it's time to take back gay


Boy Scouts revoke church charter for having a gay scout leader

"Many members of Evangelical and Baptist groups say their affiliation with the BSA is over."


We're having faggots for dinner

Faggot (food):

Faggots are a traditional dish in the UK, especially South and Mid Wales and the Midlands of England. It is made from meat off-cuts and offal, especially pork. A faggot is traditionally made from pig's heart, liver and fatty belly meat or bacon minced together, with herbs added for flavouring and sometimes bread crumbs.

Faggots originated as a traditional cheap food of ordinary country people in Western England, particularly west Wiltshire. Their popularity spread from there, especially to South Wales in the mid-nineteenth century, when many agricultural workers left the land to work in the rapidly expanding industry and mines of that area. Faggots are also known as "ducks" in the Midlands, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Lancashire, often as "savoury ducks."

The first use in print cited in the Oxford English Dictionary is in 1851, from Thomas Mayhew, where he describes a dish identical to the modern product with chopped liver and lights in an outer wrapper of caul. This was in London.

Image i - Faggots, gravy, mashed potatoes and marrowfat processed peas


A great straight biker buddies up gay biker story 



Everyone knows it's caused by a virus right? When I was in school, science class teacher told us that flu was caused by an infinite number of different viruses. So if that's true, why is it today we keep having all these different flus, bird, pig, river flus. Simple, now they are naming each of these infinite viruses. Someday we will have an infinite number of vaccines. Get ready, that's going to take quite a bit of time to get vaccinated for all infinite viruses. Or, one could just let the body do what it does naturally, produce antibodies which match and destroy an infinite number of viruses. Seems the better choice.


Say goodbye to shots

"Say goodbye to painful allergy shots" the science says, because now there's a sublingual treatment! Sublingual is under the tongue. 

But hearing this scientific news, I would say "good bye treatments".

Let's look at this more closely, they claim they can treat allergies now sublingually, thus no painful shot needed. But if this is true, all one has to do is open their mouth, lift their tongue, place some hay in there, and thus, immunize. The treatment contains an extract from short ragweed pollen.

That may be a bit of a pun about the hay, but really, if sublingual works, all one has to do is be immunized by lifting their tongue in a dust storm, or windy day when allergens are prevalent and let the natural treatment work. Since most people talk during the day, this is automatic. 

So say good bye to shots and treatments.

"...a small dose of substances that a patient is allergic to is injected under a patient’s skin. This helps the body “get used to” the allergen, which can lead to fewer or less severe symptoms of hay fever."

So if this is true, again, all one has to do is open their mouth and get exposed to the allergens. 


South Carolina Mayor fires gay police chief

"Williams, Taylor and several other council members and local residents said Bullard has been intent on getting rid of Moore because of the former police chief’s sexual orientation."

“I would much rather have — and I will say this to anybody’s face — somebody who drank and drank too much taking care of my child than I had somebody whose lifestyle is questionable around children. … I’m not going to let two women stand up there and hold hands and let my child be aware of it. And I’m not going to see them do it with two men neither.”

"South Carolina is one of 29 states where it is legal to fire someone for being gay." 


"Tamiflu is ineffective"

But the studies were scientific! 

read the article at


Great Colbert skit 


Genders reversed

The male has female organs, and the female has male organs.

not sure which wears the pants 


Prone to false positivity

If you hear that your favorite skyscraper manufacturing company has all it's steel tested for strength, and that the test they are using to test the strength is subject to false positivity, would you want to take a chance and ride that elevator to the top floor? Well that's just what people do every day around the world with HIV tests that are prone to false positive results.

snapshot from YouTube channel for Liam Scheff


Transgender inclusion in India

Supreme Court recognizes 3rd gender


The world's most famous case of AIDS

Rock Hudson


LA big one

We have heard for decades that some day Los Angeles will suffer the big one, earthquakes that is. Yet today we find new research that states those estimates are as much as 70 percent exaggerated as found in this article at Discovery dot com. In the story about this phenomenon, what I found particularly interesting is the following statement:

"Seismic models may overestimate ground shaking in Los Angeles during a major earthquake by as much as 70 percent, new research says, due to assumptions about the rocks in the region."

Assumptions. What an interesting word. What is this word doing in science? More importantly, what is this doing in well documented, well studied, well proven, well calculated science?

Well it turns out that assumptions are made in what rock lies below. This seems unplausible to think with all the tools at science disposal, and all the maps showing the rock below, all the geologists that have worked on these models of the earth, that there could be assumptions as a foundation of their models and predictions. 

Assumptions are made in science quite often and that is the biggest problem with HID virus research, which is based on about 95% assumptions, assuming that those who study this, and those who trust medical science will not hear this startling fact.

Assumptions were made that remain to this day that there's a virus that travels through semen, or as they prefer to say "bodily fluids", but somehow not mosquitoes, causing AIDS. 

Assuming that you read any of this..... 


what can i say


a restaurant that Google's you back

kinda ucky


initial here, here, and here

HIV is an initialism, though it's inaccurately initialized, as it should be HIDV or the HID virus. 

NASA is an acronym.

An acronym can be said as a word. An initialism is said as letters.


this shirt is so gay

"Because 'Legalize Gay Marijuana' lacks any clear literal meaning, its power lies in the unexpected--a peripheral glance and cursory recognition of the adjacent words 'Legalize' and 'Gay,' or rather 'Legalize' and 'Marijuana,' will invite a traditional snap-judgement, but before the viewer is able to dismiss it, the cognitive dissonance created by this simple juxtaposition will force them to reassess the words themselves, as well as their intended meaning. Ultimately, the slogan's inherently abstract message will ignite the mechanisms of critical thought that are usually lost when viewing more conventional political slogans."


get the tank top 

here's how a bumper sticker will look on your car

April 11, 2014 listening to the radio in Palm Springs I hear discussion about how they assist those with HIV and/or AIDS, and they say that they do random drug testing in order to receive help. People have to make less than $17,000 per year to receive assistance.

This was on KNEWS 94.3 FM at about 3:24pm.


Suffering from OMG

"This hilarious self-help parody is full of compassionate advice for men afflicted with Oversized Male Genitalia (OMG)." 


Please stop trying to raise my awareness

There's a tsunami of awareness raising these daze. These awareness-raisers seem to be aware of everything except how annoying they are, especially those "get tested" drones that never test themselves on why it's not transmitted by mosquitoes. 

pass it on


President kissed Justin Beiber

The opening skit for Saturday Night Live included a push for health care signups in part, by kissing Justin Beiber. It looks like "Beiber" was a gal dressed up as him, so it wasn't even gay.

watch the skit here


Ebola vaccine - available for mice, not for humans

Ebola virus virion electron micrograph (public domain image) 


Feds will recognize Michigan marriages

Despite the halt on the marriages, the federal government will recognize those that were consummated during the window where marriages were performed in Michigan. 

reference our friends at Fox news


About those vaccines everyone thinks are so great

[–]catholic__cock on says: "You might want to google the lawsuit that's ongoing about Merck lying about the effectiveness of their MMR vaccines. Everyone likes to cast blame on unvaccinated people while neglecting to research what other reasons could be behind these issues." 


