- look at all this junk! 

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Human Influenza Virus.


Yup, it's a real term. Official, brought to you by your gay leaders, I meqan LTQABG leaders. 

No straights, they are not equal, unless they are allied. 

I can hardly wait for the next letter to be added. How about "C" for "confused" and replace the "G" with "H" for HOMO, then we can get rid of the "L" also, leaving it like this "THAQ" or "QCHAT". Used in a sentence, "THACQ community leaders expressed outrage that anyone would dare question the sanctity of LBGTQ".

LGBTQA - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, and Allied

QCHAT - Transgenderal, Homosexual, Allied, Confused, Questioning

Get Immune

The blogger stated, "One reason for a mother's impulse to kiss her newborn baby: the mother ingests the bacteria/viruses on baby's skin, then her immune cells create antibodies that go into her breast milk, thus protecting the baby from imminent infection." - by crista_galli_ reference 

Thus, it appears that if we want to create immunity from HI viruses, we can use this same fundamental principle. Have the mama cow lick some positive LGBTQ's. The cow will ingest the bacteria/viruses, her immune cells create antibodies that go into it's milk, and then anyone who drinks cows milk will be protected from HIV. 

Gender neutralists 

WEHO now requires by law GNR's for all busniesses. It makes is safer for trans-gender and gender non conforming people. GNCP's have the same rights as CP's. SOPR's are not allowed to be labeled gender pacific.

more here

Pro gay rights cake baker refuses to write "God hates fags" on cake

I don't think they have a right to refuse. Or do they?

Can fag haters have their cake and eat it too? 

How does one determine that God doesn't hate sticks anyway?

Mountains of data

I watched a video of a guy criticizing "AIDS and HI virus denialism" (which is a very rude term given to those who say the theory of it being caused by a virus makes no sense) and he stated very confidently and condescendingly that "there's mountains of data supporting HIV causes AIDS. But mountains of data does not equal proof, nor does it mean the data is solid. There are mountains of data supporting the existence of UFO/ALIENS but that doesn't mean they exist either. 

As the air blows

The fly found himherLGBTQself blown into to the gay wedding by a gust of air.

He noticed his friend, and said to his mosquito buddy "How do you tell who's positive and who's negative?" 

He said, "I don't".

The fly said, "Aren't you worried about catching the HI virus? After all you kind do that needle exchange thingy like everyday, everywhere, and with everyone you meet."

"Absolutely not" said the mosquito, I don't have sex with any of them and there hasn't been one case of a mosquito transmitting it ever recorded. 

The fly said, "Well maybe they should mandate wearing cameras. Then it would be recorded."

That's so so gay

fabulous sea anemone latches onto duck head 

Russia bans T drivers

Transexuals are said to be "banned" from driving in Russia, it's all over the news, but it's more of a guideline than anything. Maybe they are afraid that it's more of a safety matter of imsexualization in crimes.


What's interesting in the comparison is that the ocean air contains salt, unlike evaporated air, and those miniscule salt molecules that get thrown into the air as the surf is churned get into everything when you live by the ocean, causing damage. The damage is consistent from one end of the coast to the other, things that are metal rust. So when a "infected" gay dude who lives at the coast, right on the sand, jacks off, churning those scary HI particles can get into the air, and travel across the street and  to the rest of the country! Thus we could say "Ocean causes air" the same way "HI viruses causes acquired ID syndromes". 


Alcohol poisoning - almost 2x as many of these deaths in NY and California according to CDC.


The kind of logic behind claiming a virus causes a set of 28 diseases listed under a syndrome, and blaming an immune deficiency for all of them is as absurd as claiming every time you blink at least one person on earth dies, thus, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that you're (unintentionally?) killing off people with your blinking.


source - tree

Florida clerks cancel all weddings to avoid granting licenses to same sex marriers

They used to grant licenses AND perform weddings, no more. To avoid performing these against their religious beliefs for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, and questioning adults, and since they could not legally discriminate against certain groups, they just cancelled all of them. 

Kid Rock calls rap-rock gay!

Should just call it fag. 

"Turns on the genre that made him filthy rich."  

Now bad luck causes cancer!

You might not have been even born at the time but in the 1960's and 70's there wasn't a day that went buy without us hearing another new cause of cancer, doorknobs caused cancer, smoking caused cancer, everything. Today, the researchers claim that it's bad luck instead of "risk factors" that causes cancer. 

Reference Google News snapshot January 1, 2015 @ 6:40pmpt

Just say gay

Reading an article about a transgendered teen who committed suicide it again occurred to me that using the terms "gay" and "queer" is already inclusive of transgendered, so WTF do they keep using BLTGQ-WRXYZ and other variations? Just say gay! Yes I have an agenda. After all, if it's good enough for most news agencies to use "gay" as the universal term, instead of ABCD-LGBT-QRSTUVWXYZ, it's good enough for everyone. They don't say BLTG marriage, they don't say lesbian marriage, they don't say questioning marriage, they don't say bisexual marriage, THEY SAY GAY FUCKING MARRIAGE.

Reference Google News snapshot January 1, 2015 @ 6:40pmpt - Florida gay marriage

You can thank Ellen for skyrocketing egg prices

So in the above Google News snapshot, notice that article on egg prices rising, it's due to California law (Proposition 2) mandating room to roam housing for chickens. 

You can thank Ellen for that, reference a show of hers from I think around 2010 where she had people from both sides debate the issue, and her bias towards housing the chickens was clearly presented as dominating the need to consider housing the poor chickens. Poor chickens?? My gawd, they are housed and fed and kept warm, they don't have to do shit. 

She eloquently persuaded her TV followers into voting for the law. Oh the poor chickens! What about fucking poor me, and the rest of the fucking poor, fuck the chickens. 

She's not the only one who helped get this stupid ballot measure signed into law, as other's have been working for years on the cage free thing, but she's one big influencer on that ballot measure which made it mandatory to free the chickens. When ballot measure in California came around to give chickens Taj Mahal living, she was there pushing for cage free living accommodations. 

I would think that someone who is always saying "Be kind to one another" would be a bit more concerned about creating housing for human all human beings, those who HAVE NONE, before getting into a thing about upgrading it for chickens who are going to be eaten anyway, and run a higher risk of being wolf food when they run around cage free. I guess my motto would be more like "Always be kinder to humans than chickens".

Do you think Ellen is worried about the prices of eggs? Hardly, she's one of the many SUPER RICH elitists who go around saying how we all need to think more of chickens happiness than our own.

I've already noticed a jump in prices here in the last month of a whopping 50%. Eggs were $1.78 for extra large dozen, now I can't find them for less than $2.58. This is unbearable. 

I may have to stop buying eggs. It's costing me an extra $6 per month. Add that to the fucking paper bags I now have to buy at the supermarket, that's another $5 because of these stupid environ-mentalists who vote to ban plastic shopping bags, whopping tax increases, etc. it's like there's no end. Every time I fucking turn around, it's another $10 here $50 there, and then there's nothing left. 

I should be more positive, ok, now that the law has freed up the chickens, maybe a good use for those cages would be to confine overenthusiastic hen huggers.

But wait, just take a look at the picture here of hens with their new roomy cages.......not bad! If I were a hen I'd be pretty happy and send good karma to those who stole my eggs from me. 

Oh, but what about all that shit (see picture) shouldn't they have flush toilets? And what about the law that protects chicken embryos? What right do we have really of stealing from chickens? I hope that law is in the works.

And speaking of steel, guess who else wins besides these birds, the steel industry! No bird brains to be found anywhere there.

Another thing I noticed in reading up on this new law in the above link, there was this statement "Free-range houses allow chickens to move around freely, but critics say the birds are more frequently injured than those in cages."

Critics. Interesting word. Better word to use would be realist. Realists see that there is a problem with the law for cage free housing. Chickens fight more, goring each other's eyes out with their beaks. Blood everywhere. So why the use of the word "critic" as if they are only a criticizer? They are merely providing the facts. They should not be called critics, but rather be called FACTISTS.

Toxins defined

"Here is a scientific definition for a toxin: It's a poisonous substance produced by living cells, especially one that, when introduced into a new body, spurs the creation of antibodies. That's a toxin. That's what it is, where it's made, and what it does."

This was found in an article about so called "pseudo science theories". Science also says that chemicals are also toxins so don't go drinking Drano again now that you kicked the habit after adopting that healthy fear of toxins, but you might look at the skull and crossbones on that AIDS drug label and consider the effects of those toxins. 

Viruses are not living cells so they don't produce toxins. They are more like particles of dirt. 

Doh! Play-doh included phallic device in it's doh making kit

It looks like a veiny cock. The family said "it completely ruined our Christmas". ROFL, I think anyone who's Christmas is ruined by inanimate objects needs therapy. 

It was also suggested this new device be called Dildoh™.

see the horrors of Christmas phallicism here 

Gays are fucking assholes

Think about that.

Now e-bola "comes from insect eating bats"

That's the latest claim. The study "suggests". I think it comes from medical dictionaries. 

So it goes like this, the bat eats the tainted insect, the bat transfers it to the child or adult playing near the bats, poof they gotsa eboola. No mention of the wind doing the same thing.


A study was done using lab rats to see if their health was affected negatively from genetically modified foods. An interesting comment was made by someone reading the article, they wrote "For a laugh, we kept pet rats for a while. One of the things I learned is that all female and most male rats get cancer within about 18 months to 2 years at most. The only one spared that fate died young of an infection." - Reddit user named "Splorz "

Makes me wonder if all these studies are based on using rats that all die of cancer anyway. 


Here's the Urban Dictionary definition of Honey Dick :

When a cock starts dripping sweet-and-sour sauce out of the mushroom tip. An STD that is caused by having sex with a woman who has had a dirty cock bust a nut inside her sugar walls.

So let's say man #1 has sex with the woman, let's call her #3, and mandick #2 has sex with woman #3, we have 2 dicks having sex in the same place, which is basically man to man sex as their sperm are touching each other, or at least the one that cums inside after the first is "exposed". It's the very premise that causes government to declare blood bans. So based on the logic of the FDA politicians who vote these things into existence, all sex with anyone should cause blood donations to be banned because any woman who has sex with more than one man in a year is exposed to man to man sex. That leaves out another 79% of the public from donating blood. Who the fuck is left? 


Next time they say they are straight

remind them of this 

Gay version of the xmas stocking

knit this 

"FDA lifting gay blood ban"

Well that's turned out to be the biggest crock, for decades gay blood has been banned from being donated in the USA but now the FDA has finally come to some sense in "lifting the ban" as the headlines claimed. It was a big news story on December 23, 2014. 

You can roll back down those sleeves though, the ban is not gone, not by any stretch as if you are a man who had sex with another man in the last year, forget it, your blood remains shit. So what we are being given here is more song and dance bullshit, it's like going from one song and dance, to saying "hey let's now do this one, the limbo, they are lifting the bar just a tad. Just see if you can get through to donate. It basically leaves about 1% of the gay population able to donate blood.

Never mind the guys that are married and fuck other guys DISCREETLY and lie and tell the donation agency "Hey I'm married I don't do guys" yet they do, their blood is holy and worlthy of acceptance. Never mind all the guys that lie and say they didn't have sex in the last year. 

So basically our gay blood is still shit according to these people who keep perpetuating lies to the public claiming they have a test that finds what they claim is there. 

The whole virus theory is shit. If there was such a test, then there would be no reason to have such bans in place, and all the straight liars donating blood would have "infected" the supply already 9x over, as there's 9x more "straights" than gays.  

This is prejudice against gays pure and simple. It goes right in line with these appointed ignorant government agencies and medical professionals to continue allowing these medical monsters to continue to hack off part of children's sexual parts. 

What I don't understand is where are the protests against this prejudice like there was for gay marriage. I mean like really, gay marriage is still not equal when gay blood is still shit. 

Unprotected weather

Has this threatening cloud formation been tested for the HI virus? It's a carrier. It's exposing many to viruses. 

Talk about confusing

The Learning Channel to feature gay Mormon men who are gay who marry women who are not gay but they call the special "My Husband Is Not Gay". 


Fort Gay doesn't exist

"In 2010 Microsoft banned a user from Xbox Live for putting Fort Gay (A real location in West Virginia) as his address. Microsoft refused to believe that Fort Gay actually existed, and eventually took an appeal from the towns Mayor David Thompson for the issue to be corrected." - llamanatee on

And why exactly is wrong with using the word name gay?


Nasty flu season

The report claims this year the flu in "the bay area" will be nasty. How do they know this? Well we all know flu viruses are spread in the air. Achoo. There it goes! Stop that flu virus! Spray for both flu virus and West Nile virus! Omg it went clear across the bay! 

