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Great movie

On TV right now (9/14/14) on Los Angeles' CW network the movie "LA Mission" (2009) has a gay theme. This a must watch but it's better to rent the film as they bleep out the words fuck and faggot. Doing so takes away from the intensity and emotion of the brilliant performance and exceptionally played out story. One of the interesting lines in the movie is about e-bola, where the guy says "Just be sure to flush it out of your system with plenty of water." Hmm. 

Read movie description here 

official movie website 

Practice safe air 

Now the fear is that e-bola will go airborne. Actually that should be the fear of every virus as no virus is immune to anti-airborneity. You see, that is the problem with the HI virus causes AID syndrome theory. Air and mosquitoes transmit everything in the air, including so much dust, why am I always having to dust! Since all viruses are particles like dust this new fear of airborneity is misplaced, there should always be a fear of any virus becoming airborne, or, one could realize that there are more important factors involved in immune dysfunction.

This was on Google News September 12, 2014

Bible belt leads consumption of gay porn!

"Pornhub reports that the majority of states with a high percentage of gay viewers is in the South. According to the numbers, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia lead the South in gay porn consumption, and the state with the highest percentage of gay porn viewers in the nation is Mississippi at 5.6%."

take a look at the map which also shows where gay marriage is legal

Burning up about C02

Burning Man lights fire in the middle of the desert to celebrate something every year. 


Interesting pun/post found on, from user cgbeige:

"Burning Man is going carbon-neutral by 2017 – it's going to be called Browning Man and they will simply let him tan instead of burn a shitload of carbon dioxide."


The headline asks how did it get out of control so fast. 

This reminds me of the same question back in the 1980's about the HI virus and the AID syndrome. One of the answers I came up with is that the labeling got out of control. These are all just new labels, for mostly old fashioned diseases. Slap a new one on, and remove another. Has anyone checked to see how many West Africa deaths have dropped due to other diseases? I bet they are in exact proportion. But you think media is going to make that a priority to find this one out? I doubt it. The data must be out there though somewhere. 

But the fun doesn't stop there, and I'm not monkeying around, now they came up with the same explanation as they did with the HI virus, it all started with monkeys! 

Note, it's not not affecting this part of affluent southern Africa which has enough money for toilets, chlorinated water, and ample nutrition, and the vaccination freaks can't say it's because of vaccination because THERE ISN'T ONE.

picture of the affluent South Africa region 

It's time to own the word faggot

Watching the Bethany Show this week late August 2014 there was a nice gay male guest on who in talking about some story he didn't want to say the word "faggot" so he said "it rhymes with maggot". It really seemed unnecessary to do that. 

I think we need to just say it and stop pussy-footing around the word faggot. Just like with the word "queer", when gays grabbed it and fucked the hell out of the word, it stopped being nasty. 

Shake shake shake 

At the rodeo the bull's point of view 

Most every straight guy is gay

First, they play with man dick, their own. Next, this comedy skit also reinforces this data. 

HI'm innocent 

A guy is being charged with allegedly willfully spreading the Human Immu-no-deficiency Virus. Yet how does anyone determine such an obscure thing? According to HIV test manufacturers, FDA-approved HIV tests do not detect HIV and cannot be used to diagnose HIV yet there are cases that keep popping up where people are being arrested for allegedly spreading something that is claimed to be had yet it cannot be tested for according to these manufacturers of the tests that allegedly test for it. We been had.


Congressional staff or members of congress appear to be editing certain web page entries on Wikipedia. Are they doing this on taxpayers dime?? 

Warrant issued for arrest of sick dude in Santa Barbara

As if things couldn't get worse in our so called free country, a county health agency issued a warrant for a guy who has what they call a drug resistant form of tuberculosis. Gee doesn't that make you want to get tested for EVERYTHING. They claim he is a threat to the public walking around breathing and carrying a "deadly virus". Funny, that's not what it says is the case with tuberculosis all the time, yet they apparently are going the extra mile. How many miles can they go with these quarantines?. There's a slew of diseases that they can FORCE treatment on you when you are walking around free, and if you refuse, which is your constitutional right, they will merely issue warrants out for your arrest and take you in, which is their right based on laws passed by you the people "representing you" in various forms of government. Just take a look at this scary list of things they can arrest sick people for now. When exactly did we convert our health care laws to those of Russia or Nazi Germany? Another disturbing thing about this is that if the individual is said to not be responding to drugs, so if that's true, what is the point of taking him in? To protect the public they say, but how long are they going to keep him a prisoner? American government has a history of doing things like this to people, the Japanese internment camps, etc. Young people weren't born yet when these health agencies talked about quarantining AIDS patients and those who were exposed to HIV. These kinds of precedents are dangerous to a free society. 