Frozen marriage

Michigan gay marriage stop continued, put in a "frozen state" for now.


John E. Fryer, the first psychiatrist to confront the American Psychiatric Association about its classification of homosexuality as a mental illness

The Internet Archive will be digitizing some VHS tapes from the 1960's and 1970's including one where Fryer appears in the TV show episode “Puppet or Person?”. A total of 40,000 VHS tapes are being archived.

read more on this here

NY Times obituary piece on John E. Fryer


Palm Springs cameras will be monitoring park restrooms

The City Council of Palm Springs voted to approve Measure J funds (which was a 1% sales tax increase for 30 years sold to voters for downtown redevelopment) for the installation of video cameras to monitor the various restrooms at the city's parks. As per the city website:

ACTION: Approve the purchase and installation of video cameras to monitor the exterior of various park restrooms from Systems Integration Corp. in the amount of $38,000. Approved as part of the Consent Calendar.

In the staff report it names Ruth Hardy Park, Sunrise Plaza, and Demuth Park.

reference staff report here

This was part of March 19, 2014 council meeting, list of archived videos of their meetings can be found here.


Biden says

Simon says many things, but Biden says "more needs to be done for LGBT rights". Yea, like banning the LGBT blood ban, did he mention that? Probably not. Did he say anything about banning circumcision? Probably not, even though it's done to homo men and not to lesbians. So no speak on the GBT blood bans. Notice I left out the L AS it's not a lesbian ban, is it? But why? If viruses don't discriminate when it comes to being intimate with blood then who does? Scientists? Doctors? Politicians? People in appointed positions in health departments? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.



Sympathizers vs. protesters

Westboro Baptist Church was protesting and this is what was across the street in light of the recent death of Fred Phelps according to a blog commenter. God did say love thy neighbor. I wonder if they are part of the gay community or just part of the sympathetic community.


Animal rights activists take note

Cows love their jobs


Now it's VHF

Viral Hemmoragic Fever - latest new set of words the medical industry is using to describe things that are basically old diseases. Symptoms are diahhrea, vomiting, fever, same symptoms as a hundred other things. This is the say way the definitions of AIDS got started. Mystery disease was reported, people freaked out, activism took hold demanding the government find a cure, cause. Cause was named HIV even though it wasn't proven. On and on, and here we are.

viral hemorrhagic fever "mystery"

And get this, you the taxpayer just gave $28 million to Scripps to study this new set of words that describe old conditions.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a five-year, $28 million grant to establish a new center for excellence to find an antibody "cocktail" to fight two types of viruses that cause severe hemorrhagic fever, including the deadly Ebola virus. - reference

More cocktails? Drunk medicine? Stay tuned.


Seth Rogen, James Franco mock gay marriage

The headline read that they mocked 2 very popular celebrities marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kayne West shown on the cover of Vogue.

As soon as I saw the image, I was sick to my stomach. I think it's a disgusting mockery of same sex couples and gay marriage. It's not funny one bit. In the article says they are treading a fine line, that's putting it mildly, they not only crossed it, it's like they tore up the road the line was painted on, then pushed an old lady in a wheelchair over the line, in the middle of a hurricane, she got swept up like the house in the Wizard of Oz, they snapped a picture, posted it on Twitter, and thought that was funny too.

Their video parody of Kanye West's video, as compared to this Vogue cover, is different. It made me laugh when I first saw it, and, when I saw it again and again. It's not the same kind of thing. Here, gay marriage was mocked, blatantly.

Why didn't Seth go all out and paint his face black? See the problem here? That would have been more accurate, wait, omg look closely, his hands are black, but not his face. Why not his face? That would have sparked OUTRAGE.

This is totally disgusting, it disgusts me more than anything the Westboro Baptist Church has done.

Gays have been slaves to the prejudice for centuries, in many forms, bashed, beaten, humiliated, and shunned for even thinking of equal rights, and the portrayal of the two men in marriage, as some kind of mockery of Kayne and Kim is not even close to hitting the mark of parody. Their display is totally disgusting.  

reference see more images and read more about it there

And this whole thing gets even nuttier......

 apparently there are those who are upset about the original cover of Kayne and Kim on Vogue, so much so, they said they would be canceling their subscription to Vogue. Why? Looks fine to me. In fact, it's incredibly beautiful. They are a lovely couple.

image credit Annie Leibovitz, Vogue

UPDATE: On April 18, 2014 the TV show "The View" had a discussion about this cover. It was mentioned some people cancelled their subscriptions to Vogue and the audience mostly cheered in support. Then the hosts went on to show "how some are mocking the cover" and showed the gay version, everyone laughed hysterically, from the hosts to the audience. How is that funny? I just sat in befuddlement as to how they could laugh at "mockery" of gays. Showing to guys posing for marriage is not funny. They have supported gay marriage in their talks about issues. It clearly showed they have a double standard. 


Any two adults can get Married in Michigan

Regardless of gender, the ban has been lifted, or struck down, depending on your view. So while the bans on genderless marriage keep falling, new bans keep going up, for example, Los Angeles county has banned plastic shopping bags, the greatest tree saving device ever created. Plastic bag ban fever is sweeping California. Palm Springs is the latest that has found plastic grocery bags to be evil (ignoring how many trees they save) and they have banned them from use, so basically, what we have here, is your gay grocery bags cannot join in matrimony to the packages they were intended to carry across the threshold any more, starting January 2015.

bag the ban


Tying things together

A bundle of sticks becomes a single solitary fag when they are tied together, yet that doesn't change the fact that they are still sticks, not just one stick but many. So when I read headlines like this one found on Reddit, that says "Whooping Cough Outbreaks Tied To Parents Shunning Vaccines" I have to wonder and report about it.

As I wonder, I thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhink just because there's more letters in a word, it doesn't tie together a bundle of sticks nor tie together the cause of why there's more letters in one word than normal. One could say that because words didn't get vaccinated against extra letters, that it's those that didn't get vaccinated that caused these new letters in the word to appear. They would be wrong of course as I merely had a stuck key.

Similarly, there's this concept that those who shun vaccines are the ones causing outbreaks. This is probably perpetuated in medias first by those who have a stake in the business of selling vaccines. 

In the case of the article on whooping cough, there were thousands of comments, mostly in the camp of this thought process. Problem it makes no logical sense. Even those who make the vaccines, and those who inject them will tell you that they cannot guarantee their effectiveness, that they are not 100% preventative, and thus, when people make claims that the ones who don't get vaccinated are the cause of others who get some disease that the vaccine is claimed will prevent but doesn't have any guarantee nor 100% effectiveness, well, the argument does not tie together with reality as it could be any one of those people, the vaccinated, or unvaccinated, that spread the disease. It could also be that the air spread the disease, food, or a host of other things, and more likely, it could be that an environment was created within the person's body, that harbored, fed, and grew the perpetrators into the disease.