The flu affects the immune system. Now why shouldn't the nasty I virus (aka HI virus, or HIV) be able to do the same thing? Come to think of it, since the flu virus attacks the immune system of humans, shouldn't it also be called the human immune system deficiency virus, or HISDV, or HIV for short? 

All viruses travel by air but some "get it" more than others. There must be another reason why people's immune systems falter. Ever notice flu season gets nasty right after pig out on Christmas cookies and alcohol season? Get it. 

Ibuprofen extends life

The tests were done on yeast, worms, and flies.....all of which are found in or around drug stores.



"Amgen Inc. (AMGN)'s leukemia drug Blincyto will cost $178,000 for a standard course of treatment, continuing a trend of high prices for immunotherapy, the newest wave of cancer treatments." - source

Leukemia/immunodeficiency/cancer??? So Leukemia is an immunodeficiency or "I", AND it's cancer, and it costs just under $200,000 to treat. Hmm. 


"I think that bleedings come also from the use of heavy doses of antibiotics to treat ebola cases. Antibiotics are in fact like anticoagulant drugs. They desegregate cells they encounter. Thus, they cause bleeding." - alain @ forum 

True or False

FALSE: The state of Michigan has passed a bill that specifically provides emergency medical personnel with a blanket exemption from treating gay patients.

TRUE: The Michigan House of Representatives has passed a religious freedom bill that might potentially allow emergency medical personnel to exercise religious objections to treating gay patients.

Read more at 

The good ol' daze

In the 1950's anti-homosexual films were produced by police departments and school systems, calling homosexuality a sickness. Today, homomarriage is all the rage, homos are online spreading their homoganda freely. 

Reference to lesbian on Bewitched

On Season 5 Episode 28 entitled "Samantha's Good News" we hear Miss Beacham (Maurice's "secretary") was asked by a visitor if she was a thespian. She was shocked and said "I beg your pardon". The word was clearly a spin on lesbian. This was one of the rare instances I could find of any reference to lesbiansexuality or gaysexuality in Bewitched. The series was on TV between 1964 - 1972. And, with a twitch of a nose, look what we have happening this year, a pilot for a follow up series lands on NBC centering on a new character, Samantha's granddaughter and her mom, Tabitha in her 20's. Bewitch may be coming back!!! reference 

Verify schmerify

"There's a simple test that scientists could use to make sure the cells they're studying in the lab are what they think they are. But most of the time, academic scientists don't bother." - source

That was the start of an interesting article on It highlights the foundational flaw in I virus research, (aka HI virus, aka HIV, aka ID), they don't even verify what they are looking at as being what they think they are looking at. They don't even look at these things under not the microscope because they are infitessimally small, nor do they even see them directly, they use an ELECTRON imaging device which is much more prone to error in interpretation when looking at particulate matter that includes alleged viruses. It's pretty much like looking at Pluto with a series of magnifying glasses and trying to pick out the specks of dust individually, naming each one, then trying to explain to the world exactly what each speck does.

Pirates and postulates

Pirate Bay, a file sharing site that has been shut down recently due to a raid amidst allegations of copyright infringement. Officials raided their offices in Sweden and confiscated their servers. This occurred soon after Sony Pictures was hacked and some unreleased films appeared on the Pirate Bay network (reference). One could conclude that it's "obvious" that these movie files "infected" the servers because of the timing and that they weren't there before, but that would be pure speculation. It's very similar to how the I virus (also called the HI virus) became to blame for "infecting" human servers, and it too would be incorrect.

Malaria deaths hit low point

Mal nutrition. Mal airia.

Half what they were a decade or so ago. Yet e-bola and the I disease grows and I has continued to spread via male cocks. Hmm. Could it be the NLS disease is taking over (NLS - New Label Syndrome)? According to Wikipedia mal air ia is a parasite caused disease. Mal air. Hmm. "Mal" in Spanish means "not good". "Air" in English means air. Not good air. The "not good air" disease or NGADS for short, Not Good Air Disease Syndrome, caused by a parasite that affects the immune system, that is transmitted "by mosquitoes" (like with HIV it has to be injected) thus we could also do what others do, call it the this causes that disease like they do with HIV divided by AIDS. Thus we have the PI/NGADS which is the same thing as Malaria or "bad air".

The disease is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions that are present in a broad band around the equator. This includes much of Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The World Health Organization estimates that in 2012, there were 207 million cases of malaria. That year, the disease is estimated to have killed between 473,000 and 789,000 people, many of whom were children in Africa.

And I expect that the eradication efforts of this deadly disease are in perfect proportion to what is being spent on e-bola. Now that's a pretty dumb thing to expect isn't it? Of course they never report how incomes since then have taken 1/2 the population out of severe poverty into having enough food and clean water and the effects of that regarding disease, no.


A virus is a parasite is a protozoa. Look it up. So it would be entirely accurate to say someone getting tested for HIV it getting tested for HIP. Whatever you do, don't tell them that the tests are non-specific and there is not even a world wide standard of measure, they won't believe you. In the meantime, let's play with those interchangeable words a bit. Are you afraid of catching the Human Immun-o-gobula-deficiency Protozoa because you had sex with a condom that has holes naturally abundant in their permeable membrane that allows viruses to go right through those holes?

from Wikipedia: Since Dmitri Ivanovsky's 1892 article describing a non-bacterial pathogen infecting tobacco plants, and the discovery of the tobacco mosaic virus by Martinus Beijerinck in 1898,[2] about 5,000 viruses have been described in detail,[3] although there are millions of different types.[4]

(I just can't wait to see people standing in line for those 1,000,000+ protozoa control vaccine shots.)

"The Homosexuals": Mike Wallace's CONTROVERSIAL 1967 CBS Report!! (FULL VIDEO)

From the dark ages! 

Oxford study suggests HIV mutating into weaker behavior

This was a top Google News search on December 2, 2014, "HIV" because of this "ground breaking news". I'm sure the whole HIV cult is giddy. "Hurray the virus is going away!" they mut be exclaiming from the rooftops of the HIV cult temples. Problem is, it's the THEO/RY that is mutating into weaker strains, not any virus, and it did this pretty damn quick, like within a few days of each ludicrous claim made back in the disco days of the early 1980's when this definition mess started. This virus scam was proven long ago to be a sham. SCAM/SHAM. There is no such thing as Santa Clause nor a virus that leaps from primates to humans in super human form. Immunodeficiency (I) is caused by a variety of choices and things that are slamming the body. Alcohol, sugar, rancid oils, stress, all sorts of things that are proven causes of Immunodeficiency, cause Immunodeficiency. I mean like HELLOOOOO. I covered earlier the breakdown of the stupid term AIDS and HIV, and how it can be equally expressed as I - Immunodeficiency. So the known causes of I are not caused by a virus, any more than I can cause a power failure.

Sexual behavior helps us bond - this is news? 

Merely a bacteriophage

Sounds like HIV. 

Looks like it too. 


Why does no one use this term, they say it all the time. Using this would get rid of the redundant HIV/AIDS which is rediculously redundant because redundantly everyone knows what causes AIDS. So from now on we call this virus AIDSV.

Coming out has never been so twangy

Now it's country music star Ty Herndon. Says he's gay. Prove it to me bud. 


1 out of 3 are gay


Or, he died because of the transfusion & drugs

They always blame the virus, never the treatment. 

We shop at T J Maxx of course 

Those rabidists

The headline reads "Help! We Just Found Out Our Midwives Are Rabid Anti-Vaccinationists" as shown on this Google News clip. Of course this is supposed to make those who believe that injecting bizarre putrid concoctions via non-flying syringes is wrong, make them look like THEY are the agressive mean dogs, but as we all know, when you confront those who insist and force these injections into humans, we get a rabid response. It's much more literally correct to point out the world is full of rabid vaccinationists, and that anti-vaccinationists are merely using their defense mechanisms against the aggressor, much like what immune systems do against intrusions, and how security systems protect us from intrusions. So really, it's those who are aggressive vaccinationists that are acting a lot more like HIV than those who are merely trying to protect themselves and loved ones by putting up barriers from such intrusions!


It's a gene

"What looks like HIV is actually a gene in our immune system" and are the cause of testing positive for HIV.

This is according to Biologist Christl J. Meyer - she states this at about 1:00 minute into the video. So why hasn't the rest of the world caught on to this fact that the HI virus is merely a harmless gene? 

South Carolina gay marriage is on

Ban approved by voters recently struck down. Woo hoo!

Now HIV cures leukemia!

"Previous Next Doctors cure father, 30, of leukemia by injecting him with HIV in experimental trial".

They claim they deactivated HIV and then injected it into the patient. OMG are they crazy?

"The patients who received the treatment had billions of T-cells extracted from their body, which were taken to a lab and implanted with deactivated HIV. The 'serial killer' cells are then put back into the body to fight and kill cancer, and remain dormant until the cancer reappears. While the idea of receiving a dose of HIV may seem scary to some, Dr June says there's nothing to fear about the stripped-down virus used in the treatment."


Hemorrhoids of the brain

Have you EVER in your life been told by a doctor that hemorrhoids in your butt hole are caused by a virus? No. So why are they saying that hemorrhoids in the brains of some people in West Africa are caused by a new terry-fying virus? "Ebola" is a new name for old disease, hemorrhagic fever. Hemorrhagic fever has a variety of causes. It's claimed to be caused by a virus in most recent news, not hemorrhoids, yet when we look at the word "hemmoragic fever" which is the symptom of E-bola, and the word "hemorrhoids" we see a striking similarity, because they ARE basically the same. Hemorrhoids are a hemorrhaging of the blood vessels in the butt hole. Ebola is a hemorrhaging of the blood vessels in the brain. Same condition, different location. How could a virus only target and reach it's goal of hitting only one part of the body when it travels throughout the entire bloodstream? It can't, viruses are not smart phones they are dumb particles of matter. Blood vessels are blood vessels, made up of the same materials. If an "ebola" virus was the cause, it would also be the cause of hemorrhaging in any other area where there are blood vessels as in hemorrhoids.

Extra, extra, there is a fake E-bola crisis. Hemorrhagic fever is the problem. Again, look at that word, it's hemorrhoids! 

People stricken with "ebola" hemorrhoids don't need decontamination, they need a tube of Prep H for the brain. They need something that reduces hemorrhoids that can travel through the blood and enter the brain's blood vessels. They cannot spread hemorrhoids nor hemorrhoid fever. 

The viral cause theory is once again ludicrous.

And as we turn to the WebMD's of the world, we see a simple statement like this that puts things into perspective:

reference:… › Digestive Disorders Related Topics

Mar 16, 2012 · Most hemorrhoids can be treated with simple changes to diet and bowel habits. Most do not require surgery or other treatment unless the hemorrhoids …

So it would be safe to say that this is a digestive disorder. I am certain that the diet of those affected with "ebola" in West Africa has to be looked at as a primary cause of hemorrhage and fever. Let's just call these two things what they are, two nouns, two conditions, not try to use an adjective to describe some kind of fever as if it's something new, there's two things going on. 

So all things in the diet that can cause and develop hemorrhage in the butt hole and brain should be looked at. Milk is one of them because milk causes bleeding (hemorrhaging) in the stomach in many people. Most people it's minor, and the body recovers, but if someone is ill, has the flu, fever, etc. their system is weak and hemorrhaging starting in the stomach affects all parts of the body and blood vessels as whatever it is that causes hemorrhage in the stomach from milk continues on through the blood. In these poor countries they often rely on milk as a primary source of food. Tis is very bad for a human to drink cows milk as a base and any medical professional that is looking at a virus as a cause is not looking at the real causes of hemorrhoids in the brain. 

So it's HEMORRHAGE and fever that is the real problem, not a virus that cannot even be found with the world's most powerful electron imaging equipment so we are merely taking the world of a few scientists who all have a financial stake in getting the world to believe that there's yet another vaccine to add to that ever growing list of vaccines people can't seem to live without.

And the latest in virus discovery takes the cake:

New 'Stupidity Virus' Discovered, Scientists Say 

Ah, that explains why many people can't understand what I'm trying to teach here!

Single men banned from parks

File this under blatant discrimination, shredding the constitution, and blatant guilty before innocent witchhuntism, and it's 2014! So today we learn that theme parks do not allow single men or women to enter their parks for fear of pedophilia. This has happened at Legoland and other theme parks. It's not easy to find the restriction in their brochures, sorta like reading terms of service. 

What's next, banning single men and women from our public parks? Same principle. I can't wait to see someone sue these theme parks on this.

story here


The Human Immmmmunodeficiency Parasite.