State Quarantine and Isolation Statutes

CDC whistleblower and their refual to turn over documents to Congress

Warrant issued for contagious person carrying a virus

Boy toy logic 

Got fungus?

"Cryptococcus, which encompasses a number of species including C. gattii, causes life-threatening infections of the lungs and brain and is responsible for one third of all AIDS-related deaths."

WHY HAVEN'T WE BEEN TOLD THIS BEFORE?????????????????????????

I am 1 billion times more concerned about catching and growing FUN/GUS from trees than I am HI viruses. 


"MPAA accused of homophobia over R-rated sex-free gay romance". 

WN virus found somewhere again

You can only find things when you are looking for them unless they hit you in the face I suppose. It's interesting to see that West Nile Virus has been found again in mosquitos. Of course there is never any headlines anywhere of them finding the HI virus in mosquitos, yet by all accounts, they must be there on occasion, unless no one with HIV ever gets bit by a mosquito sucking their possibly HIV tainted worthless gay blood.

I'm not gay

I'm dodecahedronsexual. Please include the "D" in the LGBTQWERTY designation please so I feel included and equal.

You are probably having a better day and more gay 

Hi virus prejudice

According to Webster's New World Dictionary prejudice is defined as "a judgment or opinion held in disregard of the facts that contradict it". In Hi virus science we have a slew of facts that contradict popular theory yet people disregard them. These people are prejudiced. It may be that they simply cannot believe that they have been misled for 30 years on the subject by so many authorities but that doesn't excuse their prejudice. 

Pseudonym Science

AID syndrome and HI virus rethinkers get bashed at times by people who insist the standard theory is accurate. They use a term called "pseudoscience" a relatively new term used to describe the science used by rethinkers/challengers of standard AIDS/HIV theories as being something illigitimate. Problem is, they even got the use of that term wrong. "Pseudo" is short for pseudonym which means "naming something different for something that is the same". Actors use pseudonyms when the have a birth name and instead use a stage name, that's a pseudonym. It's not their "real" name yet it is their name, and either describes the same person. So the real definition of pseudoscience would be "a different name for the same science". But that makes no sense when describing two different theories that are named the same. You see the theory is different, and they are trying to say with this use of the word "pseudoscience" that the alternate science is different and illigitimate. That's simply not how the word pseudonym is used.

The bullies who bash AIDS and HI virus rethinkers/questioners/doubters are using it incorrectly. What they are making it mean is a science that's not the same as the original science, yet technically, that is correct, the science is not the same, it's more accurate, but their definition of the word is twisted to try to convey that the science is not just a different name, it's of low quality or no quality. Pseudonyms are not referring to quality, they are merely different names for the same thing. This in all acuality, literally, HIV/AIDS pseudoscience is demonstrated when people like me call it HI viruses and AID syndromes, or call it another pseudonym like Miss Diagnosis, or WOT (wacked out theories). So they don't even get the use of the word pseudo correct when trying to trash people who have a different theory on what causes AID syndromes. And yet they stand so tall there in the internet playground proud of themselves for just slamming the HI virus rethinker while all the other kids around them think "what a jerk" and "he's not even using the word correctly" and "she's just another bully". 

Gay teens organs rejected because he is gay

Talk about prejudice, a Food and Drug Administration’s guidance for donor eligibility says men who have had sex with men in the past five years “should” be ruled as “ineligible” for donating certain tissues, labeling their behavior a “risk factor.” Thus, when the teenager who committed suicide who said he wanted his organs donated, this was not allowed. -

This 30 year old rule is based on the lie of 1984 where the government stated they found the cause of AIDS and it's HIV and the exclusive faulty principle of sexual transmission of the HI virus which has never been isolated in a lab nor proven to exist except in the minds of those who perpetuate the lie. 

WHEN IS THE GAY COMMUNITY GOING TO DEMAND THIS PREJUDICE STOP? I guess that would take for the "leaders" to admit that they were lied to about the HI virus and will that ever happen? If there is a test that finds "HIV" then all one would have to do is test the donor's blood, but you see, this is the problem, there is no test that finds it, it's all a big farce. 