One thing I notice that is never reported with these disease causation theories, and blame of the unvaccinated, is that they fail to mention the environment of the body who has the disease. Had the victim been fed rancid oils? They create havoc in the immune system. 

reference comment section

One also has to wonder if there are cures for such illnesses, that have never really even been considered, such as one where a holocaust survivor was able to sleep well for the first time in 30 years after LSD therapy. Who would have ever dreamed do use a drug like LSD for good? It's certainly not the popular thought process.

reference Encyclopedia of Holocaust Literature


The baker, florist, and photographer

The gay marriage issue where a baker refused to bake a gay wedding cake, and lost, was not based on gay marriage, but rather, based on laws that bar discrimination based on sexual preferences.

"In three high-profile cases, business owners with religious objections to gay marriage—a photographer in New Mexico, a florist in Washington state, and a baker in Colorado—have been sued for refusing to provide their services to gay celebrations, and have lost. Technically, these cases are not about gay marriage per se: Same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Colorado and New Mexico, where the couples in question were celebrating non-marriage commitments. All three states (plus Vermont, home of the Christian innkeepers) have laws that bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation; those laws were the basis of the courts’ decisions, not the Supreme Court's marriage decision or other gay-marriage jurisprudence."



Cut it out

Circumcision. Cut out this practice.

Actor Alen Cumming prides himself on having an uncut dick and has called out the medical industry and penis regulators on this barbaric event in little infants lives. In reading a Salon article which provided this information I found this:

"One can argue, quite persuasively, about whether the practice of circumcision still has validity here in the west, especially among those who don’t have a religious directive. What’s needed, however, is education and enlightenment, so families can make the healthiest choices for their children. It’s not helpful to make farfetched comparisons, and it certainly isn’t constructive to imply that men and boys who are circumcised are somehow damaged, “mutilated” goods. That’s a shaming technique that serves no one, one that turns having a foreskin into a bragging point. And it’s an unfair judgment coming from a man who admits, “I myself don’t have kids. I just have managers, assistants, agents and publicists.”"

That's the lamest argument and defense of a barbaric genital mutilation ever. No one says that to shame anyone, they say it because it's fact, and it serves everyone, especially those who need to be protected from this barbaric practice. Shame and a series of other emotions is something felt by many who have had part of their penis cut off, not because some actor said it. Obviously this article was written by a woman, wait, let me verify......yep, Mary Elizabeth Williams.

And what the fuck does she know about how it feels to grow up and learn that part of your body, your most sacred private most pleasure inducing part, is hacked off, she knows nothing. The shaming she is doing on those who would speak out is what's wrong here. The Federal government is not doing it's job in protecting infants and it's a most vile disgusting form of abuse. And she wants to give parents the choice to cut off parts of their kids body - that is obscene, criminal, and yet so many people just think it's their right. It is not right, whether it be for religious reasons or any reason, it's cutting off body parts. Why can't people like her understand the severity of this issue?

Applause to Alen Cumming for coming out on this.

End genital cutting and throw these doctors in jail. 

article reference at

and if that's not bad enough, look at what they do with those foreskins they chop off, 

they get recycled, look what's in one a skin cream:

"An Allergan skin cream contains human growth factors derived from human foreskin"



Police are allowed to have sex with prostitutes in Hawaii



Celebrating the life of Reverend Phelps

The well hated man who started the Westboro Baptist Church has died at a ripe old age of 84. We all should be so lucky to live that long. His death made me ponder a bit. Many are celebrating his death, saying things like "he will rot in Hell for spewing so much hate" and some even "worry for those in Hell" inferring he's worse than the Devil himself.

I have a different view.

Phelps drew incalculable attention to gay rights issues. If it hadn't been for his exercising of his free speech rights, there would have been so much less exposure to these issues. 

Remember Jerry Falwell? Remember when he completely trashed Ellen?

Look at her today. It's quite possible that her rise to fame was helped, not hurt, by all his crap. Everyone loves Ellen. When I see her on TV I feel inspired at how she overcame odds and so much hate. I never would have had that kind of inspiration seeing her if Falwell hadn't been so mean.

Falwells public bastardization of this gay lifestyle choice created titilating television, all eyes were on the controversy, gays got their message broadcast to hundreds of millions every time Falwell said something. Sure his words were hurtful, but they were also helpful. Gays were charged up, straights, asexuals, and anysexuals, all stood to the defense of those who were being trashed. It was quite a thing to watch.

Phelps Westboro Baptist Church messages that "God Hates Fags" providing so much airtime for gay rights issues, and it's a testament of EXACTLY why free speech works. If these guys hadn't been doing this crap, no one would have paid attention. These hot button issues helped forge employers embracing policies that protected all employees, before states enacted laws, and even laid groundwork for gay marriage. 

I personally am not bothered one bit by the Westboro Baptist Church's tactics, because they are guaranteed by the constitution for a reason. They are the same protections forged for the gay activists when they protested. When I see them protest a funeral (note they only do this to taxpayer funded funerals, not private) or at a gay parade with their "God Hates Fags" signs, I just laugh. I don't get pissed, enraged, or any of that. It only causes to remind me of how great our country is for everyone to be able to freely express themselves. Everyone should celebrate this man's life, not condemn it, as his choices of free expression is a model of what America is all about, protected by law, guaranteed for everyone.

If they were protesting at a loved one's funeral that was being paid for by your tax dollars, and I saw them, I would embrace their actions (I wouldn't embrace them personally) as looking at them doing what they are doing, would smack that constitution in my face, reminding me of the INCREDIBLE freedoms we have in this country who many gave their lives for in wars.

apparently others agree

In fact, the LGBTWXYZ community should be rallying for celebrations of his life, honoring his work for all who love freedom, though I don't see this ever happening as they are mostly too stuck in their hate for the man, ironically. 


Westboro remix

That newsworthy Baptist church (one that doesn't speak for most Baptist churches any more than non-elected gay leaders speak for most gays) did an interesting remix of "Royals". MTV said it sucks, I think it's pretty good. 

listen to it here


Is it LGBT or should it just be GBT

Ellen came out as gay many years ago. Ellen is a female. She said "I'm Gay". She didn't come out as lesbian, she came out as gay. The word gay is gender neutral so adding L for lesbian to signify community is not necessary and it's a double emphasis on gay women, basically it's like saying "Gay Women, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendereds". I think it's stupid. It should be referred to as the "GBT community - the Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered" community. What was wrong with just the word gay, which meant alternate lifestyle, including all B's and T's as well as H's, G's, Q's, L's, and XYZ's. If we are going to continue the GLBT thingy, let's be sure to include everyone, including the X,Y,Z's, otherwise lets just use the word gay to signify alternate lifestyles, or at least, not overlap terms. And if we are going to use all those letters, we must, in the name of equality, put the transsexuals and bisexuals first at times, such as this TBGL or BTLG, lest we not be treating groups equally. 