Parasites are viruses, no wait I got that backwards, viruses are parasites. It's the same goof that if I said cars are Chevys, not all cars are Chevys, not all parasites are viruses. Parasites is a broader category, as there are other things listed under what parasites are, a broader description, like cars is a broader category of specific vehicles like a Mazda or Chevy, and those are even broader categories of more specific models. So a virus is like one of many different cars made but they are all basically the same, doing the same thing, driving someone around to destinations. 

HIP, as it's called, the Human Immunodeficiency Parasite is no different than HIV. These are just different labels for the same thing. It's like if the cause of I was a car, I could say "a car is a Chevy" and that would be wrong, but if i said "a Chevy is a car" that would be correct. So I can't say a parasite is a virus, but I can say a virus is a parasite.

So a Chevy is a car, but is a car a Chevy? Not always. So too a virus is a parasite but a parasite is not always a virus. 

So in the wacky world of descriptions, viruses is also a broader category with specific names (as with cars) to signify their differences. So since a virus is a parasite, it's time we retire the well worn out term HIV, replacing it with HIP. This simple change would take away all the stigma and start a fresh chapter in the understanding of what parasites like HIP do and don't do. 

Imagine a world that's HIV free. It's easy. We start using this new term HIP, and start the discussion as to understanding what parasites are, and what they can and cannot do, starting with that they in themselves are not living things. They depend on something else to live, just like a car wash depends on cars to live. Thus when one says that a parasite cannot be airborne, we see that's a lie because all non living particles of matter can be airborne. And thus, when we look at the fact that HI parasites can be transmitted airly and sexually, the whole theory of causation falls flat because it would be affecting both straight and gay equally which "IT" IS NOT. Fungus is also a parasite, a very common problem of infection in humans causing immunodeficiency. So HIP has likely more to do with a locatable infection with fungus, not virus that cannot be seen in a microscope. 


I was looking at some guys profiles online and one of them had "HIV negative" since like a few months ago. So what does that do for me, he could have HIV now since yesterday!

So I started pondering this whole stupid HIV label again and some of my previous writing about IV and I (Immunodeficiency Virus and Immunodeficiency).

I started deconstructing. 

He referred to it as HIV which is the popular way of describing Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Human. Yea, it's the human virus, causes immunodeficiency, the monkey virus causes immunodeficiency also, so everyone says, as in the 80's daze when this new acquired definition syndrome started, they kept saying it originated from Reces monkeys. So then it became, as it went from primate to man, HIV instead of MIV or PIV.

Well well, then, if it started there, it's not HIV it's MIV or as I have said before, just IV, or I. So really, it's the same virus, just in different creatures. Thus, the H is totally unnecessary, it's just immunodeficiency. The viruses are the same. Or are they? Well they say they mutate, constantly changing, thus none of them are the same, so one monkey virus is different than the next monkey virus, as is each human virus. Just like snowflakes. So they are viruses, just like snowflakes, they are basically the same, do the same thing, but snowflakes that land on humans are HS (Human Snowflakes) and snowflakes that land on monkeys are MS (Monkey Snowflakes). 

So, really we can drop the redundant H or M, and it's accurate to say I have I, well, not really, because I don't get tested with flawed non-standardized testing modalities, so I can't say that I have I, or can I? If I have I (immunodeficiency), that can be determined with out getting an HIV test.

So really, there is no point what-so-ever in getting an HIV test, unless you merely want to have a label put on you with the word human attached to it which is rather redundant as we discovered in this session. You might also want all the drama, confusion,  contradictions, and 1980's era hysteria that's associated with that label, but I don't know why.

I mean like the whole thing makes absolutely no sense, and it's been that way from the beginning. To say that IV originated in monkeys and is now in humans, as if it's something different, which is exactly what they claim! And monkeys and humans are basically the same, almost identical in blood and structure. We are supposed to believe that the virus in man is different in monkeys? Sell me some snake oil, I'll get more use out of that.

So those who say I originated in monkeys and I is now in humans as if it's something different, well, they say both things, that it came from monkeys, and it's now a human virus, not from monkeys. That is a blatant contradiction. You cannot have Immunodeficiency in primates which are basically identical, and then have different Immunodeficiency and then cover up this contradiction by saying the virus mutated, while at the same time saying that is what it does all the time!

That contradiction is plainer than ever now! Contradictions in science theory are exactly what disproves such theories.


Here's a thawt

Maybe people don't put cats in boxes on the side of the road, they just put out an empty box and all the stray cats in the area just sit in it.  submitted by user npag from

Vegans can eat meat

Cows eat vegetables, that means cows are made of vegetables and therefore are vegetables.


Tree blew it's top off in a storm and fell to the ground, now it looks like a naked gay dude out for a stroll.  

Endora may have been gay

According to Wikipedia, in an interview, Paul Lynde, Moorehead's occasional co-star on Bewitched, said: "Well, the whole world knows Agnes was a lesbian--I mean classy as hell, but one of the all-time Hollywood dykes".[10]

The Gay Adventure (1932) [Whitehall Theatre, London]

One of "Aunt Clara's" many real life adventures as Marion Lorne. 

Facial hair 

Russia removes monument to Steve Jobs after Tim Cook comes out as gay

Will they remove all Apple computers too because they are gay? 

1 out of 1000 = proof

Vaccine pushers and believers will often use an interesting statistical "fact" that there may be one case of a vaccine causing Autism or some other disease or horrific reaction, while there are 1000 others that don't have any reaction, thus their claim is that one case does not prove that it causes the disease/reaction. They use this to put down those who keep insisting that vaccines, which contain a bizarre chemical biologic conconctoion that includes things like bovine serum and mercury. We can see this demonstrated by a video posted online here:

But the argument does not hold up to scruitiny, as this Reddit user named BlueBlurDown posted:

"I'm not arguing against vaccines, but technically speaking, all it takes is one example to disprove a theory. So in this case, if that one result was valid, those 1000's wouldn't matter as the theory that vaccines don't cause autism was proved false. Of course in this case that one result, which wasn't portrayed in the GIF, wasn't valid."

So that one case of Autisim did prove that vaccines cause Autism. The flu vaccine also causes the flu. 

Why inject these things into your blood?

This issue is coming back to light after a child just became paraplegic due to a flu vaccine. 

For a vaccine to be proven to not cause Autism or any other condition, it must have figures like 0 out of 1000 got Autism.

It's HID not HIV

The HIV is "Human Immun-o-deficiency Virus". The AIDS is "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome".

Really, there should be a "D" in both but there isn't, why? Why is it hiding?

And actually, it's not necessary to say "human", do we do that for flu? Do we say you got the Human Acquired Flu Virus which causes Flu? That should be the HAFV/FLU then right? 

So let's get rid of these redundant unnecessary terms, and call it what it is, remove the "human" aspect out of HIV, and that leaves us with IV. So you got IV? Or do you have IDV? Technically it should have the "D", so it should be IDV. 

Or, if we go with the term "immunodeficiency" it would be this way without the "D", such as "You have IV/AIS".

But the "A" in AIS since we removed the "D" is also redundant, it's not necessary to say it's "acquired" when we already know that it's caused by a virus, thus it's acquired, so this would be better written out as "IV/IS".

THAT my dears is the correct term. You've got IV/IS.

Please, my dear fucked up gay community leaders, let's start calling things what they are, gay blood is shit, HIV is IDV (or really IV) and AIDS is just another word for ID or Immune Deficiency. 

Try using it in a sentence now, "My friend told me he got tested for IDV because he was afraid it would someday cause ID."

Let's spell it all out now in a sentence, "My friend told me he got tested for Immune Deficiency Virus because he was afraid it would someday cause Immune Deficiency".

Now that we have stated it for what it really is, notice it's not quite so scary anymore?

Are you afraid of catching Immune Deficiency or the Immune Deficiency Virus? 

Did you know alcohol abuse causes Immune Deficiency or ID? 

So it's correct to say alcohol causes ID/IS or "alcohol causes Immune Deficiency to cause Immune Deficiency Syndrome". 

But wait, why even call it a syndrome, it's a disease, we don't say "flu syndrome". So let's drop yet one more redundant term. We will drop the "deficiency" as it's in the word "immunodeficiency" and drop "syndrome" because we already know that it's a disease/syndrome.

Let's use it in a sentence now, "His friend died in 1984 of I/I".

Let's now go back to 1984, that Orwellian year, where our trusty trustworthy government official Margaret Heckler stated "The probable cause of AIDS is HIV" and have her restate this more appropriately "The probable cause of ID is IDV" and when soon thereafter they gave massive mega doses of a proven harmful toxic old shelved cancer drug AZT to people who were sick, not the brightest thing to do. 

Wait, what did she say? Probable? Not absolute?? Whooooooooooaaaaa nelly.

But we know we can trust government, after all they know English better than anyone, right?

Riiiiiinnnng, Riiiiiiinnnng.........Hello? (it's a friend) he's pissed at me, and I mean raving mad that I won't call it HIV/AIDS anymore, and instead, using the simpler, yet accurate term, IV/I. 

I don't get it, why is he so upset? He keeps yelling that I'm being disrespectful, but I'm just trying to be accurate and end this thing and the best way I know how is through language. 

So we have determined through language that HIV/AIDS is the same as I/I which basically states that immunodeficiency causes immunodeficiency. 

But the trusty government official said it was caused by a virus, so we really should add that "V" back in, so in the case of HIV/AIDS, really what we have here is IV/I.

Let's start naming it that and see what happens. Trusty government and gay officials will then tell us "Get tested for IV so that you don't acquire I" and we will believe them because they never make mistakes, never lie, always call it like it is, and always know what's best for us.

I'm immune now

I have heard people come out of gay so many times now I'm immune to being affected by it. That is the principle of immunity, regular exposure makes one immune so they say. So why does the wacked out medi-guess community do just the opposite, while doing the same? They say get exposed to cow puss and mercury and "live" virus in vaccines to become immune, but when it comes to the HI disease they say don't get exposed to the virus or you will die, and they can't immunize you after 30 years and trillions of dollars spent on lavish research lifestyles. Total contradiction. They say there's a test for blood, then they say you're blood is shit because you are gay. That means the test is shit, not my blood. 

The world's most valuable company's CEO is [YAWN] gay

Apple's Tim Cook made the announcement today, one day before Halloween 2014. Talk about scary. I guess if he can come out, now everyone can. It's not totally news though, he was outed accidentally in on a sports show earlier this year. 

Thing that would wake me up is when all these happy peppy people like Ellen and Cook get off their "coming out is popular bandwagons" and do something beyond extraordinary. I mean it's like what they do is very nice, but how about calling out public officials who have continued to discriminate against their their very life streams, calling their blood unworthy of donation. When are they going to start calling out an end to gay blood discrimination and unperpetuating the myth of Immune Deficiency being caused by the gay virus. Maybe if they understood "the threat" as IV/I, things would be different. 

Reason #3,892,394,929,039,412 fun-da-mentalist Christians are wrong in opposing gay marriage

They often use sodomy and the bible's reference against it as a reason, yet not all gays practice sodomy, while there are quite a few straight couples that do. So to be consistent they need to demand no marriage for anyone who practices sodomy, and how does one prove that? So you cannot demand no marriage based on stupid principles unequally applied.

As per "tinylunatic" on Reddit

In most of the examples given in that article the bible mentions sodomy. Not all gay people practice sodomy (e.g. Stephen Fry belongs to this category) and many heterosexual couples do (but few people ever condemn them for it).

and techtechie97 on Reddit writes:

You must realize that when Jesus came along, in his sermons he overwrote laws that God had given to the Isrealites in the old testament. 

Mission control

If you it was possible to find out in utero if your child would be born homosexual would you abort it? 

No one talk about B-cells, just T

In the wacky world of Aid syndrome discussions, there is never any mention of what B-cells do. Not once has anyone ever mentioned B-cells that I have heard. Memory B-cells create anti-virus antibodies. Poof. They're gone. B-cells are rad. Everyone has them. The make viruses go poof. 

Oh wait, they do talk about them a little, I did a Bing search and found they did discover them, far back as 14 years ago. They said then that the B-cells carry the HI virus throughout the blood to help maintain the infection. Funny, that's not what my research just discovered. Why is it that their research always conflicts with standard theories? HI virus science does this all the time, turning tried and true concepts upside down. I based my discovery on long time standardized theories on what B-cells do. 

The Arizona University site says this though "B cells to produce antibodies that bind that specific antigen and immobilize it, preventing it from causing infection. Antibodies are specific for only one antigen. B cells must interact with Helper T cells, other specialized white blood cells, to initiate antibody production. An important concept is that once activated, memory cells (B-cells) are produced that insure that a more rapid and stronger immune response can be made upon re-exposure to the same pathogen." 

That sounds like more of that standard non-whackadized well proven theory that I can believe. The only problem with that though is it makes one not so afraid of HI viruses when we know that B-cells get rid of it, thus removing the concept of having to wage war.

