Hustlers In Virology planned the demic in 2019
named after PAN the god of mischief and debauchery it's become obvious how these hustlers are messing with you

Prior to this scamdemic as stated  by Michael Specter of the New Yorker and Doctor Dodocrat Frank Faucistein of NIH and Rick Bright of NHS plan to move beyond "bureaucratic strings" to create a panic and thus easily force the public into their new schemes of HELLth/KARE to replace old time consuming worthless flu shots that used long term research using physical methodology with instead, a new warped hyperspeed streamlined exponential profit producing computer modeling version they call "in silico" which now by legal definition do not even provide "immunity" all they legally provide is "stimulation" which you can get from yogurt or coffee, so now all you get with each new vaccine is computer printout of fake nonsense sold to you as the next booster, etc. It's all Horseshit In Virology. These hustlers are HIV. The good people who saw the absolute conspiracy tried to warn the public about this scam from the start of 2020 and in the 1980's are still correct, it's a con to sell drugs. Hear these hustlers say "why don't we blow the system up"!

H E R E  I S  T H E  P R O O F in their own words!

W A T C H  T H E M  S C H E M E (then make them squirm before congress) 

Chief Executive Officer Stephan Olerich of Bayer stated it would have been impossible to get the public to accept genetic modification as a [alleged] way to prevent disease before the fear campaign of SARS2 aka corona2 aka twenty other names. Dollar Vigilante comments on this on a walk which leads us down up the path of hearing the dude from BAYER explain how happy the drug pushers are that the public is now pandemicized enough to buy whatever new adjuvant and computer code of FAKE/RNA nonsense that escaped from the lab they have to inject into you. watch this great 4 minute video here

In an old MSNBC report Bayer had a drug in the USA that FDA pulled from market that they then just shipped off to France and other areas instead, it was alleged that the drug was "tainted" with the HI virus. Seems to indicate how their prioritie$ work. In fact their drug called "aspirin" was given in doses at 20 times a normal amount during the 1918 flu panic, killing the patients from hemmoraging caused directely by the drug, and what was blamed was "the virus" thus injecting many with vaccines which are all poison and gee guess what happened. They all died and thus the Medi Sin was never blamed, "it was a virus" and the hysteria was like the kovid fraud though at least then there wasn't as much brainwashing medias to keep the fraud going, at that time face diapers were pushed but people weren't so stupid and quickly quashed that insanity, in the "free countries" it lasted for years. The drug was never "tainted with HIV" as you can't physically "taint" any drug with what does not exist.

Here's where SARS-cov-2 leaked from the lab......a computer printout. There is no virus.

Note the scary costumes to make you think they are being extra careful not to catch what is nothing more than novels of fiction escaping labs. These suits could not even protect any human from any "virus" if the were anything more than dangerous unicorns as the size of the particles is too small.*

 *This was the problem in the 1980's as well where some areas of governing to this day claim that condoms protect from "human immune system deficiency viruses" yet the Hellth and Human Services secretary at that time stated clearly that "using condoms to protect from viruses is like expecting flies to stay out of your house when you have your [protective] front screen door wide open but that's all we have". So they had open screen doors to protect you from bugs and you pay for this hole in the wall "HELLth" system. Condoms do nothing. It's all theatricks to sell drugs, fake tests, treatment protocols, all very expensive and all billed to humanity for little or no benefit and even much detriment to health as is the case with AZT a killer chemo therapy drug that was shoved down the throats of the terrified gay communites presented improperly as the only thing they have. That drug was repurposed from the 1970's massive failure in treating cancer where the subjects all died from the poison. Ya think it wouldn't do that again? That's how my friends died a horrible death. Not a virus that is non-existent it was AZT and this shitty greed system of drug pushing that has infected every part of our world wide systems of "health care".