Why smart people believe crazy theories

In reading an article about crazy theories and smart people, I found it interesting to notice that although they may be smart, they have quite possibly never fully understood the basic principles of how global cooling works, and how the body provides immunity much better than any shot can do. Most people are smart and yet at the same time, most people believe that sex can kill. Many smart people believe that every year they should vaccinate against billions of different viruses by using only a few shots, they believe that scientists can predict a year in advance what the next years most popular flu strain will be, yet there still isn't a vaccine for "The Aids". They believe scientists always provide fact as if science never lies, and then there's the theories that wearing rubber on your private parts protects your lungs from breathing in AIDS. How smart is it to wear a fibrous mesh on one's private part when that mesh is like leaving a screen door open and expecting no flies to come in the house? Viruses are smaller than the holes in these things, yet smart people all around the world use them as what they believe to be protection from viruses. I always get a good laugh from this belief, many of whom are smart people, and a double laugh when I read articles that infer that people like me who understand the fundamentals of science and principles of physics are deemed smart yet in err. One of the terms used in the article "dissident idealogues" caught my eye. Christopher Columbus was one of these, along with all of the founding fathers of the United States, Einstein, and many others. The list of "dissident idealogues" that have done amazing things is long. The article goes on to palter people who refuse to believe in "scientific consensus" as if there is such a thing when it comes to very complex matters such as the study of the body and disease and unproven causation theories, and the study of complex climate science that is incessantly moving and changing. In these cases there is no scientific consensus, and anyone who claims there is is not speaking of reality.



Bossy campaign to end the use of the word bossy

There's nothing quite like reading about bossy people who go around demanding that we end the use of words. This one is unbelievably s-word, they want us to stop using the word "bossy". What's next, the word "negative". Use it in a sentence, "They are so negative". Yep, must end that too. So if they are going to ban the adjective "bossy" they also need to ban the noun from which it's derived"boss". It's like banning the word "faggot", you have to also ban the word "fag", and thus never refer to a bundle of sticks that your negative LGBT bossy boss owns and places near your desk for you to take home and burn in the fireplace as being a "bossy faggot". 

inspired by


Sam Adams pulls from St. Patricks parade due to gay issue



Tennessee must recognize same sex couples

If they are married in another state even though currently the state does not recognize same sex marriage. 

reference Reuters


Bea Arthur, mountains, and pizza

pretty cool


Myth myth debunked

The article says the myth of HIV non-female/female transmission has now been debunked. Odd, that's not what the CDC says. The CDC says it's "possible" not "absolutely verified". Big difference. Yet I don't expect anyone to get this right either.

Notice they claim that in 30 years of HIV, not one case of female to female transmission confirmed by health officials yet they claim it's now proven when CDC says it's "possible", not absolute. 

So some thing is wrong here, either the science is screwy or the science is screwy or the reporting is screwy, which we all know has been that way since the beginning of HI virus research. There could also be screwy science and screwy interpretations of mountains of data, leading to screwy reporting based on screwy science

So they say (for decades now) that it's transmitted by bodily fluids, then if that's so why haven't they been able to confirm a female/female transmission for all this time? Do women never sneeze?


Pearly gates

did he get in or out 


Guy gets pissed, blames unvaccinated for measles outbreak

Reddit poster duckvimes_ says: "Thanks Anti-Vaxxers, You just brought back measles to NYC."

I thought this commenter's reply was priceless:

[–]stearnsy13 393 points 12 hours ago*

"I don't want to ask this for fear of being downvoted to oblivion, but I am a bit confused. If you contracted Measles from an unvaccinated person, doesn't that mean you (or anyone else in your shoes) weren't vaccinated either?"

Too funny!

And then there's this bizarre concept, "herd immunity",

[–]inkrat 590 points 11 hours ago*

Adults aren't vaccinated for mumps, measles or whooping cough because it was sufficient to establish herd immunity by vaccinating the kids, the ones most susceptible to those diseases anyway. These vaccinations were supposed to be one time, lifelong immunizations. That's not the case anymore.

As a result of not vaccinating some of the kids, herd immunity has been compromised and now adults are starting to become affected by diseases that used to never be considered adult diseases.

So yes, even if you were vaccinated as a child, you absolutely can contract measles and whooping cough (and mumps, as I did) later in life if herd immunity (vaccination of the most common carriers) has been lost.

Edit: As several people have said below, there has been a need to revaccinate as an adult, especially in high risk situations.

Based on that concept, no vaccine can work effectively unless the entire herd of people is vaccinated. And if one person from a herd that is not vaccinated travels to another herd that is vaccinated, the herd that's vaccinated is susceptible to infection even thought they are vaccinated.


reference this page 

Then there's this statement about measles reappearing "because of anti-vaccination" movements,

Measles have reapeared in the USA because of anti-vaccination movements. Why should I care if I'm vaccinated, aren't I protected from it?

"I'm vaccinated, the vaccine is supposed to keep me safe from the measles virus. Aren't only unvaccinated people at risk?" which a top reply was this:

[–]AnteChronos 1140 points 6 hours ago

The vaccine isn't always 100% effective, and it's possible (though rare) for the vaccine to not work properly for some people.

Many people can't be vaccinated (allergy to the materials in the vaccination, compromised immune systems, too young to be vaccinated, etc.), and those at-risk groups rely on everyone else being vaccinated to protect them.

But that makes no sense, if it were true, then how can anyone blame the unvaccinated for something that is not 100% effective? The vaccinated are equally as prone to spreading it. The statement that it's "rare" for it to not work though it not by any stretch true even.


First possible confirmed case of lesbian to lesbian HIV transmission

It's reported that a "rare female to female HIV transmission" occurred (reference), or more precicely, that a 'possible confirmed case' occurred. Note that it's possible, not absolute, the only thing that is confirmed is that it's possible. But this news may be startling to some who don't realize that there has never been a female to female sexual transmission of a virus. Truly it all makes no sense, how can a virus discriminate? How is it that there is hardly any straights nor lesbians getting it? There obviously is something wrong with the testing modalities and theories. In fact, straights should be getting it 9x more because there's 9x more of them on the planet than gays, and lesbians should be getting it as much as gays, in fact, there shouldn't be any particular sexual group that gets it more or less than others if indeed viruses don't have gender preverences.


Ban the the word ban bandwagons

Would you believe the newest word they want to ban is 'bossy'. Yes, now the word 'bossy' is set to become "the b-word". What happens when there's 2 or 3 b-words? Do we refer to the first one as b-word-1?

it's truly abusurd


So you think you know everything there is to know about AIDS

how come you didn't think of this before? 


Picking up ETD's

Electronically transmitted diseases are not entirely new, but they are appearing more prevalently with the rise of the use of smart phones. It used to be that visiting sex sites were the way to catch these bugs, but no more, they are being caught from other sites as well, those non sexually related. I see a similarity to the way these bugs in the electronic world are transmitted, and those of the real world, that is, there is no distinction between who or what is transferring the virus. When one is on their smart phone, the virus travels through the air. When one is in the real world the virus travels through the air.

"Trawling porn sites used to be the best way to pick up an electronically transmitted disease on your smartphone. That's not the case anymore. Every one in five times a mobile user is redirected to a malware site on the Internet, it's done through a malicious ad, according to a report released last week by Blue Coat. That's three times what it was two years ago." -


He's got this faggot tied up in the basement

bundle of sticks


Your work can't be this bad

walking through an inflatable cancerous asshole 


Great book

Main character in the book is gay but the gayness is not dominating the plot.




