Feeling isolated when you are not

The junk science is always visiting the lab. One day it left there and went to the gay dude's apartment when he has his straight friend over who he's been all hot for and the straight dude says he only drinks when it's Schnopps with blueberries, mentions he's horny, and the host never has blueberries isolated in the freezer, but tells him "Hey I happen to have blueberries and Schnopps I'll make you one (planning to make many)" so he goes in the kitchen, finds something in the refrigerator the shape of blueberries......PEAS......throws some in the shot glass, turns on the blue LED lighting in the living room and offers it up. The straight guy notices the hard dick bulging out of his buddies sweat pants more than the drink and asks about that, gulps the shot down not chewing the "blueberries" so he never knows what they are nor cares as he gets drunk and well.......we know the gay dude never isolated a blueberry from the refrigerator, for the straight dude to look at and confirm that is what it was, but the straight dude thinks he did, and well he got what he really wanted anyway drunk and a great blow job that only gay dudes know how to do so isolation does not matter. Goes home knowing he's just had safe sex no matter how much he rolled around as there's nothing to spread by sexing the only thing shared was Schnopps, blueberries, cum made mostly of salt water, peppermint breath, non protein nutrients, and any science that claims there's anything more, well that science is on par with the straight guy claiming when he got home to his wife and smells of a good time that he kept his dick isolated from any one elses mouth even though it's always isolated from her mouth and women hate sucking dick when they are married unless they are men.

And today, virologists claim that isolation is not possible because of the obligate intracellular nature of a virus. This means that they cannot exist outside of a living cell. But if this were true, then it would also be true that they can not spread from one person to another. The pseudo-science of virology is full of logical fallacies that any inquisitive person can recognize.

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