Foreskin Holocaust Denial (FHD)

666,666,666 foreskins murdered and still to this day Foreskin Holocaust Deniers (FHD) keep stuffing down their trauma by diverting attention onto something they can handle like "oh look at those Wuhan baloons now floating over America hon...." and 666 million other diversions every day, routinely diverting attention away from the gassing of all public places THAT/ARE using pesticides that are killing lung tissue slowly so as to not be noticed so then the medical cults just blame a virus which never has been proven to exist whilst toxic chemical sprays called disinfectants now made from chemical waste from China they tell us this is good for your health to breathe these fumes in. They divert your attention away from that foreskin holocaust by focusing on other matters like gender mutilation leaves out gender mutilation of baby men.

The Judeo-Christians are caught up in the dick cutting ritual of baby men as part of their salvation from nothing they did nothing wrong and to realize that they were horrifically tortured at birth is just too much to handle for most so dudes like that anti-transformist Matt Walsh skims right by the foreskin holocaust when confronted with that torture horror of killing foreskin on a baby man's most private part. He's been asked why he harps so hard on the transformists of gender parts that are into their cutting rituals while not harping on those who transfor baby men's gender part and he responds with claims it's a medical procedure and not the same thing and fluffs it off as if it's nothing. That kind of retarded, no, stuffed down logic would go like this if he couldn't get his wedding ring off his near middle finger, the wife would then say to the doctor "Ok then if it's a medical procedure go ahead and cut off his finger". Actually that's not even a good enough example as there IS a problem with not being able to get a foreign object off one's finger as there IS a problem with not being able to get these in the foreskin cutting cult to stop this child abuse. A foreskin is not a foreign object placed on the end of a baby man's private part. If these losers believe in God how is it they believe man has more authority over their most sacred of sexual expressions? They were born with a foreskin as GOD MADE THEM THAT WAY. So Matty can't see the forest through the trees here as he rambles on and on vehemently opposing cutting of genitals then is all for cutting of genitals. Wake up Matt.

Hmmm, I wonder what little Matty as seen on the table there crawling
was feeling about his phallus being TRANS gendered formally at birth
to make him half a phallic man that he is today.

Cutting off the foreskin on a baby man is like removing the baby man's lips. The foreskin is loaded with nerves that are a part of the entire sexual feeling and pleasure process. Imagine not having lips and not feeling the sensation of kissing. The foreskin protects the head of the phallus from constant rubbing on clothing thus what happens is a desensitizing of the head.

This torture of baby men keeps occurring, especially in the Judeo States of America medical systems that are overwhelmingly Juedo-Christian run, and they continue to massacre foreskins fore religious and domination pleasure. It is based on religious and sacrifice to their gods and torture ritual. They even celebrate the cutting off of 1/2 of Jesus dick skin each New Years Day!

It is a valued part of the man's body and it was hacked off so disturbingly, so valued it's sold for profit and so many just look the other way.

Big Matty has been called out on this discrepancy where he is visibly against transforming body parts while he is not against trasforming body parts. All these fundamentatlist Judeaists are like this. He claims calling out the discusting chopping off of part of a baby boy's dick is not the same thing as transgender formation. It is the same thing, they are both about TRANS formation of gender parts. That is the core issue. At birth a baby should have a say up until it becomes an adult just like the drivel that big Matty says about kids being TRANS formed regarding their sexual parts and parents should have NO SAY any more than like how Matty there tells his audience they shouldn't have a say about their kids changing gender parts around like they are building blocks. If anyone DOES NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT to trans form someone it's the sleasy medical TRANS formation profession that professes it's God and can TRANS form anyone they like. I hope big Matty wakes up. It's a hard thing to face WHAT THESE MEDICAL BASTARDS DID TO US.

Repair rations are in order, $1 billion for each victim.

Visit circumcision is a fraud website for more

Eric Clopper has presented in 2018 at Harvard a fantastic play that features this as it's theme and has become an attorney based in Los Angeles with goal of ending this abuse of men.

Men speak out but there still is not enough shouting about this massacre of 666,666,666 million private parts and this tortureous ritual

View what circumcision scars look like here

Take a gander at this horror of how they cut off this necessary skin covering the head of the man's phallus

image credit MrArifnajafov, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


"This is the biggest medical hoax in American history. Males are being raped, mutilated and exploited and it's happening right under our noses because Americans are too stupid to see male genital mutilation for what it is. I have healed a lot from foreskin restoration and regular meditation but I have accepted the fact that as long as babies are being harmed and men are being mocked for caring that they're mutilated, I will always live my life with a broken heart." men's testimonies at

Why are these Sexual Assault Scissor Saw Yaws (SASSY) not banned?

notice the little circumcised Matty is not there by the banjo anymore
maybe he's at a Blood Stained Men protest which is inclusive of babies
the big Matty should have a Bud Light goat piss beer relax a bit
and go hang out with the baby Matty and have a circumcision horror summit
and now he's throwing Build A Bear out with the drag water!


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