That's the number of the population surveyed that said they thought HTML was a STD. A much greater % think that there's an STD that thinks HI viruses can only travel by penis or vagina.

thoughts in part based on this article



Once again the gay community is being criticized for being heterophobic.



Set in 1948 a short gay silent film.

Caught - gay short film from DCJ Productions Ltd. on Vimeo.


Proud to be GMO

Odd, companies don't seem too thrilled to label their products genetically modified. 


30 years a slave

It was 1984 that the world was told "the cause of AIDS has been found and it's HIV". The world has been chained to the theory ever since. 


Mad Blood

There's an epidemic of misinformation out there somewhere over the rainbow.

Mad Blood - gay short film from DCJ Productions Ltd. on Vimeo.


Use Twitter, medicians are watching your sex habits

I couldn't believe it, the UCLA Medicine study collected 550 million tweets in 2012 to study sexual behavior as it relates to HI virus transmission and prevention. Not exactly HIPPA compliant the privacy issue, not to mention it's creepyness, is concerning, but hey, any community that slices off a part of a newborn's dick routinely cannot be thought of as not being creepy from the very start. Things like "monitoring and surveillance" cam up in regards to behavior. How Orwellian. 


Celebrate with a shot

Hooray, a new promising HI virus prevention, like we haven't heard that for the last 30 years every year, but this time it's real, like we haven't heard that for the last 30 years. Well maybe this time, and it's pretty awesome, you only have to get a shot 4x a year. Sounds a bit much but it beats getting a shot after every sex session or wearing condoms. So now, if you want to have sex, the safe sex aristocracy will probably say that's what you have to do to stay healthy and have redemption. Once this is available, there will be no more need to pray for prevention. Ask me how they tested it in studies. They stuck it up monkey butts. So they say this shot neutralizes the HI virus, all my reading in medical research has said that antibodies, which the body creates, does that same thing. The whole principle of getting a shot is for the body to make antibodies. The body makes antibodies which eliminates viruses.

reference Scientific American article

Makin' antibodies

We in the "crazy" community have known this for decades, that the human body creates antibodies to rid itself of viruses. So I got a laugh today when I read this as a popular headline on Reddit,

 HIV-neutralizing antibodies: A scientific team has discovered how the immune system makes a powerful antibody that blocks HIV infection of cells by targeting a site on the virus called V1V2

In the paper, it states, "In an advance for HIV vaccine research, a scientific team has discovered how the immune system makes a powerful antibody that blocks HIV infection of cells by targeting a site on the virus called V1V2."

Well duh. The body creates antibodies, we've known this for years, no vaccine needed, duh.

eureka, we found something that's always been there 


Gallium nitrate

Claimed at one time to be a possible HI virus prevention/cure/treatment. An intriguing reference in the report to note is the widespread belief in HI virus science that "heterosexual transmission rates are extremely low because heterosexuals are monogamous".


Possible HI virus prevention


Condom for sex pigs

Contains nitrates?

bacon flavor 


That's sooooo gay


Don't be a potato head

remember this  



This is public health

or not 


Gay mil vets to march in Boston St. Patrick's parade

As long as they are not wearing gay clothes


New gay Jeep adventure club in Colorado 


Four papers on AIDS that make you say WTF

the report


Hi Virus tests do not test for one thing

they don't


SCOTLAND is to offer asylum to Ugandans facing persecution

Laws there making being gay a crime have opened the hearts of nations.

more of the story here at


Pacific storm sweeps viruses from west coast to east

The latest storm is hitting California, bringing rain and strong winds. These winds will pickup and transport billions of different viruses and spread them across the US all the way to the east coast.


Some say my ideas are out of this world

That's fine, some may very well be, as most here on Earth don't understand the language I speak. As it stands, even though millions of people speak English, they still don't understand each other in many ways, religion, politics, etc. So in response, I may just name some craters on Mars in honor of that sincerely held religious belief that my ideas are extraterrestrial.

story on new startup for naming Mars craters

official website


More states consider anti-gay laws

My headline is a farce, there are no anti-gay laws, there are religious protection laws, yet media is out for the drama, making headlines just like that, claiming now that 5 other states are working on so called anti-gay laws. It's all about riling people up, get attention, sell ad space.

The laws are meant to protect religious rights, does not a person's religious beliefs matter? Gay activists and media doesn't seem to care about that. They want to force religious owned businesses to do what every they want; when they want, how they want, and if they don't it's always called discrimination. Problem is, the moment you make it mandatory for gays to be served wedding cakes by someone who objects based on their religious beliefs, that same moment you make it so that the Westboro Baptist Church can demand a gay owned cake business to make cakes for their group saying "God Hates Fags" and if the business doesn't comply, they get sued. They would base their suit on their right to religious freedom and freedom of speech, which is constitutionally protected, and thus that gay business owner would have to comply, against their sincerely held beliefs.

See, you can't have your gay wedding cake and eat it too.

In reality, the issue is so small, there have been only 2 instances of such rejection of business. 99.999% of these businesses want everyone's business.


HPV strains in the hundreds

I thought this was interesting learning this, how many of you think it's just one virus? 

from a Reddit discussion:


Just an FYI for everyone who doesn't know, the HPV vaccine only protects against four strains of HPV, two low-risk (wart causing) and two high-risk (cancer-causing). It is still possible to contract HPV after being vaccinated.



It bugs me that HPV is talked about as if it is one virus that there is a vaccine for. It's really a family of well over hundred viruses with wide-ranging implications. Many of the strains are very common and still have no commercially available test, much less a vaccine. Condoms don't decrease the risk much, so even if you are vaccinated, the more people you have sex with, the more strains you will inevitably pick up.



Oh the hype

Studying in depth the issue of this so called right to discriminate law that came up in Arizona, I was surprised to learn that there is no such thing as a right to discriminate law.

As stated on the Christian Post, which took labor to clarify the facts, "[T]o be clear: SB1062 does not say that businesses can discriminate for religious reasons. It says that business people can assert a claim or defense under RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act), in any kind of case (discrimination cases are not even mentioned, although they would be included), that they have the burden of proving a substantial burden on a sincere religious practice, that the government or the person suing them has the burden of proof on compelling government interest, and that the state courts in Arizona make the final decision," the group (of 11 law professors) said in a letter to Brewer.

Calling the law a right to discriminate is the most gregarious form of bandwagoneering seen in recent years. There was a heavy burden placed on both parties to prove their case. It was not in the slightest way a "license to discriminate".

more at the Christian Post

And while music videos get edited to appease certain religious groups, other religious groups, Christians, seem to get bullied and bashed routinely.

Then again......we might consider who's on the offense, this church in Harlem has on it's sign something rather offensive  

Now what ever you do just don't give this cat the finger! 


