to blame games and popular rock stars. does not endorse disclosing such private matters to others and it strives to introduce minds to understanding. By reading anything on this website you agree to hold your mind and the authors harmless and irresponsible for such interpretations of language.

The privacy of the authors here is also important as we maintain a rather ________ view of HIV not shared by the world in general. Sharing such data with personal information would expose authors to a barrage of personal attacks not desired or worthy of such so it’s well understand how you would feel about your privacy being respected as well.