Dr. Tom Cowan explains this charade of how it's novels of fiction escaping from labs in a talk at the Weston Price Conference in 2022

"Covid" was a well thought out marketing scheme all about new flu shot technology pushed on the world where they beam you up Scotty to a computer printout vaccine that does nothing as the CDC even says now "hell no you don't get immunized with immunizations" as the new definition of vaccine is only providing you a stimulant, so if you get a cup of coffee each day you are better vaccinated than getting that injection of anti-freeze and a few DNA/RNA particles that also find their way into your coffee so what is the point of being injected with anything other than tasty cum in your mouth or up your ass along with a coffee, piss, or alcohol enema? Instead of getting enemas from these Hustlers In Virology try these natural methods.

Why would they do this using the entire world's population as their lab rats? To calibrate the dose amount to get it on the childhood vaccine schedule so that they can get corrupt FDA licensing which should happen in February 2023 right after the experiment ends. This provides legal liability to all these big pHARMa goo companies. Emergency use also gave them immunity while you no longer get immunity to them. It's about being convinced with their lies. It's all fraud. They know what they are doing and they are the most discusting people on the planet. Also note worthy is how California - the medical Nazi state - ended it's "emergency" March 1st 2023. Such timing what a coincidence, not, it's all planned con games to sell new drugs. We have watched this for the last 70 years. The HI virus lie was the worst.

Kovid make it's first world debut on Project Runway of all places in 2019 before the "pandemic" to grease the runway of 2020 flu performance following suit with designer air filter also making it's first appearance THEY ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

2019 - they planned the demic
2020 - new fiction virus presented through medias hype and fear makes it seem real using "case" counting of healthy people using amplification technology that has no ability to find any virus (yes they lied)
         - they rebranded flu yet again as they have over many decades as a "new threat" first as SARS 2 then changed to other acronyms then the marketing ding ding ding your'e the winner "covid-19"
         - they use new tactic to completely terrorize the mind, must wear face diapers to catch the shit on your face so it smears all over your mouth to "protect grandma" even though each time you exhaust if any virus existed those whould be thrown back out into the air
         - lock out the public from normal daily life with false claim that stops particles in the air that are by their measure smaller than dust by 1000x and tell them "to be safe" stay 6 feet away to throw a monkey business wrench into life
         - introduce the only way out of this mess they created is injections with new flu vaccine technology which was a hustle they talked about in 2019 as that was the #1 goal
         - as is standard faire politicians and other egomaniacs and hustlers all clammor to be the ones that came up with the idea in between time spent on counting their hoards of cash that keeps flowing into their drug portfolio stocks bought on insider information that CONgress has done for centuries now
         - October 2019 FDA approves new flu shot technology in the EXPERIMENT that could have varied amounts of mRNA as a calibration test mixed with adjuvants (anti-freeze) polyethelene glycol or the shot could be a placebo of saline or meningitis vaccine
         - government declared war in March and continues the war on dangerous unicorns to the end of the year
2021 - war on viruses that don't exist continues, one whole year of "conspiracy provists" warnings ignored by greater public that uses television as it's guide
2022 - border walls finally come down to a degree allowing travel with out testing and being raped by big burly swamp brothers and big pHARMa cysts
2023 - February the emergency declarations finally end with trumpets sounding with glee "The new vaccine patch is here"
         - billing continues for lawyer's fees as that's part of the whole gaming you system

The Hustlers In Virology (HIV) are counting fake women in their studies on the fake disease called "monkey pox". This is being done for a few reasons.
1) to take some stigma away from the fact that this pox condition which is being hyped up is mostly in men
2) this makes it not just a gay disease as like with HIV it was proven at the start that the science was junk as if it was caused by a virus everyone would get it equally
3) ONLY monkeys get, or better expressed "create" monkey pox, it is a skin condition of toxins erupting out of the body, humans are not monkeys they do not get monkey pox, it is another of endless disingenuous ploys of the medical marketing constructs where "the science" they present uses terms that make monkeys out of the public

Planned disruption? Influenza? I thought it was a new disease? It's the same game they played on the public with AID/SYNDROME where they used fear to create panic and if you were there in the 1980's you know what I mean that was a fear campaign like no other then they offer you the solution to calm you down and it's always expensive drugs that harm. They provided your money to AID their portfolios. My friends died of their poison.