TBGL overactivism won yet again

Well so they think, their power of group think persuasion got even big companies to weigh in, threats of boycotting the entire state worked, the governor of Arizona to veto the bill. It's a good thing, but the bully tactics disgust me. Besides using the same tactics (bullying) that they are so hell bent against when they are used on them for even the smallest of things, it's completely unfair to boycott businesses just because they are in a state. There were many businesses that stated they openly welcome all people. Most all business is insterested in the money, serving all customers that will patronize their establishment, yet the threat of boycott was prevalent. When some conservative people say they don't like gays, this is why.

Funny thing though, none of the news outlets seems to care that there already is a similar law ON THE BOOKS. The veto leaves standing (according to the Christian Sience Monitor) "the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which continues to empower individuals to sue when they believe state or local laws – including antidiscrimination laws – are violating their religious rights." 

So in reality, there remains a balance for those who have a strong religious conviction to not bake a gay wedding cake to not do so, yet there has not been one cake maker in Arizona yet that has refused (according to Jan's statement on veto day) maybe because gay marriage is not legal there, but wait, civil unions are legal, and gays can get civil unionized in Arizona. So what was all the fuss about really? The claims of slippery slopes and it would provide license to discriminate were invalid.

 more at the Christian Science Monitor 

A few more titbits that will probably not appear on TV news.

In 2006 Arizona voters said NO to a proposition that would BAN gay marriage though the state does not formally recognize gay marriage currently. In 2008 voters chose to define marriage as man/woman, but currently in January 2014 there are 4 couples that are challenging that in court, demanding marriage rights. Arizona state employees already provide same sex partner benefits to couples since 2008. Civil unions are legal by the city of Bisbee and Tucson since June 2013 and numerous others have joined the same. Other major cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale offer domestic partnership status and there's not been one cake baking tizzy that I can find anywhere in that state.

Is it possible this whole thing has been hyped just a tad out of proportion to reality? I'm gay and have to say those bully tactics of boycott didn't represent MY COMMUNITY one bit. My community is tolerant and does not threat to penalize with broad swaths businesses or individuals, who do not have any blame just because they live in a state.

reference same sex unions at Wikipedia


Arizona bill vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer

She said she didn't see a need for it, there were no examples of religious liberty being infringed on in Arizona.


Texas is the latest state to strike down ban on gay marriage

Notice no one says LGBT marriage, it's GAY marriage or gender neutral marriage.


Doctors discriminate why can't cake makers?

A gynecologist treats women for physical and medical issues. They do not treat men. If the cake maker must be forced to make guy/guy cakes, shouldn't the gynecologist be forced to not discriminate as well?

Next time any of these gay activists say that cake makers must be forced to decorate cakes according to the tastes of the gay community, one might remind them that someone might come along some day and force their andrologist to treat women.

I think these cases are going to be overturned by the Supreme Court. There has to be some protection allowed for the beliefs when it comes to artistic expression in photography and cake making. Is the gay cake maker going to gleefully make cakes for Westboro Baptist when they come in? 


The Fray lead singer comes out

On the Today Show in the interview before singing his song live which was awesome, he let everyone know he was a figure skater. I hope this isn't a trend, performers coming out as being into sports.



Gay NBA basketball player, 1st to come out as gay, his jersey shirt is the best seller.

buy yours here


Stupid plastic grocery bag bans

If these people are so concerned about the planet, why don't they ban single use condoms? Hygenic reasons? Exactly. Plastic grocery bags are are sterile, clean, unused, and the best thing that has happened for the planet, saving billions of trees, and now idiots want them banned. People put their reusable bags on grocery store conveyer belts, my food touches those belts. How do I know that they didn't put their used condoms in those reusable bags? No one washes their condoms nor do they wash their reusable bags regularly. Reusable bags are dirty and a threat to public safety. They also encourage crime, shoplifting has increased in areas where reusable bags are mandatory.


Romney says Arizona's governor should veto the %gaydiscrimbill

Much to the surprise of gay activists and republican haters, the former presidential candidate Mitt Romney who was beat by Obama who received a 2nd term, said Jan Brewer, Arizona's governor should veto that bill that allows business to discriminate based on strong religious convictions. 


Smoking causes aids

2x as many gays and lesbians smoke than non gays and lesbians so says the study. Smoking causes immune deficiency. Smoking is acquired. Chemicals in medicine cause immune deficiency. Sex does not cause AIDS. It never has.


His friend is getting married

which one?


They all said life would be better if he came out

he has a different view


Easter is gay

eggs formed a penis shape 


Liberty verses liberty

Who's liberty wins? Gays want cake artists to be forced to decorate they way they dictate. Religious folk want their liberty to say no I can't. If the gay cake police win, gay cake artists will be also forced to decorate cakes the way the religious folk want. 

Consider this, what if someone came into the gay owned cake store in West Hollywood and demand to have their cake decorated to say "Fuck Fags" or "Gays will rot in Hell if they don't repent"? The cake would be for a church gathering of the Westboro Baptist Church. Does the gay cake maker have the right to discriminate against the religious beliefs of the customer? 

See a problem here?

I don't yet see how forcing a few business owners to create art against their wishes is fair. Cake making is an art. Is it right to also force artists to draw anything a client asks? That would mean again, that the Westboro Baptist Church could force a gay ad agency to create an anti-gay campaign banner, signs, and TV spot. 

An overwhelming number of cake makers would not care whether it's two women or two men on the top of the cake they decorate, they just want the business so is the problem really that big that it needs new legislation? I guess if it's a small town and there's only one cake baker, it could be considered an issue. Then again, why should anyone have to deal with not having their cake made the way they want.

One has to wonder though, if we force them to violate their religious beliefs and force them to make that cake to be gay, against the store owner's wishes, what's next, forcing jewelers to stop advertising his and her rings because we never hear ads for his and his rings in TV commercials from that jeweler? Forcing the jeweler to offer his and his rings?

And what about photographers? Can the law then force a gay black photographer to attend and photograph a Klux Klan ceremony?

Something just doesn't seem right.

And what about the gay cake shop that has a man and woman come into the shop who say "We want you to make us a cake that says 'Fags suck', can that cake maker refuse? Is that gay cake maker going to be forced by law to serve them? Oh but that's offensive they would say, but it seems so if gays are going to force the cake maker to make something that offends them, then that same rule would have to apply equally to everybody. 

The other thing about this whole discrimination thing, a cake maker could then not refuse to serve that customer based on the religious values of either party. That means the gay cake maker would be forced to serve the Westboro Baptist Church.

I think there's some kind of middle ground somewhere where we can all eat our cake and have it too.

some reading


Things we can't see

There was a brilliant flash on the moon last year, of all days, on September 11, 2013. It was a meteor crashing into the surface of the moon. You can watch the video of it at the link below. When I was watching it I thought how incredible it would have been for NASA to have set up a camera there on the moon to capture the crash up close. The footage would have been phenomenal to watch. Of course that would be impossible to predict such a thing far enough in advance.

That makes me wonder about other predictions. There are those who study things we cannot easily see such as what moves around in the space of blood, and their predictions of what and where things like a virus will crash. They claim they know with certainty that if you are infected with a virus you must prepare battle with it, even though you don't really know where it's going to crash and into what cell. Space is infected with meteors but where and when they cause damage is what's important, but then again, just how important? How much damage is really done? 

