Doctor Tom Cowan gets into analysis of all the claims of a virus causing "AIDS"

April 20, 2022

he references the 3 scientific papers that are considered the proof

the 1st paper Barre-Sinoussi Montonye Gallo Popovic claim Reverse Transcriptase but since the 1980's claims we know that it is false claim RT is in everyone

2nd Gallo Popovic detection methods and claim of isolation

papers assume there is such a particle of matter "hiv"

hiv-discordant? one in the couple of straights is positive the other negative of course we know these tests are garbage

according to this 175 couples none turned into positive thus they claim it's not transmitted heterosexually

hiv, when was it ever proven to exist? never.

you can lie with virology you can find these particles labeled "hiv" in anyone

visit website as well

IT'S NOT even representing false positives it represents NOTHING

proteins specific to hiv is nonsense

hiv does not exist it's just breakdown of tissue

virology is not a science

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