Little ones protest and are ignored. It's sexual abuse and all people care about is when it happens to a teenager they refer to as "a child", wait, this never happens to young adults it happens to babies, it's horrific child abuse and people think it's normal and healthy. That is clue number one people are brainwashed by a cult. Learn more


The truth about antibodies the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) don't tell you about. The medical system will tell you that if you have anti-bodies to the virus you are immune for life then they change that to if you have anti-bodies you are a sick fuck that needs to be isoloated from humanity give us 666 billion dollars and we will make a vaccine that won't work either. Their science is all over the map. It's not sciene it's junk yard parts that cannot be used. Is it obvious yet? HIV and all of virology is nothing more than one big hustle. Virology is looking for particles of particles of particles of computer printout data now, it's gone so bad THEIR/CLAIM of finding viruses is like there is a missing person and the wife is told by these hustlers "we found carbon dioxide and this proves your husband is near by" as everyone is made of carbon. Hustlers In Virology (HIV) are not finding "viruses" everything that's in a body nothing specific that can meet their definition of a "virus". There are those who call out virology as JUNK/SCIENCE such as Lanka who proved in court VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST (lower right in this image of 4 men discussiong on an internet call the scam of virology) and Kaufman and Cowan who have been consistently calling out the Hustle In Virology (HIV) since the start.

20 million lives saved? This is ongoing bullshit marketing schemes. It's like claiming you created a 6 month cooling affect by turning on a fan at the end of July the Hustlers In Virlogy are all liars.

Cigarette cards were very healing you look at these and you are more calm. HELLth departments replaced these to ones that cause stre$$. Nicotine is also a healing product. TV won't tell you this. Nor will your HELLth department. They induce terror, stress, panic, fear, then tell you get shot up with anti-freeze and other chemicals. They ARE/HIV.

No they were not just standing there and suddenly it happened to them and in more recent times the Holocaust In Virology has murdered 6,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666 million blood cells and it's interesting to see WHO is making all the money doing this to these innocent cell lives that were put in dismismalconcentration camps.

Leigh Dundas human rights attorney explains the oxygen deprivation problem with being forced to wear masks this was presented June 2020 and look how many governing goons did not get the memo and I mean goons in corporations, school systems, city and county goverments, and the presidents of countries and it's all because of goons like Fauci and friends who do not care about their health they are only interested in the wellness of their massive portfolios that just keep sucking your money. All things virology need to have all funding cut off to the core as it's all a rotting branch of biology that is nothing but a con game or maybe also a religious ritual to make people suffer and cause death as there is something ODD about forcing humans to cut off their oxygen supply (also known as Strangulation Of Cells (SOC) with Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD) known as face masks and face diapers. Even cars are not this stupid, they don't exhale fumes through the inside portion of their engine air filter only to have all that waste be sucked right back inside the engine but people will do anything they are told when they are locked into a powerful mind manipulation cult which is what we saw emerge in 2020 hindsight.

In 2020 there was a panic over a novel story about a dangeroous unicorn and the response was to fumigate everything with dangerous chemicals. The world was brainwashed by the chemical pushers and their employees to believe the dangerous unicorn was the threat. The people started having problems with their health, breathing difficulties was one of them. A man calls around various agencies trying to get some help to hopefully get them to stop whatever chemicals are being used on foods. No one seems to be figuring out the addition of QUATS to the air spaces where food is being processed, the equipment, the conveyor belts, everything everywhere. These dangerous QUATS not unicorns were never used in these massive quantities before the war on dangerous unicorns was declared. One response was to go to the doctor. This was during the height of the covid-19 fake virus panic. What the hell do you think the doctor would do? They are forced by medical authority dictate to test for corona virus unicorns, kaching. They blame the virus unicorn immediately. It's all about pushing chemicals. Meanwhile there are the climate change disingenuousts like those from Sierra Club that kaching tell the world the goal is to keep oil in the ground. That means all pharmaceuticals would remain there, all disinfectants and QUATS would remain there, the entire medical profession would collapse. Go for it. When doctors were on strike in the 1970's in Los Angeles there were fewer deaths. People reported they were better and healthier than when the doctors were available. They quickly put an end to that strike! After a year of nothing getting done for this guy the EPA said they would do nothing to address his concerns. This apparently is another bureaucratic agency that is working first and foremost for themselves with complex interlocking directorates building up portfolios and not doing what they are supposed to be doing, protecting the environment which would include the air we breathe in stores as they approve of spraying dangerous QUATS on everything including our food. None of the agencies he discussed the matter with would file a report. One of the products he had bought was coagulated bleach, the "easy pour" kind that's thicker, says smells like ammonia is mixed in. The gel was separating from the bleach. He mentioned he mixed ammonia with water to clean a tarp which showed bleached marks after. Water from tap is often heavily chlorinated. There could be other chemicals in the water. Different factors. Bleach (chlorine) and ammonia are not supposed to be mixed they can create dangerous fumes. Says he never had this problem before. It's like when the covid fraud started they sprayed ammonia QUATS all over the stores, and constantly on the conveyor belts.