74% of Denmarkians want the practice of cutting off part of babies cocks illegal

Yet in the USA the practice of cutting away a part of the male cock without the permission of the one being cutted continues with the blessings of the holyier than American Medical Association, CDC, California Governor, and the like. Seems like circumcision is way unconstitutional to me yet it remains considered by some a sacred right.  

Global map of male cutting away of a part of their most private parts

Kansas, Montana, South Carolina refuse to marry samers

Although the appellate courts have ruled the state bans on same sex marriage is unconstitutional, these states refuse to marry these people unless they receive a court order telling them they must do so, thus the Supreme Court will have to give that order, so the delay continues, but eventually, all of these states will have to marry samers.

Really, it only makes sense, because marriage is not even about sex, or religious beliefs, in the eyse of the United States Constitution it's about commitment. 

Another claim another dollar

I have watched, heard, and evaluated claims made by many who believe there is a virus that causes 28 conditions under a broader category, which is like saying there is a virus that causes 28 diseases, that all have different causes, which doesn't make any sense yet this is what is said with HIV causes AIDS. So I'm reading a new claim, that again, claims, that a vaccine is on the horizon. I don't buy it. 

As found on Wikipedia on super resolution microscopy:

On 8 October 2014, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Eric Betzig, William Moerner and Stefan Hell for "the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy," which brings "optical microscopy into the nanodimension".[3][4] That same day, researchers reported that, using this technology for visualization, details of how HIV shape-shifts to enter T-cells had been elucidated, opening a clear development path to a vaccine capable of blocking HIV infection.[5]


Based on how medical "science" has named HIV/AIDS, the ebola disease should be labeled EV/FLU. You see they say HIV causes AIDS, but AIDS is really a syndrome that has 28 different diseases listed in that category, which cannot possibly all be caused by HIV, so yes, HIV causes AIDS the syndrome, the bigger category, in a sense when we look at the structure of language use, but it doesn't cause any one or all of those actual diseases listed under AIDS. So since ebola is a virus also, and the flu too has many causes, like AIDS, it is only right that we start naming this thing properly, and say "the Ebola Virus causes Flu" thus EV/FLU and not Ebola, lest we do the same with HIV and just call it Human Immunodeficiency.

But don't take it from me, take if from your trusty elected officials and media representatives who always have your best interest at heart as they research every news story on these viral topics with utmost precision and understand language to a t. Whatever they tell you, and what ever the CDC tells you regardless how many times it changes, nor makes sense, believe them, because government and media never lies nor perpetuates any mistakes. 

E-bola "not spread by rats, mosquitoes, or water" is the claim

As found here in an ABC news article calming fears of ebola:

Ebola is not a water-borne disease, according to researchers at the Water Research Foundation. Therefore, it cannot spread through the water supply. “Once in water, the host cell will take in water in an attempt to equalize the osmotic pressure, causing the cell to swell and burst, thus killing the virus,” the foundation noted in a statement.

The problem with that statement is that viruses are not living things. They are more like particles of dirt. They don't eat, breathe, or swim or poop. So this claim of theirs is basically poop. A virus that's inside a cell that bursts is basically free of it's host cell. It's like going to so someone's house and when you are there you are inside the host house, when you leave you are outside the host house, still the same person. A virus is a virus. How is it that so much of the world can be so duped by these statements they make that are utter nonsense?

Bodily fluids flushed by an infected person would not contaminate the water supply, the statement went on to say, because the virus is so fragile. Once separated from its host it is neutralized within minutes.

This is more believable if viruses were alive, and still could be true if not, except for the fact of this term they use called "neutralized" which applies to the chemical properties of things. For example, how does one neutralize water? I don't think you can, water is water, it's hydrogen combined with 2 atoms of oxygen. If you add some other substance you don't neutalize the water, you dilute it. Thus, viruses are like water, they may be diluted by something, but they still remain as they are, viruses, just like the one atom of Hydrogen combined with the 2 atoms of oxygen always remain as water. 

Maybe the virus breaks apart when it hits water? But that does not make sense because bodily fluids and blood are mostly water, and the claim is that these two things allow the virus to travel in and on them, and the host is mostly water as well. What exact properties of the cell are so special that when it's detached from it that it becomes neutralized? There is no explanation that makes any sense based on principles of physics that can explain it, so we have yet another unsubstantiated claim that really does not make sense. 

The article goes on to say:

Can Ebola Be Spread by Mosquitoes?

Neither mosquitoes nor rats can spread Ebola, Besser said. "Not all viruses are adapted to survival and transmission through every vector," he noted.

Only mammals such as humans, bats, monkeys and apes have shown the ability to spread and become infected with the Ebola virus, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other studies have shown that dogs and pigs can be infected with the virus but they don't show symptoms and there are no known cases of these animals passing the virus along to humans.

Problem with this theory is that there is never any exact explanation as to why this would be true. Why would a non-intelligent non-living form not be able to travel on any form of life, or non-life form out there? Mosquitoes are like flying hypodermic needles, shared needles if you will as they travel from one person to the other, injecting their hypodermic needle into everyone they meet. Is the medical community of "experts" telling us that it's not possible for a virus to be on that needle? That would make no sense if they do, as it's just another dirty needle and it's been well documented that the medical experts claim that dirty needles transmit things like the HI virus, Hepatitis C virus, and many others. Unfortunately I cannof find one shred of documentation that would explain exactly why the properties of physics would not come into play, where a non-living form would not be able to attach to another non-living form and thus travel to other places and "infect" just like it does with living things. 

It again points to the entire virus causation theory as being seriously flawed. 

Then the article says on one hand "it's not airborne" then it says "the majority of scientists say that while it's possible, it's highly unlikely". Well which is it? Either it can be airborne or it can't. Obviously most scientists say it can. This is another case of the experts do not agree, yet we will often hear repeated claims that make it sound definitive when it is not. And why if it's not likely is it not likely? If it can be airborne, all it takes is a sneeze, or for that matter, the simple act of breathing regularly for any virus that's in the body to be expelled into the air. So yet again, the theory seems to not hold water. 

Then there's a statement about it being able to live on doorknobs and other objects for a while. So if that's true, even though viruses are not living things, then they can surely be blown off those objects and become airborne. 

So are we to fear these airborne flying things? No. The point is, that obviously all viruses are like particles of dust, and can travel and infect anyone anywhere, but people are not becoming infected, because obviously, the virus is NOT THE CAUSE of the disease.


Now they claim Nigeria is deadly virus free

How do they determine this? Did they give blood tests to all who live there? According to Wikipedia there is 174 million people there. There are people who are in isolated areas along the Niger river who don't ever go to clinics, or interact what so ever with modern medical methods. So the answer is no, they have not tested everyone, and to boot, there is no blood test to determine that specifically anyway. 

Both zero and ebola do not exist

So, if one way to explain infinity is that you can always add another 0 at the end of a number (1 to 10 to 100 to 1000, etc.) this also works the other way--1 to .1 to .01 to .001 and on and on. So, if you are measuring the declining distance between 2 objects, how does it ever become ZERO?

Moldy pumpkin 

New US Ebola "czar" will fix things

So says the headline as seen. Yaaaaa, rrrrright, let me know when the "czar" (I thought this was a democracy, not an aristocracy) informs the public that viruses are all airborne, and that if the virus was "the cause" people would be infected anywhere there is air flow. 

CDC insists Ebola is not airborne

Yes, folks, that's what they say, "Ebola is not airborne". You can relax now, all you TV watchers. 

Others are still terrified, as they know this simply is not true, all viruses are airborne. 

And yet others realize that none of this is terrifying nor news really.

I mean really, at this point you have to ask who the hell are these people telling the public this crap that a virus cannot be airborne. 

So the caption during the Fox News story this morning during the panel discussion was "CDC insists Ebola not airborne.

I frankly laughed, then thought "is the public that stupid"? Are these people in the CDC that stupid? Can people really believe this garbage?

ALL viruses are airborne, this is an absolute fact based on the principles of physics.
There is not one particle of matter on earth that cannot become airborne.

So how is it that a multibillion dollar system of governing the public cannot explain this simple fact?

Viruses are lighter than a feather, they are lighter than dust, they are about a billion times liter than dust. They do not attach themselves to bodily fluids with no way of detaching. That simply would defy all laws of physics.

The CDC claims, based on what a handful of scientists tell them, that the "Ebola virus" is in bodily fluids. Thus, all one has to do is sneeze and it becomes airborne, or for a body fluid to dry out, leaving dry virus behind and swoosh, the lightest breeze makes it airborne. This would also apply to HI viruses, especially ones that become airborne when someone "with the virus" jerks off.

Decades of listening to this crap

It's becoming like an entire lifetime of listening to these highly paid OUT OF OUR TAX DOLLARS "experts" speak out of one side of their mouths, where they claim Ebola has been around since 1976, and then out of the other side they want us to believe that not one particle of Ebola virus has become airborne in 38 years, which equates to approximately 13,870 spins of the Earth in 24 hour periods where winds are constantly shifting due to climate change which will put the entire earth under 7000 feet of water within what is it 20 years now according to sci-fientists. 

Thus, for those of us who can grasp this information (and many cannot) we understand that it puts a spin on the VPS - the Virus Panic Syndrome, because some of us understand that the body processes out these things every day, and that worrying about catching floating viruses or floating dust particles, is not the most productive endeavor, nor is necessary except of course for those who get paid handsomely for finding "solutions" such as new experimental drugs to "treat" such things, well those of us who can grasp this concept that all viruses are 100 trillion times lighter than a feather and all viruses become airborne, leads us to understand this simple concept, that if that is true, and the virus was so deadly as claimed, and people are not getting it, there is nothing to fear but cable TV itself. 

Guy gets a hard on at worst possible moment

I think this was staged. 
I think this was staged. 
I think this was staged. 

Santa Clause catches HIV/DIES of AIDS

One elaborate lie lies with another. 

Fo Near

Why are we afraid of making super bugs with antibiotics, but not afraid of making a super flu with flu vaccines?

Imaginary particles

Tachyons (hypothetical particles that travel faster than light) would experience time in reverse. They would have imaginary mass - as in square root of -1. Adding kinetic energy would slow them down; an infinite amount of energy would be needed to slow them to the speed of light.

Declarations of Dependence

The gay community has fought the US government for a very very very long time to be treated equal, achieving that equality in recent years with the end of Don' Ask Don't Tell stupid military policy, which now allows sexual freedom in the military, you can be who you want without worrying about being thrown the hell out. And most recently the slamming down of many States bans on same sex marriage which has provided couples who wish to marry (regardless if they love each other or not or have sex with each other or not) the ability to receive equal benefits that legal marriage endows. So it boggles the mind, after we consider how much government has been wrong about so many things in the past, that the gay community does little or nothing to stop governments oppression and prejudice and unequal treatment with their blood. They still in 2014 cannot donate their blood. This all started with the US government in 1984 disco dayz making a public announcement that "the probable cause of AIDS is HIV" and from that point on, the gay community bought this lie, and has endured their blood being treated worse than slaves, QUARANTINED, unable to become a part of life saving measures equally.

This really is no surprise that the "World Health Organization" which I believe doesn't do a very good job at what it's name implies, would "botch" things up with e.bola. 

What would be a surprise is if they admitted they finally figured out that hunting mutating viruses that don't need people or planes to travel is a futile attempt at "controlling disease" and that bacteria hunting is much more productive at achieving desired results of protecting people's health. It would be so refreshing to hear reports from them about actual root causes of disease in areas where people eating bad meat because they have no refrigeration and are dirt poor so they don't even have enough food and then while weak and sick they are forced to breathe in bleach fumes from decontamination efforts.

A to Z bola

I'm trying to be gay every day but it's so hard these dayzzzz, what with the certain letter bola scarez plastered everywhere. This time it's well the nonsense has hit San Diego, a college no less, run by people with PHD's and Hi-IQz, the scare shut down half the campus, yet no one is shutting down anything from the flu which kills 10,000 times more people than AtoZbola. It all seems to make a case for lower education.

E-bola carrier seen from space 

Flying syringes

They're not just carried by mosquitoes anymore.

This is an image of a moth sucking human blood. 

If companies can marry...

Since companies are people according to the Supreme Court, and car companies and many other companies have gotten married over the years, reaping tax benefits from such mergers, why didn't we use this argument for gay marriage a long time ago?

The breach is the cause

It's said there was a "breach in protocol" that "caused a 2nd patient to get ebola" (and all this time we thought it was bodily fluids that were the cause). 