"Oh, when has there ever been a mistake made by governing bodies?" he/said she/said.

Critics have long called the policy discriminatory, but the FDA says it’s necessary: “FDA’s deferral policy is based on the documented increased risk of certain transfusion transmissible infections, such as HIV, associated with male-to-male sex and is not based on any judgment concerning the donor’s sexual orientation.” -

That is true, the FDA is not basing it on the sexual orientation, it's the results they get from the tests that discriminate based on sexual orientation. The entire protocol is based on a prejudice. So who started the protocol if it wasn't the FDA? 


Your government is just finally after 50 years of no more back of the bus for blacks, starting to let you get married but your blood and organs are still considered shit. 

I'm not gay today. Where are my non-elected gay leaders on this? Parties? Out parading around telling people to get tested with shit tests?

California condom bill dies

It was the third attempt at mandating sex performers in California wear condoms during a SHOOT. The attempt at creating a law forcing performers to wear condoms has been referred to as a "harassment campaign". 

This made me gay today

Robin Williams was often very gay

He did films that were gay. He became not so gay when he learned he had the Michael J. Fox disease. I think this is why he hanged himself. It was a shocker and it's not funny. If I was a comedian I would want people to LOL and applaud as I made my exit.

Suffering from apophenia

New study shows that most scientific studies and studiers suffer from this disease. 

Pandora's Box of viruses

Now we have the "new discovery" of pandoraviruses! They are GIANTS! They are as big as 1/100th the size of a bacteria. Soooo big and scary. So said the latest internet article online. So we went to the good old fashioned encyclopedia and lo and behold, they are not new at all, nor are they living things yet almost every article about viruses tells us they are alive. All but these biggest can't even be seen under a microscope. 

The genomes of Mimiviruses and Pandoraviruses, which are some of the largest known viruses, range from 1 to 2.5 Mb (1 Mb = 1,000,000 base pairs of DNA). Most viruses vary in diameter from 20 nanometres (nm; 0.0000008 inch) to 250–400 nm; the largest, however, measure about 500 nm in diameter and are about 700–1,000 nm in length. Only the largest and most complex viruses can be seen under the light microscope at the highest resolution. Any determination of the size of a virus also must take into account its shape, since different classes of viruses have distinctive shapes. - Britannica

Blood bans and patient zeros

Until the day my blood is considered equal to straight blood, I will continue to expose the lies and contradictions in these whacked out AIDS theories that have a continued stronghold on the world's misunderstandings of disease. Today I read an interesting comment, which is a typical belief about so called "patient zeros". The problem with this (especially with AIDS which is not even one disease, it's a syndrome that can include one or more of a variety of diseases, all with different causes) is that they never look for mosquito zero. This post was found on on August 11, 2014,

[–]AdrianBlake -1 points

The first "Patient Zero" was a guy in San Fransisco (I think)

Basically, when AIDS was becoming a giant clusterfuck, scientists got a load of gay men with AIDS and said "Name EVERYONE you slept with ever" and then they tried to find them and asked them too, and they made a fuck sheet, with links between anyone who fucked anyone (not just people they asked). And so obviously, there are a bunch of people with a few lines, but then they notice that one name has LOADS of names going to it. So they go to him, and he knows he has AIDS, but he says he intentionally has unprotective sex with uninfected people. And in the morning he would say, or leave a note saying "I've got cancer, now you do too". This is basically the TRUE story behind the "Welcome to AIDS" written on mirrors from urban legend.

There's a really cool RADIOLAB podcast that has all about this guy, and also Typhoid Mary, and also about how they traced AIDS back to a small group of chimps near a particular village.

And yet to this day no one is calling for "safe walking around in public" where one can be injected with a hypodermic like needle found on mosquitoes. 