Recommended required mandatory reading or you cannot participate in normal life as your delusions about viruses are infecting policy making and productivity.

Virus Mania 3rd edition with 85 pages devoted to exposing the Corona Mania that was dumped on us by the big chemical big medical big pHARMa goons making an illusion appear real for fun and profit. An earlier version is on

Tom Cowan book on and many book sellers and on eBay


Centers of Dystopia Control (CDC) based in the US Atlantis have some recommendations you can throw in the toilet with the paper you used to sanitize other things. They have a list of preferred words and phrases and it's another of their monkey wrenches they throw in to things that throw people off such as not referring to someone as "uninsured" a nice simple term that simply adds "un" to the commen reference of someone being "insured". Why is that a problem to them or whom ever is the tard that is now being retarded in offering us word stews? So they recommend calling the uninsured the "people who are medically underserved". No acronym was added but surely that will come too as always so here it is (PWAMU). Never is anyone who is offended by acronyms asked or considered in these fake equity schemes as the purpose really is to confuse, rearrange their musical chairs, and take out an extra chair each time they play these games on the public. more details here

When are the fake ass "equitists" going after Burger King and Dairy Queen, the names are emperorist and sexist not that we really care but if the disingenuousists were sincere and balanced and not full of shit they'd be on it.

HIV/AIDS the claim is a virus causes it, a very special one never seen before which is the pitch we have heard for a billion other garbage products loaded with sugar, fat, and too much salt that our taste buds adore but the body had difficulty dealing with. So long ago the interpretation of the science was looked at by some very good analysts. To put the quality in perspective, it's like having the saught after movie star do a film knowing the result will always be good instead of just getting the ego maniac failed professor of the theater department who never made a film successful. Drama, it abounds but it's not always good. We see this in virology and it's hustle department always pushing drugs that make fortunes, whomever is best at selling the new threat gets promoted, that doesn't mean they are good at the high quality analysis of the science. That's where Fauci was, he's a huslter, a snake, a multi sided mouth piece knows well how to con and manipulate the masses. Then there's the great analysists like found here

There Is No HIV Virus An interview with Dr Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos
By Christine Johnson from Continuum Autumn 1997

One may note the term "HIV Virus" is saying virus twice - Human Immunodeficiency Virus Virus, an error made by many but their misuse of the English language in this case is not changing the misuse of the misinterpretations presented with false claims that any miniscule never seen by the human eye particle of matter is a rampaging killer. If viruses existed and were such as the hustlers portray in their drama everyone would be dropping dead and we never ever see this in any of their fake emergencies. One of the biggest problems is they are always saying the cell receives the virus from the outside where then it replicates in the cell but there is no proof of this, no lab instrument and no person has ever seen this process. The other problem is they say there is a fusing of one thing to another, well this process occurs naturally with proteins and all the biological process that occur to rebuild cells thus there is only guessing games happening there in the science. Cells die naturally all the time and rebuild. Virology claims it's the virus that did it. This would be like in the real world saying that whenever a person dies it's the virus that did it. This is basically where virology is actually heading as then it justifies spending trillions more on worthless research while we see the homeless pile up in streets and mortuaries, the people blame the virus as it's an easy out, they blame the drug use but never the drug use when it's from a pHARMacy.