Google News on October 12, 2014 

Hmm. I think it's not the breach that caused the disease to manifest, it's the breach that caused the diagnosis to manifest. Diagnosis manifestations have a wide variety of causes, many unrelated to actual disease. 

It's also interesting to note and ask our selves, why do they keep repeating "the deadly virus" when it's not always deadly? "ebola" is not killing everyone it "infects", no virus does. So if we are going to go with this breach in proper language structure protocol there needs to be a correction starting with the medical community must be clear about the facts regarding the flu. Often they say "you just have the flu which is caused by the flu virus, get some rest and drink plenty of fluids" and it's no big deal, but these people telling us about flu shots, flu season, and "you have the flu" should be saying "you have the DEADLY FLU VIRUS" because the flu is at least 300 times more deadly than "ebola" (worldwide cases of flu deaths exceed 100,000 per year). 

Similarly, it should not be called a "virus outbreak" but rather "a virus diagnosis outbreak".

The above techniques in understanding language is what helps me in my daily life in spotting and understanding scams, hype, and lies. 

Airports will be screening for "ebola" flu but not other flu

JFK airport in New York City will do health screenings on people coming in from certain parts of Africa, but why are they not screening for the deadly flu? There's no word yet on screenings of the weather patterns that routinely travel from that destination carrying viruses throughout the globe. These weather patterns have been doing this since at least February 2014 when these now alleged "4000 deaths due to ebola" were first counted and oddly enough, only 2 "have it" in the USA after 8 months of it being airborne. 

Experts will not usually acknowledge this fact publicly which makes me wonder, do these "experts" in "ebola" actually believe that it can only be transmitted by touching someone (bodily fluids)? If so that's pretty stupid, a lie, or something. All bodily fluids become airborne every day, clap your hands, bodily fluids become airborne, take a shit, bodily fluids become airborne (you can smell them), sneeze or talk, bodily fluids become airborne, and they just hop on the nearest jet stream to get anywhere they like all over the world in a mere days. Maybe the reason that "ebola" which can be traced back by the CDC to as far back as 1976 (according to Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institutes of Health as he stated on Meet the Press on October 12, 2014) didn't make it to America until October 2014 is that it's just the winds don't blow in West Africa until recent problems with climate change. Yea, that explains it. Or, maybe it's just the winds of  misunderstanding syndromes. 


Google News on October 12, 2014

E-bola is looking more like HI virology every day

The similarities of the HI virus testing scam and this latest fear campaign are stunning. 

Get married in 30 US states!

"But keep that gay blood to yourself"

Gay blood is still unequal. Straight blood is unparalleled. Where's that straight blood test again? 

Marry in Estonia

First ex Soviet country to allow same sex marriage and some people are planning to become an e-resident there soon. 


In the episode where Brian goes to Hollywood to find himself, one scene where Lois is in a laboratory she says "I've never seen a virus replicate so quickly" while looking in a microscope. Of course there's lots of things in Family Guy that are not real in real life, and this is one of them, no one can see viruses in optical microscopes, only cartoon characters can. It takes an electron microscope to "image" them, and it's not anything like what you imagine, they use electrons to illuminate the specimine, it's a very complex calculative process that is subject to interpretive analysis and error due to things like magnetic wavelength interferences. Viruses are infinitesimally small. You don't just look into an electron microscope and see things swimming around magnified like with regular microscopes and the images are subject to viewing of dirt and debris particles that can be mistaken for viruses. 

Eboola virus hunting has just gone holocaust

Nurse in Spain is suspected of having the "deadly disease" so they go kill her dog now as a means of protecting, eradicating, and going completely illogical on us. By that means of "protection" they must euthanize all the people that have come in contact with her and any lovers. 


Raven Symone talks to Oprah about not wanting to be labeled gay or African - American. Of course there's that "name" label thing still goin' on. 

Starting in 1552 B.C.

Diabetes is not new, it goes way back in recorded medical history. Most human conditions are the same old stuff seen for thousands of years, they just change label clothes with current fashion trends, and new lucrative methods of diagnosis. In olden times they tasted urine to see if someone was diabetic or not. This was done up to around the 11th century. 

Republicans, you know those Obamacare haters who all want it abolished because of "the expense" and so many other reasons, should be pushing for urine taste tests if they are sincere about cutting health care costs as this is proven medicine that works. Patients could test themselves this way and no more needle pricks! 

I propose

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has proposed a theory claiming black homosexuality was imposed on black males by white people to reduce the black population. 

Ahh that's better

Government is prepared to put an end to e-BOO-la before it starts even though it started already. 

Now we know our government will make sure we are safe. I mean after all, if they can make sure that people don't jump fences and get into the White House, surely they can stop floating particles of matter that are a billion times smaller than a bacteria from being picked up and carried by the wind so that these things don't jump fences, go through screen doors, hop on the jet stream and travel the world in a day, enter through cracks around windows, and ever pose any threat to humanity because THEY know how to contain it at every point it can possibly have landed, especially since they always travel by planes, trains, and automobiles. Many call this the greatest government and greatest health care system in the world. 

VIRUS/SYNDROME started in Africa of course

Google News clip of story claiming it's been discovered that the VIRUS/SYNDROME started in dirty Africa. Name me one disease that started in the USA. The are all from foreign countries, ones that are usually thought of as 3rd world. Strange. Coincidence. Who comes up with these discoveries? And they want us to believe it started in the 1920's now. After 30 years of contradictions and lies, I'm sorry, I don't buy this one either, unless maybe you tell me patient 1920's zero caught it while doing the Charleston while expressing their naturl sexual urges as we know that these things don't just appear out of nowhere, they mutate, and come from having sex, or flying syringes.......unless they are trying to tell us that on the first day of 1920 God created VIRUS/SYNDROME.. Ah those virus hunters, trying to figure out every single one of billions of infinitely mutating particles that are always blowing in the breeze. Reminds me of that silly wabbit and hunter cartoon syndrome.

Quarantine #1 - government of the terrified people exercises it's power to try to control imaginary threats

The family of 1st patient in US to contract alleged e-bola told to stay home for 2 weeks. If they don't obey I think they risk criminal charges and are forced into quarantine with armed guards. Although the contactees are all just suspects, none proven to even have "the virus" the government of the Uncle Sam has given itself authority to force quarantine on any suspect any time they deem a public health threat. The mindset is protecting the public from suspects using the mentality of "an abundance of caution" and the public allows this, even demands it. But this is government out of control in this virus scare matter. This is the same behavior we saw governments exercise with prison camps for Japanese, blacks, and Jews held captive by Nazis, though those extended to many more people, all were alleged threats later deemed not a threat at all, and they were illegal. This same thing could be declared on millions, for example, they could extend it to all contacts, that their contacts and their contacts, before you know it the whole quarantine pyramid looks like multi-level marketing schemes. What's even more baffling is why didn't they do this with the HI virus and those who "carry it"? That threat was worse! Anyone doubt that? Quadrillions kiled by the HIv. We have been told incessantly the HI virus was a deadly threat and they could have stopped it long ago based on the logic they are using here with e-booa. There is a whole community of suspects with HIv "infection" and they have for 30 years now quarantined gay blood which is disgusting, illegal, and unconstitutional. Were you even born when the medias scared people worse than they are not with these virus boo theories? Why does the public stand for this? Fear. It's the same thing Hitler used to control people it's just that this HIv regime is lasting much longer. The people become afraid and then even demand this form of protection and governing because they become afraid for their lives and that of their loved ones so in that frenzy of fear they will allow government to do anything to save them which includes demanding toxic drugs with the promise to kill or control the thing they fear, or be forced to take such medications, shots, etc. This is what's happening in the USA today with things we cannot see, albeit currently on a small scale, the war on eboola cannot even test for in the blood, are wildly speculative, are spread by air and flying syringes, yet fear and panic has moved this medical dictatorship regime along. Fear is one powerful enemy.  

E BOO la scam

Turn off the TV box of terror and turn on YouTube to study the scam. 

October 2, 2014, another of many sad days in history. 

Wikipedia states

"According to an announcement by the Centers for Disease Control, on September 30, 2014, the man left Liberia on September 19 and arrived in Dallas on September 20. On September 24, and he developed symptoms, and sought medical care on September 26. He was admitted to hospital on September 28. On September 30, the CDC confirmed that he was infected with Ebola virus."

There is no blood test for this virus, so they just assume that because he came from Liberia, and has a fever, that it's eboola. It's not solid science and this is basically what they do with the HI virus diagnosis, ask questions, "are you having dirty filthy gay sex?" and if you have, that's a factor (put down a +), then the blood tests they use are looking at random markers, non-specific antibodies, (put down two more ++) they put it all together and take a guess. But if you go to another country though, they do it all different, countries don't agree on how the HIv can be "found", yet these archaic methods continue because of fear. 

The tumor is pleasant

Benign = pleasant. There's more than one word to describe the same thing and sometimes those words sure sound different when used with medical problems. So if I say the tumor is pleasant I am telling you the same thing as if I said the tumor is benign. 

The HI virus is pleasant. See fear run.  

Pluto is a planet again

It was a planet since the begging of time (time started in 1930) then in 2006 it was deemed by experts to not be a planet. That changed again. What doesn't change is the inconsistencies in the sciences primarily when it comes to amplification modalities trying to study an object that is 4.3 billion miles from the Sun. Too bad others can't see past Uranus to understand that viruses are not the planets they once thought since understanding them and effectively "seeing" them is about a billion times harder than figuring out whether a round orb circling the sun is a planet or not and that doesn't stop those who have their stakes in selling us stuff to save us from things we can't see. 

Take a look at our Earth, see if you can spot the e-raola virus. 

You couldn't find it? Well that's basically what it's like trying to find viruses under electron microscopes.

Think different or be square

And how much energy was used to process and recycle all this steel?
Who still denies gravity dip science

Taste the rainbow crosswalks

Rainbow crosswalks are appearing in every gay city there is, here are some of them. 

San Francisco   West Hollywood   Vancouver   Sydney

I think they are a bad idea, if you are going to paint inside the crosswalk, do what a lot of cities do, paint white lines, white is SAFE. It's harder to see a rainbow of colors at night. That's why rainbows don't appear at night, have you ever seen one at night? God did not make rainbows appear at night and they won't in sidewalks, that's if you are not on drugs. Tell your city leaders to practice SAFE CROSSWALK DESIGN. 

When I see trash cans, I see jugglers giving up on their dreams

So why is it when you look at them you see a magician levitating balls? 

California bans plastic bags

I used those things like condoms, to protect my groceries from spilling and shooting all over the place, now how are us po folk going to practice safe shopping and prevent shopually transmitted diseases? Reusable bags are unsanitary. They waste water, because they have to be washed. Paper bags are going to be used more now, thus deforesting will flourish again which is how these plastic bags were sold to the public in the first place, to stop deforestation. What a whacked out state, so now they approve of it. Dry cleaning for the rich is exempt of course. They still get to have their clothes wrapped in single use bags that wildlife can continue to choke on. Excuse me, but why are they not being made to bring reusable sacks to cover their dry cleaning? Unsanitary. Exactly. The American Progressive Bag Alliance, hopes to have voters overturn the law through a referendum. Poor people who conveniently, and safely, used to carry their groceries by walking home with these sturdy plastic bags in the rain, are hoping the governor will be sending chauffers to help them manage the now difficult task of shopping and bringing groceries home knowing that politicians truly care for the people and understand their plight. To be consistent California should enact a law that forces people to reuse latex condoms and gloves in order to "protect the environment". Cum to think of it, what happens to that HI virus when seagulls eat used condoms?

Ben Afflek's penis looks better in 3-D

He said it not me. 

First e-bola patient didn't give travel history

The hospital didn't ask for it, the patient didn't give it. It's all the rage. Why do they need travel history to diagnose? This is the same problem with HI virus nonsense, they ask "did you ever have sex with a man" and "if so what kind of sex, tell me all the details and don't leave anything out". If you say yes, they look at you differently "oh that's a risk factor.....let's see 1 risk factor plus another risk factor plus inconsistent result on non-specific test modalities, well that equal you got the bugger". They don't have exact measuring tools, they have to try to piece things together like Sherlock Holmes. Who want's to be diagnosed by a detective? Fuck that.

'Retroviruses are not known for killing cells' *

HIV is a retrovirus. Do the math. 

* stated decades ago by Peter Deusberg, honorable father of retrovirology 

Ebo-la packed it's bags, arrives in the US

The first case of Ebo La Diagnosis Disease or ELDD has been reported in Texas. These reports do sell papers. 

Man saves millions with his donated blood

Meanwhile back at the bar, gay blood is shit. Banned. Possibly tainted with the HI virus. Not worth the risk. Unequal. 

Fast food worker alleges he was forced to wear "gaytard" nametag 


It hopped on a jet stream and traveled the world.