It's something like if NASA wanted to destroy the meteor before it hit the moon, fearing that if it hits, it will blow it up. I find viral science to be constructed in this form, they want to destroy the virus before it hits, even though when and where it hits is not known, that is, if it even hits the cellular body at all, and when it does, the cell remains intact. 

I mean, it's like if we went to war on meteors like we do with viruses, what would the universe look like? After all, viruses are not living things, they are no more living than meteors. They both have so called "life" because they move.

see the cell shaped moon threatened by a speck of rock

diameter of the non-living rock .6 meter to 1.4 meter

diameter of the crater 40 meters

diameter of the moon is 31,855 meters

the impact crater is 1/1200th's the size of the moon

diameter of a virus is 1/100th's the size of a bacterium

According to, "The average virus is about one one-hundredth the size of the average bacterium. Most viruses are too small to be seen directly with an optical microscope."

What? Can't be seen?? At least with rocks in space we can see what's happening and thus we have a fairly clear understanding of what is going on, and can predict with only the most minimal of certainty, if any, when one body is going to collide with another and where. With viral science, how accurate can predictions be of where and when they would hit cells when we don't even have the ability to see them? What if these viruses are floating in the bloodstream like rocks in space, and just pass by cells and never hit them? What affect does running on a treadmill have on the velocity of the virus traveling in the space of blood and it's ability to cause a virus to veer off course from a target cell?

Houston, there's a problem.

And what about cosmic rays?

Where's the CRT (Cosmic Ray Test)? Who has studied the effects of cosmic rays on cells? Cosmic rays have an effect on viruses and cells and the body as a whole. What if P28 proteins are created due to the sun! I know of no studies proving or disproving this as a possibility.


Target cells

This whole concept that a virus targets a cell is rather bizarre. Does a space rock target the moon?


365 days of drawn dicks



Climates of suppression

I see a similarity between those who call climate change deniers/questioners "flat earth society members" (a statement publicly made by of all people John Kerry, Secretary of State of the United States) and those who call HIV deniers/questioners "flat earth society members". John Kerry called for the suppression of all "deniers" based on his claim that the science is settled. Fact is the science is not settled in either camps. 

One of the commonalities with these free speech suppresionists is that they try to silence those who would speak freely regarding complex modalities that are ever changing and are extremely difficult to quantify. They make unfounded claims like "the science is settled" when it isn't settled regarding either the climate sciences or dead non-living virus sciences.

article about how climate clowns try to change speech climate from free none


Antibodies could indicate MS

A study has "indicated" that certain biomarkers or antibodies appear in the blood before Multiple Sclerosis develops.(1) 

I wonder if they are going to make a vaccine against it. They would base this on the claim that one should have antibodies for MS long before the body naturally produces antibodies for MS, thus, injecting the human with something, like maybe an MS virus, to stimulate antibody production way ahead of schedule. Like any of that makes sense what I just made up, but that's how viral science thinks.

They claim they discovered the KIR4.1 protein. Sounds like a digital TV channel, and rightfully so as viral discoveries are becoming like cable, there's more channels than anyone needs to pay attention to.

Note they claim in this new discovery that they "found the protein". Discovery of proteins are what is used to determine if someone is maybe/HIV. The rapid test finds one protein, #28, the wait for it test that takes much longer and is considered more reliable, finds at least 4 different proteins, though, that depends on where you live, different countries have different standards, thus, providing different results.

Got protein? Drank milk?


Flat earth conspiracy theorists

Sometimes there are those who claim anyone who disbelieves the standard mantra h-i-v-c-a-u-s-e-s-a-i-d-s (said with an eerie resonance) will call them crazies, flat earthists, or conspiracy theorists in a condescending tone as if Watergate never happened.


HIV drugs kill the virus

If they kill the virus why do people have to keep taking the drugs? When does the killing end? 


Arizona passes a religious freedom bill that discriminates against gays

It's not yet law, but it's clear, those in power in Arizona, they want their cake and to eat it too, that is, without gay dudes getting married on top of it. The stupid bill if it became law allows businesses to discriminate and refuse service to gays, LBT's, Q's, etc. For example, if the gay married couple goes into that bakery and the owners are funda-mentalist Christians, and their bible says "thou shalt not get married to the same sex" (though it doesn't say "thou shalt not place plastic figures on cakes of the same sex) the store owners would be able to in Arizona refuse to make that wedding cake for the couple. Kansas tried this and the legislature decided to let the bill die "on the floor" (that's a term that describes the back and forth discussion process in the chamber when it's time to debate it) after so much outcry from the public (probably mostly gay community).

Ohhhhh I see a big problem with this bill if it passes a'comin. 

All anyone has to do in retaliation is join their "Church of the Mother of all Gayness" religions (easily done on the internet once someone creates it) or just declare your own religion, and then as these two religious gay married business owners of a cake shop do business they can say to any straight couple that comes in that is going to have a fund-mentalist Christian wedding "Oh I'm sorry, we don't make cakes for straight Christian couples - BECAUSE IT'S AGAINST OUR GAY RELIGION.

Problems could also arise as it would have special effects in Hollywood when gay actors refuse to work with Christian actors who have vocally opposed gay marriage (who's that guys name again?). I can hear the gay actor stating "It's against my religious beliefs to work with actors like that" and if they own their own production company they would say "It's against my religion to hire actors who are Christian as it would ruin the integrity of my film". 

Or, to make it simpler and even more fair, any gay who's practicing their religion which is being gay, "my gay religion", which by commandment tells gays that when a man marries a man or a woman marries a woman, the couple is looked upon by the eyes of God highly, and forever has a special place in heaven, well, that gay couple can just tell any cake store owner that refuses to make their wedding cake with two men or two women on it, that they just discriminated against them based on religion, which is illegal in all 50 states in the great USA.

There we solved that problem.



How can I trust science

Rocket science is much more reliable than medical science. There are fewer variables and fewer moving targets to deal with. I can trust many aspects of rocket science, horticulture science, many other sciences, and even weather science more than I can medical science. How can I trust things said by medical science when they keep changing their stories. So many other sciences are more exact, easy to prove, medical science is not. I mean medical science may be able to prove that a broken bone can heal when splinted and show it on an x-ray, but all this viral science crap is based on little itty bitty micro sub microscopic particles of matter that only a few electron microscopes ever see and they claim in one breath these impossible to find things are "living" and can be killed, while at the same time viral science states clearly that they are not living things. 


Epidemic of diagnosis

It's what's happening with thyroid cancer, too much diagnosis of the disease without enough of the real disease. The article appeared here at and reminds me of what happened with the new mystery gay disease of the early 1980's, first dubbed Gay Related Immune Deficiency, (GRID), and later changed to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, (AIDS) which no one knew the cause of until false claims came about of it being due to a virus. 


Another state won't defend the gay marriage ban

This time it's Oregon.

article at


Cut the crap

I believe people like Liam Scheff are on to something when they say corn flakes are bad for your dick.