The graph shows clearly that all diseases dropped to almost nothing way before mass vaccination. The industrial revolution that brought ample food and heating to the masses is the reason why, not medical intervention.

The real cause of wellness was NUTRITION.

The real causes of illness is MALNUTRITION and toxic waste.

People who eat garbage junk foods all day and dump Gulp Oil Spills into their body's shorelines.

They starve their cells and create oil slicks.

Vaccines don't solve anything other than help the medical community buy more luxury items.

Following the path that virology has built is risky!

Circumcision is horrifically violent rape & torture & child abuse

During a House committee hearing on a bill passed by the Senate regarding transition-related care of minors, Sen. Mike Moon, a Republican, and Democratic House Rep. Peter Merideth argued over circumcision one keeps saying that the mutilation of a baby man's lips of his dick is not the same as the mutilation of body parts of those seeking to change their sex. Obviously he's circumcised and stuffing down anything that might make him have to look at the problem honestly as the trauma would be too much. This is a problem most men have with this matter of foreskin holocaust.  watch

Mike Moon is staunchly against abortion of a fetus while totally for abortion of dick lips obviously a Judeo-Christian. During the god of PAN demic mania he was against following PAN's government forcing breath diapers on anyone as it's their body their choice but with hacking off a body part - of all things the incredibly sensitive protective skin at the head of a phallus on a baby man - he's all in as it's about salvation. April is National Child Abuse prevention month. Blood red stained in the crotch men have a protest to do.

The problem with using the term "circumcision" is it's plastered all throughout the Bible presented as if it's no big deal and a way to enter the kingdom of heaven instead of being sent to HELL th care. These Bible thumper Republicans brains will not be able to ever do anything that would be contrary to that book or they'd lose their souls, so better words should be used instead of circumcision like "hacking off the lips of the baby man's phallus is barbaric and violates the sanctity of the marriage between the foreskin and the rest of the body and thus defiling the temple of the Holy Spirit".

Knives killed 666,666,666 foreskins in the ongoing holocaust of phallus lips and congress continues to ignore the horror

Guys, there is no monkey pox unless you are an chimpanzee, you are human, you have skin pox if you have pimples there, they are eruptions, and you don't get them you create them and when you stop building them they go away. POX is DETOX though the condition can be also in part caused by chemicals applied to the skin such as Silicone Tire Dioxin shine (STDs) lube that burn weak areas of skin and blood cells but work great on tires for gloss, keeping that dick lubricated and running like a dream on nightmare juice, along with other dangerous chemicals that can mix with pHARMa cyst and HELL th department mandated or supplied drugs that are all poisons to varying degrees (maybe even China's chemical waste repurposed) and QUATs known as spermicides on condoms and lubes (Nonoxynil-9 poison). There is no virus. Vaccines are now just stimulants and a waste of time and money. They no longer provide "immunity" as even stated by the CDC now and others that are always going with whatever flow fills their portfolio$ filled overflowing with your cash. The drug pushers are playing you like you play with your dick to get off.

POX is short for Pore Detox or Pimple Detox. You don't have sex with a monkey and "catch it". If you think of it that way it gets you on a better track of avoiding toxins and giving your body what it needs to "detox". If you are creating Gulp Oil Spill Hill (GOSH) the body has to push that spill out. Notice the fun they have with the gays and their naming of things, monkeying around, monkey business, monkey see monkey do, monkey pox. It's just GOSH volcanoes, no monkey business needed. You don't catch pox, you create it. No vaccine does anything to stop what you alone create nor does it stop what does not exist, a "virus". Nonoxynil-9 is a poison and the HELL th departments spread it around the gay community like it's cream cheese on a bagel. That stuff has a horrible smell, taste, and reaction to healthy skin AND cell membranes. Can you spell B U R N? That's what it does. That's what "kills the aids virus" (that does not exist) the principle of chemical burns. It's like hunting bunny rabbits in the forest by using a Nu Clear weapon, it might kill the bunny, the forest doesn't look too pretty after which was first mentioned by Dr. Peter Duesberg in the 1980's when speaking about AZT and it's process of destroying healthy cells.