Are we there yet?

Has blood equally manifested yet? Not yet. An interesting quote from an article:

Lifting a ban on blood donations from gay men would increase the amount of available blood by hundreds of thousands of pints (liters) each year and save more than a million lives a year, a California study showed.

The U.S. Federal Drug Administration has banned gay men from donating blood since 1983, when it was discovered that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, was being transmitted through transfusions.

It's baffling to me how gays have had such a passion for marriage equality, yet not for the very thing that gives them life, and gives others life. They demand equality with marriage, housing, employment, but where's the protests, where's the demands for blood to be treated equal, where are all the gay rag news articles. We had billions of nauseating disgusting articles throughout my lifetime about HIV and about 2 regarding unequal blood. It's finally starting to break through a little, but what the fuck happened all those years? Oh yea, they were drunk on HIV. And there lies the beginning of the error, that "HIV da virus dat causes dat AID syndrome" was being transmitted through transfusions and not mosquitoes, if it even existed in the first place, which it didn't, because if it did, everyone would be getting it while camping.

The Gay+ community is leaving Facebook for Elo

The Daily Dot has called this the "great gay Facebook exodus."

The Which Hunt continues

There's a new fear headline today about Africa and viruses, it's meant to scare you, after all, fear motivates. They say the bolea virus is expected to infect (the minds of) 1/2 million to 1.4 million people in Sierra Leone. 

So declares the gods centered in the bible belt's disease control center hub. 

These lies are disgusting and proof our government is not doing it's job explaining what virus hunting is really all about, big $$$.

Thee treatments the American witch doctors come up with is just like what medicine men used to do, aka witch doctors.

A medicine man or medicine woman is a traditional healer and spiritual leader among American Indians, or Native Americans in the United States and First Nations in Canada. (source

All of these diseases have been with us since the beginning of time caused by bacterias, parasites, fungus and bad meat and putrid water where these living organism critters breed. People drink this horrid water, and bad meat, which wreaks havoc with the human body and in more severe cases, cause fever with hemorrhage (internal bleeding). Of course there's nothing quite like coming up with new names, and ignoring those old causes, which is why I have named Ebola as Bolea. Same thing, different name. Or is it the same. My newly named disease includes the complications from definition syndromes. 

But oh no, we need a new cause, thus everyone is sold the neutron particle theory. Viruses, a billion times smaller than a tiny bacteria, viruses which are not living things yet they keep saying they are living and need to be killed. That contradiction alone should raise big huge red scam flags but the public is so brainwashed by fear they can't even see that obvious contradiction. 

And once again, never mind the fact that all particles of matter, be they dust, or bacteria, or viruses, are transmitted primarily by air, and mosquitoes. 

Think about it, have you ever met a mosquito that asked you first, "have you been tested". Mosquitoes surely don't want to be drinking HIV tainted blood, they should always make sure you are tested. 

I'm just wondering how big this campaign is going to get. I guess they have a whole new audience from which they didn't have in the 1980's can be fearmongered, all the kids born then who are in their 20's and 30's now, who don't know better, they grew up with the HI virus "being real" along with all the older ones in our generation that were terrified of AID syndromes being caused by a particle of matter.

And again, why is no one asking mosquitoes "have you been tested for HIV"? They are with "West Nile". Shouldn't they bet testing mosquitoes for HIV also?  Yes. I guess they figure that male mosquitoes don't have sex with men so they can't get it. 

Transmit understanding

Diagnosis is not a sexually transmitted disease. 

Great movie

On TV right now (9/14/14) on Los Angeles' CW network the movie "LA Mission" (2009) has a gay theme. This a must watch but it's better to rent the film as they bleep out the words fuck and faggot. Doing so takes away from the intensity and emotion of the brilliant performance and exceptionally played out story. One of the interesting lines in the movie is about e-bola, where the guy says "Just be sure to flush it out of your system with plenty of water." Hmm. 

Read movie description here 

official movie website 

Note: this is a great movie to watch without knowing anything about it. 

Practice safe air 

Now the fear is that e-bola will go airborne. Actually that should be the fear of every virus as no virus is immune to anti-airborneity. You see, that is the problem with the HI virus causes AID syndrome theory. Air and mosquitoes transmit everything in the air, including so much dust, why am I always having to dust! Since all viruses are particles like dust this new fear of airborneity is misplaced, there should always be a fear of any virus becoming airborne, or, one could realize that there are more important factors involved in immune dysfunction.

This was on Google News September 12, 2014

Bible belt leads consumption of gay porn!

"Pornhub reports that the majority of states with a high percentage of gay viewers is in the South. According to the numbers, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia lead the South in gay porn consumption, and the state with the highest percentage of gay porn viewers in the nation is Mississippi at 5.6%."

take a look at the map which also shows where gay marriage is legal

Burning up about C02

Burning Man lights fire in the middle of the desert to celebrate something every year. 


Interesting pun/post found on, from user cgbeige:

"Burning Man is going carbon-neutral by 2017 – it's going to be called Browning Man and they will simply let him tan instead of burn a shitload of carbon dioxide."


The headline asks how did it get out of control so fast. 

This reminds me of the same question back in the 1980's about the HI virus and the AID syndrome. One of the answers I came up with is that the labeling got out of control. These are all just new labels, for mostly old fashioned diseases. Slap a new one on, and remove another. Has anyone checked to see how many West Africa deaths have dropped due to other diseases? I bet they are in exact proportion. But you think media is going to make that a priority to find this one out? I doubt it. The data must be out there though somewhere. 

But the fun doesn't stop there, and I'm not monkeying around, now they came up with the same explanation as they did with the HI virus, it all started with monkeys! 

Note, it's not not affecting this part of affluent southern Africa which has enough money for toilets, chlorinated water, and ample nutrition, and the vaccination freaks can't say it's because of vaccination because THERE ISN'T ONE.

picture of the affluent South Africa region 

It's time to own the word faggot

Watching the Bethany Show this week late August 2014 there was a nice gay male guest on who in talking about some story he didn't want to say the word "faggot" so he said "it rhymes with maggot". It really seemed unnecessary to do that. 

I think we need to just say it and stop pussy-footing around the word faggot. Just like with the word "queer", when gays grabbed it and fucked the hell out of the word, it stopped being nasty. 

Shake shake shake 

At the rodeo the bull's point of view 

Most every straight guy is gay

First, they play with man dick, their own. Next, this comedy skit also reinforces this data. 

HI'm innocent 

A guy is being charged with allegedly willfully spreading the Human Immu-no-deficiency Virus. Yet how does anyone determine such an obscure thing? According to HIV test manufacturers, FDA-approved HIV tests do not detect HIV and cannot be used to diagnose HIV yet there are cases that keep popping up where people are being arrested for allegedly spreading something that is claimed to be had yet it cannot be tested for according to these manufacturers of the tests that allegedly test for it. We been had.


Congressional staff or members of congress appear to be editing certain web page entries on Wikipedia. Are they doing this on taxpayers dime?? 

Warrant issued for arrest of sick dude in Santa Barbara

As if things couldn't get worse in our so called free country, a county health agency issued a warrant for a guy who has what they call a drug resistant form of tuberculosis. Gee doesn't that make you want to get tested for EVERYTHING. They claim he is a threat to the public walking around breathing and carrying a "deadly virus". Funny, that's not what it says is the case with tuberculosis all the time, yet they apparently are going the extra mile. How many miles can they go with these quarantines?. There's a slew of diseases that they can FORCE treatment on you when you are walking around free, and if you refuse, which is your constitutional right, they will merely issue warrants out for your arrest and take you in, which is their right based on laws passed by you the people "representing you" in various forms of government. Just take a look at this scary list of things they can arrest sick people for now. When exactly did we convert our health care laws to those of Russia or Nazi Germany? Another disturbing thing about this is that if the individual is said to not be responding to drugs, so if that's true, what is the point of taking him in? To protect the public they say, but how long are they going to keep him a prisoner? American government has a history of doing things like this to people, the Japanese internment camps, etc. Young people weren't born yet when these health agencies talked about quarantining AIDS patients and those who were exposed to HIV. These kinds of precedents are dangerous to a free society. 

State Quarantine and Isolation Statutes

CDC whistleblower and their refual to turn over documents to Congress

Warrant issued for contagious person carrying a virus

Boy toy logic 

Got fungus?

"Cryptococcus, which encompasses a number of species including C. gattii, causes life-threatening infections of the lungs and brain and is responsible for one third of all AIDS-related deaths."

WHY HAVEN'T WE BEEN TOLD THIS BEFORE?????????????????????????

I am 1 billion times more concerned about catching and growing FUN/GUS from trees than I am HI viruses. 


"MPAA accused of homophobia over R-rated sex-free gay romance". 

WN virus found somewhere again

You can only find things when you are looking for them unless they hit you in the face I suppose. It's interesting to see that West Nile Virus has been found again in mosquitos. Of course there is never any headlines anywhere of them finding the HI virus in mosquitos, yet by all accounts, they must be there on occasion, unless no one with HIV ever gets bit by a mosquito sucking their possibly HIV tainted worthless gay blood.

I'm not gay

I'm dodecahedronsexual. Please include the "D" in the LGBTQWERTY designation please so I feel included and equal.

You are probably having a better day and more gay 

Hi virus prejudice

According to Webster's New World Dictionary prejudice is defined as "a judgment or opinion held in disregard of the facts that contradict it". In Hi virus science we have a slew of facts that contradict popular theory yet people disregard them. These people are prejudiced. It may be that they simply cannot believe that they have been misled for 30 years on the subject by so many authorities but that doesn't excuse their prejudice. 

Pseudonym Science

AID syndrome and HI virus rethinkers get bashed at times by people who insist the standard theory is accurate. They use a term called "pseudoscience" a relatively new term used to describe the science used by rethinkers/challengers of standard AIDS/HIV theories as being something illigitimate. Problem is, they even got the use of that term wrong. "Pseudo" is short for pseudonym which means "naming something different for something that is the same". Actors use pseudonyms when the have a birth name and instead use a stage name, that's a pseudonym. It's not their "real" name yet it is their name, and either describes the same person. So the real definition of pseudoscience would be "a different name for the same science". But that makes no sense when describing two different theories that are named the same. You see the theory is different, and they are trying to say with this use of the word "pseudoscience" that the alternate science is different and illigitimate. That's simply not how the word pseudonym is used.

The bullies who bash AIDS and HI virus rethinkers/questioners/doubters are using it incorrectly. What they are making it mean is a science that's not the same as the original science, yet technically, that is correct, the science is not the same, it's more accurate, but their definition of the word is twisted to try to convey that the science is not just a different name, it's of low quality or no quality. Pseudonyms are not referring to quality, they are merely different names for the same thing. This in all acuality, literally, HIV/AIDS pseudoscience is demonstrated when people like me call it HI viruses and AID syndromes, or call it another pseudonym like Miss Diagnosis, or WOT (wacked out theories). So they don't even get the use of the word pseudo correct when trying to trash people who have a different theory on what causes AID syndromes. And yet they stand so tall there in the internet playground proud of themselves for just slamming the HI virus rethinker while all the other kids around them think "what a jerk" and "he's not even using the word correctly" and "she's just another bully". 

Gay teens organs rejected because he is gay

Talk about prejudice, a Food and Drug Administration’s guidance for donor eligibility says men who have had sex with men in the past five years “should” be ruled as “ineligible” for donating certain tissues, labeling their behavior a “risk factor.” Thus, when the teenager who committed suicide who said he wanted his organs donated, this was not allowed. -

This 30 year old rule is based on the lie of 1984 where the government stated they found the cause of AIDS and it's HIV and the exclusive faulty principle of sexual transmission of the HI virus which has never been isolated in a lab nor proven to exist except in the minds of those who perpetuate the lie. 

WHEN IS THE GAY COMMUNITY GOING TO DEMAND THIS PREJUDICE STOP? I guess that would take for the "leaders" to admit that they were lied to about the HI virus and will that ever happen? If there is a test that finds "HIV" then all one would have to do is test the donor's blood, but you see, this is the problem, there is no test that finds it, it's all a big farce. 

"Oh, when has there ever been a mistake made by governing bodies?" he/said she/said.

Critics have long called the policy discriminatory, but the FDA says it’s necessary: “FDA’s deferral policy is based on the documented increased risk of certain transfusion transmissible infections, such as HIV, associated with male-to-male sex and is not based on any judgment concerning the donor’s sexual orientation.” -

That is true, the FDA is not basing it on the sexual orientation, it's the results they get from the tests that discriminate based on sexual orientation. The entire protocol is based on a prejudice. So who started the protocol if it wasn't the FDA? 