Conversion therapy

"Gay conversion therapy" as it has been called has been "outlawed" in California but in other states, it's not. It's a process where gay kids are taken to psychologist or a religious therapy counselor to get them straight. Gay rights groups say it's unfair to a child to try to force them to be something they are not, but who are they to say that all kids that are "gay" are certain of their being gay or not? That period is one where teens are evolving into their sexual identities, they experiment, they observe what goes on in the world and see where they fit. That "fit" could occur at any time, early or late, and it's near impossible when that would happen for certain. No one can say that if a teen says he's gay, that he might after some time decide to get married and have kids. It's happened many times. Gay rights advocates are still working on these other states to make more restrictions of freedom for parents. What if the situation is reversed? I wonder, do gay kids not have a right to straight conversion therapy if they feel they are hetero but parents keep insisting the teen is gay? I would think so. Who is the one determining one's sexuality here? The teen may have had a gay experience but is dead set against being sucked into that lifestyle, and rather, dreams of having children of his own. The teen may also be enjoying the gay lifestyle while at the same time dreaming of having his own kids, not adopting, but creating new life. He or she may want therapy for "conversion" (conversion is really not the right word for this). I am not for banning gay conversion therapy outright and believe it's unconstitutional to do so. Government needs to stay out of such things with the exception of when there is an actual danger to a child. There may be cases individually decided where forcing a young adult could be damaging, but to say all children are in danger with this kind of therapy is not valid. The young adult should be consulted primarily as to what their wishes are. If they want the therapy, they should have it. To make it illegal is to deny these people fundamental rights. 

Florida church cancels gay man's funeral 

Acquired Amyloidosis Syndrome - AAS

According to

"In medicine, amyloidosis is a non-specific term that refers to a number of different diseases collectively called amyloidoses. Amyloidoses can be inherited or acquired."

That's so HIV/AIDS. The term AIDS refers to a number of different diseases and is a non specific term. That's why they put the HIV in front of it, to describe HIV as being associated with these different diseases. Thus, when someone has the label AIDS put on them, it could mean one or more of many different diseases under the syndrome. 

Does it make any sense at all that the HI virus could cause any one of these 28 different diseases under the AID syndrome, when all of these 28 different diseases have different causes? I mean like even tinnitus (ringing in the ears) has multiple causes, and so do the 28 different diseases under the AID syndrome, making the causes of the AID syndrome reach into the hundreds. To say that a syndrome that has 28 diseases where each of those have multiple causes, suddenly has one cause, is mathematically a contradiction. 

To oxidize or reduce

There are those in the world of treatment science who have stated repeatedly that there is a common thread in the gay population who is testing positive for the HI virus. They say it's needles and sex. Others say it's not analogous sex, or needles, it's oxidation. 

Oxidation? What is that? AKA redox.

Ever hear of anti-oxidants? They are in vegetables. They occur naturally. Nutritionists, doctors, and almost everyone says that vegetables are good for you, and the reason why is because they have anti-oxidation properties.

So what if the problem that is called HI virus infection has little to do with a virus, and more to do with oxidation? What causes oxidation? Do HI virus drugs treat oxidation?

"Undeniably toxic AZT could be changed from its current oxidizing formula to a reducing substance if researchers would be open to such a modification." 


The HIV Puzzle - note HIV is referred to as a germ by Rodney Richards - "“HIV” is claimed to be a retrovirus, which means that within hours of exposure its genome is incorporated into host DNA where it stays for as long as the host shall live.  Any HIV expert will testify this is what stands in the way of the Holy Grail of curing AIDS. - but if that is true, what does the RNA then look like and can it function as it did?" 

visit the HIV symposium for more

why would an electron microscopist say HIV is not real?

and how did they determine there was a virus at all? 

"So, out of the 30 proteins, how did they select the ones to be defined as being from HIV? The answer is shocking, and goes to the root of what is probably the biggest scandal in medical history. They selected those that were most reactive with antibodies in blood samples from Aids patients and those at risk of Aids."

"This means that “HIV” antigens are defined as such not on the basis of being shown to belong to HIV, but on the basis that they react with antibodies in Aids patients. Aids patients are then diagnosed as being infected with HIV on the basis that they have antibodies which react with those same antigens. The reasoning is circular."

and what about diet sodas? according to diet soda has a "pH of 2.5: Sodas are 50,000 times more acidic than neutral. It would require 30 glasses of clean water to balance out just ONE can of soda. Why is this important? All diseases (including cancer) thrive in an acidic environment."

and what about redox signaling? 

1. Within each human cell are a variety of components that help the cell function. One portion of the cell is the mitochondria, or “power house” of the cell. 

2.The mitochondria creates two sets of reactive molecules.

3.These natural reactive molecules fuel and support virtually all functions of the immune system. They are the immune system communicators and the anti-oxidant activators that attack viruses and bacteria and fight free radicals.