Article states Africa has 6% vax'd and is doing better than countries that have TV as their guide. The statement keeps repeating about immunization but that does not exist anymore, no one canget any shot and be immune as all these injections of pHARMa sludge are according to the new improved definition is "stimulants" not immunizers. Wakey wakey. Have that cup of coffee instead.

If there is a ban on "gay conversion therapy" then there equally has to be a ban on "gender conversion therapy". I seen not how conversion of gender or sexual play types is any different. Thus if someone is an adult and wants to change gender and get therapy for such, equitably then one who wants gay conversion therapy has similar choice anything less is unconstitutional.

Virology is like junk bonds, not good quality if worth anything at all and all who become involved in making claims about junk virology and what it has to sell is just like what goes on in selling you junk bonds.

On October 29, 2019 as seen in the photo on the left where they were at the Milken Institute, they all particpated in rather obvious scheming claiming they should "blow the system up" and move beyoned beaurocratic controls of safety to sell their junk virology to you pretty much going to the extreme of forcing you to take what they had while having you also pay for it.

What is the word for that again.....isn't that extortion or are they merely thinking more about the health of their portfolios and are just sleasy junkyard car salesmen? We know Trump is. It's certainly not about your health as it's been proven repeatedly for decades vaccines do not make anyone healthier and they never have proven sub microscopic unicorns exist yet.

Dr. Tom Cowan has a repeated emphasis on the absolute need to absolutely prove any virus exists as even in court it was proven they have not been proven to exist and proven to NOT exist so he should head the NIH and CDC or those institution$ should just be dissolved as they are rotting branches of the more stable tree of real world physics and provable seen biology where absolute proof and results can be repeatedly measured. Virology is story telling. It is constantly making things up. They are presenting to you dangerous unicorns as if they are real.

In 2022 he speaks at the Weston Price conference viruses are an idea they are not a real thing. No one has ever found them as a thing there are only ideas. Listen carefully to the talk. At about 19 minutes in a key point is made that everyone needs to understand "there's not enough to find" which was stated by a virologist! The Hustlers claim there are billions in a sneeze yet those who know the science state there is not enough to find. What you are seeing in some of the images they present is a junk yard of that was poisoned with cow puss, ground up aborted cow fetus, and nonsense. Virology is a complete fraud.

^this is an image of what was claimed recently in the covid fraud to sell drugs as being SARS-COV-2 but it's from year 2000 a kidney biopsy they pull this crap on the public all the time

^electron microcopes take imagery of a cellular land fill junk yard not proof of any virus yet they used this photo to make those wild claims adding an arrow to point to what they claim is a virus in a cell with no proof, this is an image of serum that is bastardized with cow puss blood from fetus aborted mixed with chemicals, ever see what mixing baking soda and vinegar does? It starts to fizz, changes form. Ever accidentally spill acetone on plastic, it changes form, if you looked at it under the electron microscope you'd see all sorts of bizarre forms taking shape. Virologists have no idea what this mess is and to claim what they claim is junk science. They make stuff up like those who entertain us with other fantasy worlds.

Luc Montagnier who has recently died is the "discoverer of HIV" and won Nobel Prize and was surrounded with plenty of hoopla in those early daze. Yet his electron microscopist Dr. Charles Dauget stated this: "We have never seen virus particles [HIV] in the purified virus [gradient]. What we have seen all the time was cellular debris, no virus particles [HIV]." In other words all they see is junk. To his dying day Montagnier always claimed he found a virus but that is not what the expert in microscopy said and all the claims of his junk being transmissible was turned into "the proof" that HIV was transmissible even though Gallo wrote paper ten years prior they knew it wasn't proof they all knew they were scheming the public. This contradicts what medias fed us starting in the 1980's. The whole thing is a fairy tale right there it's stated they never saw any virus no virus has ever been proven to exist everything we hear about viruses is marketing bullshit to sell drugs.