Your government is just finally after 50 years of no more back of the bus for blacks, starting to let you get married but your blood and organs are still considered shit. 

I'm not gay today. Where are my non-elected gay leaders on this? Parties? Out parading around telling people to get tested with shit tests?

California condom bill dies

It was the third attempt at mandating sex performers in California wear condoms during a SHOOT. The attempt at creating a law forcing performers to wear condoms has been referred to as a "harassment campaign". 

This made me gay today

Robin Williams was often very gay

He did films that were gay. He became not so gay when he learned he had the Michael J. Fox disease. I think this is why he hanged himself. It was a shocker and it's not funny. If I was a comedian I would want people to LOL and applaud as I made my exit.

Suffering from apophenia

New study shows that most scientific studies and studiers suffer from this disease. 

Pandora's Box of viruses

Now we have the "new discovery" of pandoraviruses! They are GIANTS! They are as big as 1/100th the size of a bacteria. Soooo big and scary. So said the latest internet article online. So we went to the good old fashioned encyclopedia and lo and behold, they are not new at all, nor are they living things yet almost every article about viruses tells us they are alive. All but these biggest can't even be seen under a microscope. 

The genomes of Mimiviruses and Pandoraviruses, which are some of the largest known viruses, range from 1 to 2.5 Mb (1 Mb = 1,000,000 base pairs of DNA). Most viruses vary in diameter from 20 nanometres (nm; 0.0000008 inch) to 250–400 nm; the largest, however, measure about 500 nm in diameter and are about 700–1,000 nm in length. Only the largest and most complex viruses can be seen under the light microscope at the highest resolution. Any determination of the size of a virus also must take into account its shape, since different classes of viruses have distinctive shapes. - Britannica

Blood bans and patient zeros

Until the day my blood is considered equal to straight blood, I will continue to expose the lies and contradictions in these whacked out AIDS theories that have a continued stronghold on the world's misunderstandings of disease. Today I read an interesting comment, which is a typical belief about so called "patient zeros". The problem with this (especially with AIDS which is not even one disease, it's a syndrome that can include one or more of a variety of diseases, all with different causes) is that they never look for mosquito zero. This post was found on on August 11, 2014,

[–]AdrianBlake -1 points

The first "Patient Zero" was a guy in San Fransisco (I think)

Basically, when AIDS was becoming a giant clusterfuck, scientists got a load of gay men with AIDS and said "Name EVERYONE you slept with ever" and then they tried to find them and asked them too, and they made a fuck sheet, with links between anyone who fucked anyone (not just people they asked). And so obviously, there are a bunch of people with a few lines, but then they notice that one name has LOADS of names going to it. So they go to him, and he knows he has AIDS, but he says he intentionally has unprotective sex with uninfected people. And in the morning he would say, or leave a note saying "I've got cancer, now you do too". This is basically the TRUE story behind the "Welcome to AIDS" written on mirrors from urban legend.

There's a really cool RADIOLAB podcast that has all about this guy, and also Typhoid Mary, and also about how they traced AIDS back to a small group of chimps near a particular village.

And yet to this day no one is calling for "safe walking around in public" where one can be injected with a hypodermic like needle found on mosquitoes. 

Conversion therapy

"Gay conversion therapy" as it has been called has been "outlawed" in California but in other states, it's not. It's a process where gay kids are taken to psychologist or a religious therapy counselor to get them straight. Gay rights groups say it's unfair to a child to try to force them to be something they are not, but who are they to say that all kids that are "gay" are certain of their being gay or not? That period is one where teens are evolving into their sexual identities, they experiment, they observe what goes on in the world and see where they fit. That "fit" could occur at any time, early or late, and it's near impossible when that would happen for certain. No one can say that if a teen says he's gay, that he might after some time decide to get married and have kids. It's happened many times. Gay rights advocates are still working on these other states to make more restrictions of freedom for parents. What if the situation is reversed? I wonder, do gay kids not have a right to straight conversion therapy if they feel they are hetero but parents keep insisting the teen is gay? I would think so. Who is the one determining one's sexuality here? The teen may have had a gay experience but is dead set against being sucked into that lifestyle, and rather, dreams of having children of his own. The teen may also be enjoying the gay lifestyle while at the same time dreaming of having his own kids, not adopting, but creating new life. He or she may want therapy for "conversion" (conversion is really not the right word for this). I am not for banning gay conversion therapy outright and believe it's unconstitutional to do so. Government needs to stay out of such things with the exception of when there is an actual danger to a child. There may be cases individually decided where forcing a young adult could be damaging, but to say all children are in danger with this kind of therapy is not valid. The young adult should be consulted primarily as to what their wishes are. If they want the therapy, they should have it. To make it illegal is to deny these people fundamental rights. 

Florida church cancels gay man's funeral 

Acquired Amyloidosis Syndrome - AAS

According to

"In medicine, amyloidosis is a non-specific term that refers to a number of different diseases collectively called amyloidoses. Amyloidoses can be inherited or acquired."

That's so HIV/AIDS. The term AIDS refers to a number of different diseases and is a non specific term. That's why they put the HIV in front of it, to describe HIV as being associated with these different diseases. Thus, when someone has the label AIDS put on them, it could mean one or more of many different diseases under the syndrome. 

Does it make any sense at all that the HI virus could cause any one of these 28 different diseases under the AID syndrome, when all of these 28 different diseases have different causes? I mean like even tinnitus (ringing in the ears) has multiple causes, and so do the 28 different diseases under the AID syndrome, making the causes of the AID syndrome reach into the hundreds. To say that a syndrome that has 28 diseases where each of those have multiple causes, suddenly has one cause, is mathematically a contradiction. 

To oxidize or reduce

There are those in the world of treatment science who have stated repeatedly that there is a common thread in the gay population who is testing positive for the HI virus. They say it's needles and sex. Others say it's not analogous sex, or needles, it's oxidation. 

Oxidation? What is that? AKA redox.

Ever hear of anti-oxidants? They are in vegetables. They occur naturally. Nutritionists, doctors, and almost everyone says that vegetables are good for you, and the reason why is because they have anti-oxidation properties.

So what if the problem that is called HI virus infection has little to do with a virus, and more to do with oxidation? What causes oxidation? Do HI virus drugs treat oxidation?

"Undeniably toxic AZT could be changed from its current oxidizing formula to a reducing substance if researchers would be open to such a modification." 


The HIV Puzzle - note HIV is referred to as a germ by Rodney Richards - "“HIV” is claimed to be a retrovirus, which means that within hours of exposure its genome is incorporated into host DNA where it stays for as long as the host shall live.  Any HIV expert will testify this is what stands in the way of the Holy Grail of curing AIDS. - but if that is true, what does the RNA then look like and can it function as it did?" 

visit the HIV symposium for more

why would an electron microscopist say HIV is not real?

and how did they determine there was a virus at all? 

"So, out of the 30 proteins, how did they select the ones to be defined as being from HIV? The answer is shocking, and goes to the root of what is probably the biggest scandal in medical history. They selected those that were most reactive with antibodies in blood samples from Aids patients and those at risk of Aids."

"This means that “HIV” antigens are defined as such not on the basis of being shown to belong to HIV, but on the basis that they react with antibodies in Aids patients. Aids patients are then diagnosed as being infected with HIV on the basis that they have antibodies which react with those same antigens. The reasoning is circular."

and what about diet sodas? according to diet soda has a "pH of 2.5: Sodas are 50,000 times more acidic than neutral. It would require 30 glasses of clean water to balance out just ONE can of soda. Why is this important? All diseases (including cancer) thrive in an acidic environment."

and what about redox signaling? 

1. Within each human cell are a variety of components that help the cell function. One portion of the cell is the mitochondria, or “power house” of the cell. 

2.The mitochondria creates two sets of reactive molecules.

3.These natural reactive molecules fuel and support virtually all functions of the immune system. They are the immune system communicators and the anti-oxidant activators that attack viruses and bacteria and fight free radicals.

New standard for gluten

This week a standard "kicks in" regulating how manufacturers can claim "gluten free" a product is. This is the same week that news reports state that the scientist who claimed gluten sensitivity was real decades ago, has now thoroughly debunked scientifically his own claims. There's still no news of a worldwide standard for determining if someone has the HI virus. Unfortunately this has not yet occurred with HI virus testing. No standard exists currently as of August 5, 2014 after 30 years of SONG/DANCE. For something as serious as a HI virus diagnosis you would think that they would have done this by now, create a standard of measure applicable to every country. This is why people can test positive in the US and test negative in Canada.

You homo

A homophone is a word that sounds like another word but has a different meaning. Knight and night are homophones. Male and mail are hompophones. What other homos can you come up with?

Uganda's no homo law null/void

Court struck down the anti-homosexuality law in that country based on a technicality. They can now redo it the right way. 

What planet are they on? 

One teaspoon of water contains about three times as many atoms as the Atlantic ocean contains teaspoons of water. This comparison is symbolic of the vast differences between the size of a bacteria which is associated with some sexual diseases (which in trying to find if it's infected someone it's generally easy to see) and trying to find a virus which is associated with HI which is a billion times smaller than that bacteria. There really is no exact way of finding HI viruses yet the claims persist to get tested with tests that are not precise by any stretch of the imagination. Trying to find a HI virus is a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack that's floating somewhere in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch during a hurricane.

Live viral and bacterial vaccines

I was reading information from the Immune Deficiency Foundation which led me to recommendations that suggests vaccines for immune deficiency. I just don't understand why anybody would inject the very thing they are trying to avoid in their body. It's like getting raped by a live sex toy, in order to prevent catching a rape. 

Gay and gay

The last surviving member of the crew of the Enola Gay, Theodore VanKirk has recently left us at the age of 93. He said "I'd drop atomic bomb on Hiroshima again if needed." The crew, at the direction of the US government, dropped a nuclear bomb on two cities, killing 80,000 and 140,000. Think about that number, that's 220,000 people. We should all be gay to be alive.

Ok Cupid lies to it's members

Told people who weren’t compatible that they were a romantic match

Virginia is for gay lovers

This opens the door for 14,000 gay couples that want to get married in that state.

Virginia down, how many more to go again?

Court struck down the Virginia ban on gay marriage, or what I like to call MI, Marriage Irrespectiveogender. The walls are caving in! Christian fundamentalists freak! Is it rapture time?

If you are gay go to the back of the bloody bus

If you are gay and want to donate your worthless blood, it doesn't matter how equal you think you are to straights, you cannot ride in the front of the bloody bus, you are sent to the back, no, wait, you cannot get on the bloody bus at all. They will not accept you. Your blood is shit. No donations accepted. Your blood is BANNED! Since the disco daze your blood has been banned. They can't take that chance they say. What chance? 

You see if there actually was a scary/thingy that they could test for, they would simply do that, and screen the blood supply, which is one reason they push testing, but they don't do that simple thing, because there is no test that actually finds the culprit. So if there is no test that finds it, then the whole HI virus thing is a scam because they lie and say they do find it.

Try telling that to the gay community tho.  

Cortana vs. Siri

Studying the host

Human Immunodeficiency Viruses are claimed to exist, at every turn, it's deemed real. 

As "70% of the gut works as an immune system" according to a pro-biotic commercial, I found it interesting to consider viral science as it occurs in the gut and the bacterias and microbes that are there which are said to be very hard to study. According to Dr. Martha Clokie, "Most gut bacteria won’t grow easily in a lab, the viruses that infect them are similarly hard to rear......normally you have to make heaps of it which isn't possible if you can't grow the host". reference reference

The HI virus research is an odd thing, there is no heaps of the HI virus because they can't grow the host, thus they really don't know anything about it, yet they claim they know so much about it. Snake oil salesmen do this same thing. They basically just make up stuff as they go. If the HI virus is an immune system problem and 70% of our immune system lies in our gut, could immune syndromes be primarily a stomach bacteria phage balance problem?

And speaking of tracking gut bacteria, yes, there's an app for that!

Christian claims for hating gays is utter bullshit

"First I’m going to write a smashing rebuttal of the Christian case against homosexuality based on the Bible… Then, I’m going to pull away the “Emperor’s New Clothes” kimono to reveal the creepy boner Republicans have for gay-bashing." 

Tacky is gay

Weird Al is suddenly #1 in the charts with his new "album" and I don't know why! This is the best of his new weeks worth of a "new video every day" and the video is not that great, needs a heck of a lot more colorful characters and tacky suits, and he should have a cell phone in his hand when he's mocking selfies. Time for a slew of new parodies of his parody to be made or maybe a remake of this parody done by the parody master himself.

Dirty needles

Mosquitoes have dirty needles they share! Why are some people more prone to others to be injected with these needles? 