New standard for gluten

This week a standard "kicks in" regulating how manufacturers can claim "gluten free" a product is. This is the same week that news reports state that the scientist who claimed gluten sensitivity was real decades ago, has now thoroughly debunked scientifically his own claims. There's still no news of a worldwide standard for determining if someone has the HI virus. Unfortunately this has not yet occurred with HI virus testing. No standard exists currently as of August 5, 2014 after 30 years of SONG/DANCE. For something as serious as a HI virus diagnosis you would think that they would have done this by now, create a standard of measure applicable to every country. This is why people can test positive in the US and test negative in Canada.

You homo

A homophone is a word that sounds like another word but has a different meaning. Knight and night are homophones. Male and mail are hompophones. What other homos can you come up with?

Uganda's no homo law null/void

Court struck down the anti-homosexuality law in that country based on a technicality. They can now redo it the right way. 

What planet are they on? 

One teaspoon of water contains about three times as many atoms as the Atlantic ocean contains teaspoons of water. This comparison is symbolic of the vast differences between the size of a bacteria which is associated with some sexual diseases (which in trying to find if it's infected someone it's generally easy to see) and trying to find a virus which is associated with HI which is a billion times smaller than that bacteria. There really is no exact way of finding HI viruses yet the claims persist to get tested with tests that are not precise by any stretch of the imagination. Trying to find a HI virus is a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack that's floating somewhere in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch during a hurricane.

Live viral and bacterial vaccines

I was reading information from the Immune Deficiency Foundation which led me to recommendations that suggests vaccines for immune deficiency. I just don't understand why anybody would inject the very thing they are trying to avoid in their body. It's like getting raped by a live sex toy, in order to prevent catching a rape. 

Gay and gay

The last surviving member of the crew of the Enola Gay, Theodore VanKirk has recently left us at the age of 93. He said "I'd drop atomic bomb on Hiroshima again if needed." The crew, at the direction of the US government, dropped a nuclear bomb on two cities, killing 80,000 and 140,000. Think about that number, that's 220,000 people. We should all be gay to be alive.

Ok Cupid lies to it's members

Told people who weren’t compatible that they were a romantic match

Virginia is for gay lovers

This opens the door for 14,000 gay couples that want to get married in that state.

Virginia down, how many more to go again?

Court struck down the Virginia ban on gay marriage, or what I like to call MI, Marriage Irrespectiveogender. The walls are caving in! Christian fundamentalists freak! Is it rapture time?

If you are gay go to the back of the bloody bus

If you are gay and want to donate your worthless blood, it doesn't matter how equal you think you are to straights, you cannot ride in the front of the bloody bus, you are sent to the back, no, wait, you cannot get on the bloody bus at all. They will not accept you. Your blood is shit. No donations accepted. Your blood is BANNED! Since the disco daze your blood has been banned. They can't take that chance they say. What chance? 

You see if there actually was a scary/thingy that they could test for, they would simply do that, and screen the blood supply, which is one reason they push testing, but they don't do that simple thing, because there is no test that actually finds the culprit. So if there is no test that finds it, then the whole HI virus thing is a scam because they lie and say they do find it.

Try telling that to the gay community tho.  

Cortana vs. Siri

Studying the host

Human Immunodeficiency Viruses are claimed to exist, at every turn, it's deemed real. 

As "70% of the gut works as an immune system" according to a pro-biotic commercial, I found it interesting to consider viral science as it occurs in the gut and the bacterias and microbes that are there which are said to be very hard to study. According to Dr. Martha Clokie, "Most gut bacteria won’t grow easily in a lab, the viruses that infect them are similarly hard to rear......normally you have to make heaps of it which isn't possible if you can't grow the host". reference reference

The HI virus research is an odd thing, there is no heaps of the HI virus because they can't grow the host, thus they really don't know anything about it, yet they claim they know so much about it. Snake oil salesmen do this same thing. They basically just make up stuff as they go. If the HI virus is an immune system problem and 70% of our immune system lies in our gut, could immune syndromes be primarily a stomach bacteria phage balance problem?

And speaking of tracking gut bacteria, yes, there's an app for that!

Christian claims for hating gays is utter bullshit

"First I’m going to write a smashing rebuttal of the Christian case against homosexuality based on the Bible… Then, I’m going to pull away the “Emperor’s New Clothes” kimono to reveal the creepy boner Republicans have for gay-bashing." 

Tacky is gay

Weird Al is suddenly #1 in the charts with his new "album" and I don't know why! This is the best of his new weeks worth of a "new video every day" and the video is not that great, needs a heck of a lot more colorful characters and tacky suits, and he should have a cell phone in his hand when he's mocking selfies. Time for a slew of new parodies of his parody to be made or maybe a remake of this parody done by the parody master himself.