Here is proof unicorns exist based on "the science", all it takes is photo editing software and cartoon making ability and a lot of story telling to get people to believe you. Really, this is virology. Have you ever seen a unicorn? Have you ever SEEN a virus? Neither exist.

The make computer graphic images of what the assert without proof is a killer "virus". This is the garbage they keep showing the public to scare them into submitting to nose rape, cell rape with injections of chemical sewage, and recently shutting down the world to make it appear real. It's all fakery. This computer graphic is similar to some of what an electron microscope presents after the serum was poisoned with chemicals and aborted cow parts. You pay for this nonsense.

There is nothing like this floating in the air. If you still think virology loves you more than it's massive amounts of cash have them provide a pure sample of air photograph showing these flying around in those food stores you shop at where they now spray pesticides all day long to kill this CGI. This image is 110% fantasy like the unicorn but sum people embrace this spikey lie it makes them feel better knowing it's there.

I'm not afraid of computer graphics invading my cells and nothing like this has ever been proven to exist in any human or animal the closest they come is in a putrid mess of puss and chemicals in a pietre dish so shut off the TV and what your doctor tells you about viruses as they do not exist in real life.

They can't tell the difference! Morphologically indistinguishible. The "spike proteins" is a typical kidney protein called clatherin. They've known about this since the 1970's, CDC has known there is no way to tell the difference between cell debris, kidney biopsy junk, lung plasma junk, any pathogenic virus, SARS-cov-2 they cannot tell the difference so what they fuck is Fauci going around for 40 years lying his ass off for not telling the public this? He belongs in jail.  

Here's where SARS-cov-2 leaked from the lab......a computer printout. There is no virus.

Dr. Tom Cowan explains in a talk at the Weston Price Conference in 2022

1918 RECREATED influenza virus
 this is what's on the slide this does not appear IN SIDE THE BODY there is no proof this is anything but a junkyard of bastardized serum (shit)
The image appears using electrons shot through sophisticated microscope that attempts to image what is there but this is not an optical microscope and they mention here it is a "recreated virus" meaning as they always do with all of such imagery, they first take serum they think has "a virus" then add chemicals that do all sorts of nasty things to it, making basically a junk yard and sewage treatment plant of bastardized cultured mess. What they are showing you here HAS NEVER BEEN PROVEN to actually be what's in the body! There is no proof this was what was there in the 1918 Spanish American Chinese Indian Polish Italian African German Swiss flu.

The Hustle In Virology (HIV) is so bad it's like they claim your credit card is dangerous and will kill you as when it's in your pocket it moves (relative to the air around it) and has an edge associated with a knife, that's the science. Then of course they have a product to sell you for snake oil protection even though your credit card has no sharp edge and fits and stays put in your wallet already.

If viruses existed then the sewers in San Francisco were gushers of viruses all over the place after heavy rains created "sewer geysers" but as we know viruses are in the imagination and interpretation of the beholder of visions of $$$$$$$$$$$ ever flowing and gushing out of their portfolios so there is no need to disinfect the entire gush of lies that keep pouring out of these devices just let them flow and make their way downstream to infect the oceans and be sprayed 666 thousand feet on shore so they just keep going in circles.

Gottlieb schemed with pHARMa. Conflict of interest. Member on the board of dictators at pFizer. Suppress debate. Censored others. Throw all these ass holes in jail.

3rd leading cause of death in the United States is medical treatment we have known this for decades and then they all line up for their covid shots because the TV tells them to.

The Snowflake Variants are coming to terrorize you using the lies of media shills. IT'S ALL LIES. Viruses never proven to exist, if they even did exist variants are as varied as snowflakes, all the same yet different yet the same. Vaccines are a fraud.

Kevin McCarthy after 15 vote sessions surely he's another portfolio puppet that will work for his ego and his master$. Stu Peters comments like you and I would about all the fakery.

Big pile of shit pouring out of World HELL Organization mouthpieces viruses do not exist. They of course claim their hellish night mare couter measure$ work for their portfolios. They make all this shit up.

