EPA says citric acid kills viruses. Why doesn't the CDC tell us this?

Look at the list, shows it kills human coronavirus. Note in particular the 2nd one in the list "quaternary ammonium" with it's attached "emerging viral pathogen CLAIM" as shown in the column furthest right, this is the poison they are using in all public places now. THE CLAIM is there's a new killer virus but this is their same bullshit over and over and over again with no proof of concept. Of course since no virus has ever been proven to exist and virology is monkey business none of these kills any virus that does not exist any more than killing dangerous unicorns flying in the air landing on things as it's all illusions to sell chemical crap, bill taxpayers for outrageous funding, etc. so hear's a thought, how about we dump virology in the toilet and go back to simple soaps. Most of this chemical pushing any way is repurposed chemical waste products like how they threw away their fluoride in water supplies to get rid of it using the claim it would prevent cavities which it does no such thing. A town called Peel in Canada has Christine Massey calling out all the lies of fluoride and now viruses, she even compiled as a biostatistician 220+ responses to FOIA requests for any institution world wide to provide evidence that they have isolated properly to prove any virus exists and ALL OF THEM replied back with "we have no such evidence" so virology is pseudo science junk science garbage.

ref: https://cfpub.epa.gov/wizards/disinfectants/

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