Dirty needles

Mosquitoes have dirty needles they share! Why are some people more prone to others to be injected with these needles? 

Blood drives

In the Palm Springs area and surrounding cities there's another blood drive but if you are gay, stay home, you are discriminated against by the federal government which wrote the rule that says no man who has had sex with another man since 1977 can donate blood. That's 37 years! This rule is so 1980's AIDS hysteria but amazingly it is still in place to this day. It's based on the lie that there is a virus that is only transmitted by blood and not mosquitoes which could infect the "blood supply". To demonstrate they insanity of the whole HI virus mad mad world, on one hand they claim they have accurate testing in place, yet out of the other side of their mouths they say that it's risky to allow men who have sex with men to give blood. There is no test in the world that tests for men having sex with men, it's merely left to a man's word. That doesn't protect the blood supply. I can hardly wait until this whole thing collapses, the fraud is exposed, but when will this happen? The gay community continues to not understand that the HI virus is a fraud, that's not even a virus, it's a 80's retro virus, deemed harmless by the father of retrovirology. 


Come out come out where ever you are.

More HI virus insanity

This time they claim yet another drug will help! How many drugs can be added to the cockatoo of drugs they already have? So here they claim that this new drug can make the HI virus come out of hiding. Hiding? Why on Gods HI virus earth would anyone want a killer to come out of hiding! Yes, that's where the term undetectable comes in. You see, there are times they cannot detect the virus, not because it's not there they claim, but because it's playing a game of HIde and seek. I guess this all fits with the idea that we are at war with these critters. Problem with this current war, that as they use chemical warfare on the few hiding things, there's not much forest left and a whole lot of bunnies and other forest animals are annihilated. End the war.

Virus found in air!

Viruses are always in the air. This is not news really. 

Sorting out those cut parts of babies penises

Where do the spare parts go when infants are circumcised without their permission? One senator asked some pointed questions about this barbaric practice, one of which was a concern that the foreskin could be used for witchcraft. When is government going to protect babies from this abuse? 


The HI virus diagnosis rates in the US are down but they are also up. They are down for the general poopulation but they are up for young gay males. Every time I open a gay rag I see full page ads for getting tested and anti-viral drugs, targeted to the gay community. There are more of these ads targeting gays than straights. Not only that we have embedded in the culture of HI virus research the belief that gays are more susceptible to viral slurs by viruses that don't discriminate, so often when they tell their doctors they are gay, the doctor pushes a HI virus test. With more gay males taking the test than straight males and the general population proportionally or (disproportionally as in this case) the more we have disproportionate results coming from a test that does not entertain a world wide testing protocol standard, nor actually finds what it claims it's looking for, a HI virus SPECIFICALLY. It only finds random antibody protein pieces.

Got EEE?

Add to your list of virus tests, the one for EEE. Of course there's billions of others, this just one of those that are named. Viral science is something like naming people, classifying everyone with a certain last name like "Smith" to be of the same family. Viruses maybe of a certain family, but like with all families, the members that share that name do not act the same. The types of people out there are not the problem, it's the actions of a few, like when someone robs a bank. Similarly, medical science needs to find the ones that rob your cells of nutrients, or get pissed off at a cell and kills it. Just because viruses are of one family doesn't mean all family members are bad. Don't get robbed of your ability to think viral issues out. 

EEE positive mosquitoes detected

Did they check those mosquitoes for HI viruses?? They should.

Stonewall Gardens Palm Springs gay senior assisted living opening in August 

Not so new plague

Google news headline said "3 more cases of pneumonic plague identified in Colorado". It's pneumonia. 

Studies Raise Questions About Safety Of Personal Lubricants 

Some experiments find cell damage and increased risk of sexually transmitted infections.

"Right now, the Food & Drug Administration doesn’t typically require testing of personal lubricants in humans. The agency classifies them as medical devices, so the sex aids have to be tested on animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Rectal use of lubricants is viewed by the agency as an “off-label” application—use at your own risk."

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? You mean to tell me these things are not tested on people? WTF.

My concern is that these lubricants trap and hold bacteria, fungus, viruses on the surface of the skin and then absorbed into the skin below not allowing them to escape. Could this be the bigger problem with STI's, that the microbe gets caught in the oily or silicone substance, and the body's normal processes cannot easily remove it?