In sports from 1970 to 2022 an average of 26 athletes suffered cardiac arrest and died. Suddenly after covid shots that number went up to 1598 for the almost 2 year period of 2021 to 2022 so that's 800 each year. Injection pushers will blame a virus they never proved existence. The elephant in the room keeps pointing his trunk at the pesticides being sprayed everywhere. As usual no one listens. Portfolios are happy they could care less.

Deaths were all exaggerated manipulated data

Hello, my pronoun is "sexually and bloody abused by amputatation of my most Private Pleasure Part (PPP) at birth by a a SICK Medical Delusionist (MD) practicing it's religious beliefs on me forever changing me to be less than what I was born as, for it's salvation".

After the Buffalo snowstorm experts in looting in New York State give themselves a 30% pay raise

The moon is Earth taking an endless selfie of itself have you noticed the "A" up there?

Banish the filthy face diaper from our kingdom

Climate change is saving it's self. The Buffalo snowstorm proves this, the storm was fierce for a few days, frigid temperatures and winds and piled up snow, but climate change came to the rescue with an equal reaction for it's action, the temperature quickly went up into the 50's and the snow all melted by the end of the week, thus saving billions of barrels of oil and thus less carbon in the air thus as we have stated over and over again, Mother Nature knows how to handle it, politicians only know how to give themselves your cash. You might demand a refund as their policy is totally defective.

The end of coal is in sight just like the end of a circle.

Watch the short report as Germany will destroy a village to mine coal and renewables are too expensive which means uses more energy yours, your $$$ energy which takes energy to make. They are also razing a wind farm to get to the coal! Way to go!

The world's best tennis player wins the match against the dangerous unicorn lobbers. They had demanded he be one of their roaming lab rats (the rats bailed on the experiment) and the tennis player refused. Now he's in all the games as the FRAUD OF COVID HAS BEEN FULLY EXPOSED for it's being a packet of lies.

Pandemic amnesty? Repirations! Covid retards pay up!

Apparently the medical system is retarded or it's evil or both. It treats foreskin and hair equally. They think like when the child get's it's first haircut and are traumatized they need to just get over it. I'm going with evil and retarded along with serious mental illne$$ and truly not caring about human being$.

Massive fraud by medical industry hacking off baby man's body parts and billing to Medicaid so what else is new the industry is CORRUPT TO THE CORE if you can't see this after 2020 and the 6.66 foot distancing outhouse smell you are an idiot lost in the cult. You are probably then one of those who shunned those who didn't line up for the injections of anti-freeze to keep you safe in winter and so you could "get your life back" from robbers. As you danced and pranced around promoting medical rape you do nothing to stop the serious child sexual abuse by that same profession while you whine and dine on how harmful words are to you're putrid little mind. Words do not hack off part of your dick. Circumcision is FRAUD. Read the legal case

Hacking off part of a baby man's dick is a HOLOCAUST according to Freedom Of Information Requests on routine cutting off of baby body parts for fun and profit a total of 6 million foreskin holocausts were performed in Massachussetts during Mitt Romney's reign of which he surely had profited from this by owning medical stocks, a period 1999 to 2016 which was billed to Medicaid at a total sum of around $666.666 million dollars.

The fucks of the medical pHARMa cutting drug pushing complex rip off the baby man's protection off the end of his cock for profit and pleasure. Without this protection on their dick they get more infections and other problems for an entire life. Sexual pleasure never returns as nature intended. As the baby man turns into a man these fucks tell them to "Go rape latex trees in the Amazon forest" so they are told to stay home and purchase protection from This is another scam of these hustlers, protection from viruses that don't exist. They are all in this together. Just look at their pipelines to all your cash it's all going to them.

A Chistmas message from a little girl holding a doll about how she will protect her little baby from HELLth care departments, doctors, hospitals

Memorial on Brazil beach to honor the lives of those CUT short by evil monsters in pHARMa narrated in Espanol this should be done everywhere, in parks, parking lots, beaches, in front of government buildings and HELLth departments

i M G A Y . C O M