Blood drives

In the Palm Springs area and surrounding cities there's another blood drive but if you are gay, stay home, you are discriminated against by the federal government which wrote the rule that says no man who has had sex with another man since 1977 can donate blood. That's 37 years! This rule is so 1980's AIDS hysteria but amazingly it is still in place to this day. It's based on the lie that there is a virus that is only transmitted by blood and not mosquitoes which could infect the "blood supply". To demonstrate they insanity of the whole HI virus mad mad world, on one hand they claim they have accurate testing in place, yet out of the other side of their mouths they say that it's risky to allow men who have sex with men to give blood. There is no test in the world that tests for men having sex with men, it's merely left to a man's word. That doesn't protect the blood supply. I can hardly wait until this whole thing collapses, the fraud is exposed, but when will this happen? The gay community continues to not understand that the HI virus is a fraud, that's not even a virus, it's a 80's retro virus, deemed harmless by the father of retrovirology. 


Come out come out where ever you are.

More HI virus insanity

This time they claim yet another drug will help! How many drugs can be added to the cockatoo of drugs they already have? So here they claim that this new drug can make the HI virus come out of hiding. Hiding? Why on Gods HI virus earth would anyone want a killer to come out of hiding! Yes, that's where the term undetectable comes in. You see, there are times they cannot detect the virus, not because it's not there they claim, but because it's playing a game of HIde and seek. I guess this all fits with the idea that we are at war with these critters. Problem with this current war, that as they use chemical warfare on the few hiding things, there's not much forest left and a whole lot of bunnies and other forest animals are annihilated. End the war.

Virus found in air!

Viruses are always in the air. This is not news really. 

Sorting out those cut parts of babies penises

Where do the spare parts go when infants are circumcised without their permission? One senator asked some pointed questions about this barbaric practice, one of which was a concern that the foreskin could be used for witchcraft. When is government going to protect babies from this abuse? 


The HI virus diagnosis rates in the US are down but they are also up. They are down for the general poopulation but they are up for young gay males. Every time I open a gay rag I see full page ads for getting tested and anti-viral drugs, targeted to the gay community. There are more of these ads targeting gays than straights. Not only that we have embedded in the culture of HI virus research the belief that gays are more susceptible to viral slurs by viruses that don't discriminate, so often when they tell their doctors they are gay, the doctor pushes a HI virus test. With more gay males taking the test than straight males and the general population proportionally or (disproportionally as in this case) the more we have disproportionate results coming from a test that does not entertain a world wide testing protocol standard, nor actually finds what it claims it's looking for, a HI virus SPECIFICALLY. It only finds random antibody protein pieces.

Got EEE?

Add to your list of virus tests, the one for EEE. Of course there's billions of others, this just one of those that are named. Viral science is something like naming people, classifying everyone with a certain last name like "Smith" to be of the same family. Viruses maybe of a certain family, but like with all families, the members that share that name do not act the same. The types of people out there are not the problem, it's the actions of a few, like when someone robs a bank. Similarly, medical science needs to find the ones that rob your cells of nutrients, or get pissed off at a cell and kills it. Just because viruses are of one family doesn't mean all family members are bad. Don't get robbed of your ability to think viral issues out. 

EEE positive mosquitoes detected

Did they check those mosquitoes for HI viruses?? They should.

Stonewall Gardens Palm Springs gay senior assisted living opening in August 

Not so new plague

Google news headline said "3 more cases of pneumonic plague identified in Colorado". It's pneumonia. 

Studies Raise Questions About Safety Of Personal Lubricants 

Some experiments find cell damage and increased risk of sexually transmitted infections.

"Right now, the Food & Drug Administration doesn’t typically require testing of personal lubricants in humans. The agency classifies them as medical devices, so the sex aids have to be tested on animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Rectal use of lubricants is viewed by the agency as an “off-label” application—use at your own risk."

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? You mean to tell me these things are not tested on people? WTF.

My concern is that these lubricants trap and hold bacteria, fungus, viruses on the surface of the skin and then absorbed into the skin below not allowing them to escape. Could this be the bigger problem with STI's, that the microbe gets caught in the oily or silicone substance, and the body's normal processes cannot easily remove it?

100 AIDS researchers may have been killed in plane crash

This appeared July 18, 2014 at 6:10am pacific time.

Confirmed dead is Joep Lang. 

He was a Dutch clinical researcher specialised in HIV therapy. He served as the president of the International AIDS Society from 2002 to 2004. He was also the Founding Chairman of PharmAccess Foundation until his death on the flight. During the mid-1990s, Lange began advocating for the use of combination therapy in the management of HIV/AIDS. He argued that it is an "illusion to think that monotherapy with any antiretroviral agent will have a major and lasting impact on this disease" because the development of drug resistance significantly lowers the efficacy of treatment.[4] In 1996, Lange defended the work of controversial HIV/AIDS researcher David Ho, who treated infected patients by having them swallow 20 pills a day as part of a multidrug "cocktail" regimen. 

The forum has this post to offer: 

When will appealing gay marriage bans start to lose their appeal?

I guess at a certain point when it's more than obvious that they are never going to win these appeals it will no longer be appealing to appeal. The latest ban to be overturned is making gay couples in Key West happy, including two bartenders who vow to now get married. Of course, it's planned for appeal. 

Well which is it?

These headlines appeared on the very same day, July 17, 2014.

1) The AIDS epidemic may have ended by 2030 "in every region, in every country", says a new UN report, adding that new HI virus infections and AIDS-related diseases are now decreasing worldwide.

2) HI virus diagnosis hits a 20 year high in Australia

The gay mans pill

The WHO suggests gay men try to avoid getting pregnant with the HI virus by taking a morning before and after pill. 

WHO says and Simon says

It went something like this, "All men who are created equally (but cannot donate blood because they are not equals) who have sex with men should take antiretroviral medicine as an additional method of preventing HI virus infection, warning that HI virus infection rates amongst gay men are exploding around the world". reference: xoxo

There was no mention by the WHO about gay mosquitoes taking the medication.

Ban kissing amongst same sex in public!

The mayor of the Italian municipality of Borgosesia is seeking to ban public kissing between members of the same sex.

No face pic?

Asher’s Baking Company faces court for refusing order for gay marriage cake

Reading about these is just icing on the cake

SSC's kids do better than SC's kids

Same sex couples kids, according to a study, turned out a little better than straight couples kids.

more at Washington Post

1950's gay couple

Photo by Suprise_Euphoria on Reddit shows a gay couple from the 1950's and he explains it as this, "My great uncle with his partner in the 1950s. He was a homosexual and was discriminated against for most of his life. He tragically passed away during the weekend, so I'm sharing the hell out of this photo as a big fuck you to republicans and everyone who opposes gay marriage."

read comments here:

Joan Rivers

CNN host tries to make jokes while interviewing Joan Rivers, Rivers walks off set. This is totally misunderstood.


Joan tells fur protester at her book signing that her furs have had it good, they have gone to the opera.


The first gay president

Hollywood Reporter 

This is gay


Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriages “void and unenforceable”

Marriage is recognized in 19 states and DC

Is it too heavy?

The one mosquito was carrying the Chikungunya virus, looked over at his mosquito friend, and said, "Hey, why aren't you carrying one too?" So then the friend said "I'm carrying the HI virus, it's lighter, I had to lighten my load, my knees are getting weak in my old age." The one mosquito was perplexed, he remembered science class learning that viruses were all pretty light so he figured that was another excuse. The human who's sweet crude blood was gettin' drilled overheard their conversation and thought "What a silly old mosquito, everyone knows that mosquitoes do not carry HI viruses."

Why not, are they too heavy?

Mosquitoes share dirty needles with humans many more times than drug addicts!

Think about it.

Are you sameosexual or opposexual?

"Homosexual" and "heterosexual" is so last century. I'm same gender sexual, not opposite gender sexual which could also be expressed as SGS and OGS.

Fun illusion

Amaze your friends. 

2 in the bush 

Hate is not gay

I hate hate. That's not hate squared that's just hating hating. 

For those people that hate BP (British Petroleum) for how they handled the Gulf oil spill and buy ARCO gas instead. Do they realize that was owned by BP from 2000 to 2013? Don't you hate finding out those kinds of things after the fact. See the thing is for me, when I hate, I forget to study. I hate it when I don't study. 

You think this is a joke? 

Apple CEO gay?

The show host on CNBC stated "I think Tim Cook is open about the fact he's gay at the head of Apple, isn't he," Hobbs asked. Then there was silence.

Frankly, who cares. With gay marriage all over the place it's really a non issue if anyone is gay. 

UTAH gay marriage

ON again. Clerks issuing licenses regardless of gender. Still only allow marriage to two people. Someday that will change. 

great song, fun music movie, and very very gay! 

thousands march on capital to defend traditional marriage

No one is proposing anywhere that traditional marriage be banned, yet there's all these people showing up in DC to defend it. No one is changing opposite sex marriage in any way, no one is proposing ripping away benefits from opposite sex couples, no one is doing anything to harm traditional marriage, yet they continue to defend it. 

more than 69 rejected vanity plates 

Wait for it 

Emoshun eside

Texas Governor Rick Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism which of course has the LGBTC abuzz. He said it's something that can be fought against despite genetic disposition. He has a point. If alcoholism is something you can be born with, and being LGBTQETC is something you are born with, both can "be fought". So in that way he's correct. Problem with that comparison though is that alcoholism is an addiction, a problem, a sickness that is purely evil. Fighting alcoholism is a good thing. Being GLTBQETC is merely another form of sexual expression and not evil, so his comparison fails. Fighting GLBQTETC is not necessarily a good thing, and usually is not. It was also stated about Rick Perry "stepping right in it". Correct, stepping into TBGLETC issues is like stepping in a pile of crap if that is what was being inferred, not something that can't be cleaned off readily enough, but speaking of stepping into things that are like stepping into poo, so is stepping off to a war. Stepping in both are sometimes necessary. Or are they? Let's ask a giraffe they have a better view. Oh wait, what the fuck......those two male giraffes are necking and you know what that leads up to......

"After a duel, it is common for two male giraffes to caress and court each other, leading up to mounting and climax. Such interactions between males have been found to be more frequent than heterosexual coupling.[62]

Apparently they are not alcoholics. 

This is gay 

US imposes sanctions on Uganda for anti-gay laws

I'm not a fan of punishing innocent people for the flaws of a few. 

let's travel together by mosquito

Scientists discovered yet another virus. It's the Chikungunya virus. It's said that it's carried by mosquitoes. Nothing is ever stated by any of these people that viruses are also carried by tornadoes, hurricanes, and mild summer ocean breezes that travel the vast expanse of land and sea. This one of millions of reports of mosquitoes carrying viruses. 



If HIV were real, we would have heard about people getting bit by mosquitoes carrying the virus. Correctomundo? But oh, so many keep saying HIV is real, the HIV/CULT has stated incessantly that it's a blood borne virus, transmitted by sex and needles, never a word about how it's also carried by tornadoes. 

Hey, take a look at that needle on that mosquito! 

in Alabama m4m sex was illegal until now

read the juicy court papers 

this will make you gay

gay marriage

Wisconsin has recently tested GMP - Gay Marriage Positive  

Wisconsin - OFF again 

Cops bring cakes to those getting married  wash out that dirty mouth

Horrors In Virology

Practice safe mosquito  HIV charges dismissed  HON/MOV 

See if you can absorb this one

During the alcohol prohibition period sometime between 1920 to 1933 someone in the US Government ordered poison to be added to industrial alcohol to discourage consumption. People continued to drink it, so the government mandated more potent poison and it killed as many as 10,000 people. So why does the FDA continue to approve drugs that are poison?

Wikipedia article on prohibition

One world one cause

HIV causes AIDS. That's been said 700 billion octillion million trillion zillion times so it must be true right? There's mountains of data supporting this assertion. It's stated by the most respected health agencies in the US. Unfortunately, the science still doesn't pan out. The reality is there's more than one cause of AIDS and a virus isn't one of them. If a virus was the cause, mosquitoes that suck HIV tainted blood would be infecting everyone.

The politics of medical science

It's interesting to note how a trip to Mars can cause cancer, we can go to the moon and not get cancer, but after 30 years, we can't vaccinate against something that's claimed to be a viral cause, even though if you catch it you are immediately become vaccinated. The vaccination theory is the most convoluted bass ackwards theory known to science. So when you are infected, and the body is stimulated to provide immunity, based on the same principle used to sell needles and serum for vaccination to provide immunity, where no one is ever 100% immune regardless, so no one that gets it needs to be vaccinated as then the immune system is now stimulated to fight it off if you ever do catch it, so if it was actually found, there would be no problem making a vaccine because it would be right there. Out of this world huh?


Gay surfers are hot