100 AIDS researchers may have been killed in plane crash

This appeared July 18, 2014 at 6:10am pacific time.

Confirmed dead is Joep Lang. 

He was a Dutch clinical researcher specialised in HIV therapy. He served as the president of the International AIDS Society from 2002 to 2004. He was also the Founding Chairman of PharmAccess Foundation until his death on the flight. During the mid-1990s, Lange began advocating for the use of combination therapy in the management of HIV/AIDS. He argued that it is an "illusion to think that monotherapy with any antiretroviral agent will have a major and lasting impact on this disease" because the development of drug resistance significantly lowers the efficacy of treatment.[4] In 1996, Lange defended the work of controversial HIV/AIDS researcher David Ho, who treated infected patients by having them swallow 20 pills a day as part of a multidrug "cocktail" regimen. 

The forum has this post to offer: 

When will appealing gay marriage bans start to lose their appeal?

I guess at a certain point when it's more than obvious that they are never going to win these appeals it will no longer be appealing to appeal. The latest ban to be overturned is making gay couples in Key West happy, including two bartenders who vow to now get married. Of course, it's planned for appeal. 

Well which is it?

These headlines appeared on the very same day, July 17, 2014.

1) The AIDS epidemic may have ended by 2030 "in every region, in every country", says a new UN report, adding that new HI virus infections and AIDS-related diseases are now decreasing worldwide.

2) HI virus diagnosis hits a 20 year high in Australia

The gay mans pill

The WHO suggests gay men try to avoid getting pregnant with the HI virus by taking a morning before and after pill. 

WHO says and Simon says

It went something like this, "All men who are created equally (but cannot donate blood because they are not equals) who have sex with men should take antiretroviral medicine as an additional method of preventing HI virus infection, warning that HI virus infection rates amongst gay men are exploding around the world". reference: xoxo

There was no mention by the WHO about gay mosquitoes taking the medication.

Ban kissing amongst same sex in public!

The mayor of the Italian municipality of Borgosesia is seeking to ban public kissing between members of the same sex.

No face pic?

Asher’s Baking Company faces court for refusing order for gay marriage cake

Reading about these is just icing on the cake

SSC's kids do better than SC's kids

Same sex couples kids, according to a study, turned out a little better than straight couples kids.

more at Washington Post

1950's gay couple

Photo by Suprise_Euphoria on Reddit shows a gay couple from the 1950's and he explains it as this, "My great uncle with his partner in the 1950s. He was a homosexual and was discriminated against for most of his life. He tragically passed away during the weekend, so I'm sharing the hell out of this photo as a big fuck you to republicans and everyone who opposes gay marriage."

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Joan Rivers

CNN host tries to make jokes while interviewing Joan Rivers, Rivers walks off set. This is totally misunderstood.


Joan tells fur protester at her book signing that her furs have had it good, they have gone to the opera.


The first gay president

Hollywood Reporter 

This is gay


Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriages “void and unenforceable”

Marriage is recognized in 19 states and DC

Is it too heavy?

The one mosquito was carrying the Chikungunya virus, looked over at his mosquito friend, and said, "Hey, why aren't you carrying one too?" So then the friend said "I'm carrying the HI virus, it's lighter, I had to lighten my load, my knees are getting weak in my old age." The one mosquito was perplexed, he remembered science class learning that viruses were all pretty light so he figured that was another excuse. The human who's sweet crude blood was gettin' drilled overheard their conversation and thought "What a silly old mosquito, everyone knows that mosquitoes do not carry HI viruses."

Why not, are they too heavy?

Mosquitoes share dirty needles with humans many more times than drug addicts!

Think about it.

Are you sameosexual or opposexual?

"Homosexual" and "heterosexual" is so last century. I'm same gender sexual, not opposite gender sexual which could also be expressed as SGS and OGS.

Fun illusion

Amaze your friends. 

2 in the bush 

Hate is not gay

I hate hate. That's not hate squared that's just hating hating. 

For those people that hate BP (British Petroleum) for how they handled the Gulf oil spill and buy ARCO gas instead. Do they realize that was owned by BP from 2000 to 2013? Don't you hate finding out those kinds of things after the fact. See the thing is for me, when I hate, I forget to study. I hate it when I don't study. 

You think this is a joke? 

Apple CEO gay?

The show host on CNBC stated "I think Tim Cook is open about the fact he's gay at the head of Apple, isn't he," Hobbs asked. Then there was silence.

Frankly, who cares. With gay marriage all over the place it's really a non issue if anyone is gay. 

UTAH gay marriage

ON again. Clerks issuing licenses regardless of gender. Still only allow marriage to two people. Someday that will change. 

great song, fun music movie, and very very gay! 

thousands march on capital to defend traditional marriage

No one is proposing anywhere that traditional marriage be banned, yet there's all these people showing up in DC to defend it. No one is changing opposite sex marriage in any way, no one is proposing ripping away benefits from opposite sex couples, no one is doing anything to harm traditional marriage, yet they continue to defend it. 

more than 69 rejected vanity plates 

Wait for it 

Emoshun eside

Texas Governor Rick Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism which of course has the LGBTC abuzz. He said it's something that can be fought against despite genetic disposition. He has a point. If alcoholism is something you can be born with, and being LGBTQETC is something you are born with, both can "be fought". So in that way he's correct. Problem with that comparison though is that alcoholism is an addiction, a problem, a sickness that is purely evil. Fighting alcoholism is a good thing. Being GLTBQETC is merely another form of sexual expression and not evil, so his comparison fails. Fighting GLBQTETC is not necessarily a good thing, and usually is not. It was also stated about Rick Perry "stepping right in it". Correct, stepping into TBGLETC issues is like stepping in a pile of crap if that is what was being inferred, not something that can't be cleaned off readily enough, but speaking of stepping into things that are like stepping into poo, so is stepping off to a war. Stepping in both are sometimes necessary. Or are they? Let's ask a giraffe they have a better view. Oh wait, what the fuck......those two male giraffes are necking and you know what that leads up to......

"After a duel, it is common for two male giraffes to caress and court each other, leading up to mounting and climax. Such interactions between males have been found to be more frequent than heterosexual coupling.[62]

Apparently they are not alcoholics. 

This is gay 

US imposes sanctions on Uganda for anti-gay laws

I'm not a fan of punishing innocent people for the flaws of a few. 

let's travel together by mosquito

Scientists discovered yet another virus. It's the Chikungunya virus. It's said that it's carried by mosquitoes. Nothing is ever stated by any of these people that viruses are also carried by tornadoes, hurricanes, and mild summer ocean breezes that travel the vast expanse of land and sea. This one of millions of reports of mosquitoes carrying viruses. 



If HIV were real, we would have heard about people getting bit by mosquitoes carrying the virus. Correctomundo? But oh, so many keep saying HIV is real, the HIV/CULT has stated incessantly that it's a blood borne virus, transmitted by sex and needles, never a word about how it's also carried by tornadoes. 

Hey, take a look at that needle on that mosquito! 

in Alabama m4m sex was illegal until now

read the juicy court papers 

this will make you gay

gay marriage

Wisconsin has recently tested GMP - Gay Marriage Positive  

Wisconsin - OFF again 

Cops bring cakes to those getting married  wash out that dirty mouth

Horrors In Virology

Practice safe mosquito  HIV charges dismissed  HON/MOV 

See if you can absorb this one

During the alcohol prohibition period sometime between 1920 to 1933 someone in the US Government ordered poison to be added to industrial alcohol to discourage consumption. People continued to drink it, so the government mandated more potent poison and it killed as many as 10,000 people. So why does the FDA continue to approve drugs that are poison?

Wikipedia article on prohibition

One world one cause

HIV causes AIDS. That's been said 700 billion octillion million trillion zillion times so it must be true right? There's mountains of data supporting this assertion. It's stated by the most respected health agencies in the US. Unfortunately, the science still doesn't pan out. The reality is there's more than one cause of AIDS and a virus isn't one of them. If a virus was the cause, mosquitoes that suck HIV tainted blood would be infecting everyone.

The politics of medical science

It's interesting to note how a trip to Mars can cause cancer, we can go to the moon and not get cancer, but after 30 years, we can't vaccinate against something that's claimed to be a viral cause, even though if you catch it you are immediately become vaccinated. The vaccination theory is the most convoluted bass ackwards theory known to science. So when you are infected, and the body is stimulated to provide immunity, based on the same principle used to sell needles and serum for vaccination to provide immunity, where no one is ever 100% immune regardless, so no one that gets it needs to be vaccinated as then the immune system is now stimulated to fight it off if you ever do catch it, so if it was actually found, there would be no problem making a vaccine because it would be right there. Out of this world huh?


Gay surfers are hot