Thot poleece 


Forced internet subscriptions are so stupid

I can be sitting in a coffee shop and read a print edition newspaper or magazine, and so can 100 others throughout the day, and the publisher only sells ONE PAPER, yet these greedy bozos with their online editions think they have to get money from every single person who comes to their site. They put pop up windows there blocking you from reading their stuff. I suggest they consider the internet to be more like a coffee shop, and stop and smell the bad business model. 


Mayor want's LGBTQTUVWXYZ flag flying in Toronto City Hall during olympics which was placed there by council to be replaced with Canada pride flag

This an appropriate action.


My name is Brett Jones, I'm a Navy SEAL, and I'm Gay 


Gay couples photographed in stunning series by Braden Summers

Note the term GAY is chosen over LGBT. 


Contradictions in science scientifically proven to be accurate

It may seem like a contradiction but it's not. One example, salt on roads makes the ice melt, but salt on layers of snow causes it to freeze. You would think that it would be one way or the other. I wonder if this principle applies to language as well as physics. 



There's no Presidents Day and there's no HIV

These two myths continue to this day, even on today's morning news 2/17/2014 the newscaster said it was Presidents Day. They also say there's a HI virus regularly. Problem is it's Washington's Birthday, that's the name of the holiday. There is no holiday called President's Day. There also is no HI virus.


There is no HIV test

Lian Scheff speaks about this February 2014 talking about the Padian study and saying there is no HIV test, that the test is a polyreactive test.

Wondering what 'polyreactive' means? Think of Polygamy. There are homoreactive tests, monoreactive tests, and polyractive tests. It's like homosexual, lesbiansexual, bisexual, and monosexual (those who have mono), these prefex attachments have certain meanings changing the noun they are attached to. 

Poly means multiple.

According to at the National Institutes of Health website found here "The panel on the left represents a typical monoclonal polyreactive antibody as evaluated by ELISA and shows that polyreactive antibodies react not only with self-antigens, but equally well with a variety of foreign antigens."

Whoops! That means that the HIV test is not reacting only to one specific thing which is what "AIDS crazies" have been saying all along. 

Note the ELISA test is used.

reference: - Properties and Function of Polyreactive Antibodies and Polyreactive Antigen-Binding B Cells

Then there's this in Trends in Immunology which is fascinating: 

"The ’lock and key’ hypothesis of antigen–antibody interaction has long dominated immunological thinking. However, studies demonstrating the existence of a large number of monoclonal antibodies that can bind to a variety of totally unrelated self and foreign antigens (i.e. polyreactive antibodies) has modified this view."

In other words, various antibodies can attach themselves and destroy a wide variety of viruses without having to match themselves exactly to the virus to be destroyed according to the newest understanding (not sure if this is widely accepted or not). So based on this "trend" in understanding viruses and immunity, one can have antibodies that don't even match the virus threat, and still create immunity and one has to wonder about all basis for HIV science.


Scheid, J. F. et al. Broad diversity of neutralizing antibodies isolated from memory B cells in HIV-infected individuals. Nature 458, 636640 (2009)

"Despite the low affinity of the polyreactive combining site, heteroligation demonstrably increases the apparent affinity of polyreactive antibodies to HIV."

Polyreactive antibodies to HIV! Immunity! Polyreactive test. Reacts to many things, which means, no one knows for sure if they are infected because the test reacts to to many different viruses. 

It's like how polyamorous is loving many partners, polyreactive is reacting to more than just HIV so there really is no HIV test.



HIV liberation movement

I should have informed you on December 1st, 2011 of the worldwide "HIV Fraud Liberation Day" as presented on the Robert Scott Bell show featuring Liam Scheff. You can listen to a podcast discussion about it here. My apologies.

Key statements to note:

this podcast is a must study for anyone who is concerned about HIV


Luc Montiegner says he can diagnose the HI virus without using a HI virus test

An astounding statement by a man who was given the Nobel Laureat prize in 2008 for the discovery of HIV (starts at 1:30). Notice how what he says in his method is what any doctor could do without a test. If he can do it so can anyone. 


Ellen Page is gay

Note the headlines say she came out as gay, and she said herself that she is gay, not TBQLG.

reference NY Daily News


Everything is ending



Play these odds

If only it was in Vegas, the odds are amazing, 

"Eighteen court decisions have addressed an issue of equality based on sexual orientation, and equality has won every single time."

Looks like it's hump day for gay. 

Can't lose the fight in the courts.

quote from



LGBTQ = lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, questioning 

Mary's a lesbian, but Jon's questioning his sexuality.

It's all based on sexuality.

But there's Intersex and Asexual, so it really needs to be referred to as LGBTQIA.

Then there's also polygamy which is another form of sexuality, so in the theme of equality, let's add the P.



we could all just go back to using the one all encompassing word "gay" to refer to everyone's sexuality, lest one day we use up all letters of the alphabet to refer to specific sets and subsets of sexuality and have to refer to the ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ community.


Forming a BLV (Bi Lateral Vomitation) center

This would be an area in a computer similar to that in the brain where false/causation theories are purged.

inspired by


Texas allows TGM not SSM

Trans gender marriage allowed, court rules.

read more


Virginia ban on S.S. Marriage unconstitutional

That state also had an old fashioned "Racial Integrity Law" where it was only legal to marry those of the same race. That law was abolished in 1967, much like slavery was abolished in the 1800's. Why has it taken so long to abolish laws banning same sex marriage? Were there not same sex couples in the 1800's?

Reference Fox News


Alabama gay marriage challenge

"A gay man whose husband was killed in a car accident is filing a federal lawsuit challenging the Alabama laws that prohibit the recognition of his marriage, which was legally performed in Massachusetts."

more here


Invoking viral sovereignty

Indonesia is on the cutting edge by invoking viral sovereignty and not succumbing to western medicine's mismanaged approaches to disease causation, surveillance, and treatment. 

As a nation, by invoking "viral sovereignty" (such as Indians successfully invoked sovereignty on their territories to protect themselves from new-improved Imperialistic democracy) they do not participate in freaking out about viruses as do numerous other countries that join pacts such as that of The Global Health Security Agenda which force things on their public such as surveillance in order to prevent, detect, and respond to dangerous infections. 

One of the things that bothers me about these agendas and approaches using surveillance of disease and it's claimed causes, is that it's based on viruses as the cause, which they say today disease spreads so fast around the world due to plane travel. 

First, disease does not spread around the world, it spreads in a human body, as the very word disease reflects what is a condition of the body. Throw me a body and if I catch it does that mean I catch a disease? No. I catch a body that contains disease. They should be saying viruses spread, not disease. You can throw me a virus, I can catch it, and thus create a disease, I still don't catch the disease, I only catch the virus, yet the false claims continue daily, saying "disease threats spread faster than ever before". Well, in a way that's true though, if it's the threats we are talking about, well threats of disease spread faster than ever before with the internet. The threats are everywhere online, on TV, and in magazines, but that's all they are, threats in print. 

Then there's this little oddity in their claims, air travel has actually been here for millions of years for all viruses. They don't have to hop on a plane to get around the world, they just hop on air, so the theory of disease being more quickly transferred because people can travel with their viruses as extra baggage, fails. 

Yet the nonsensical claims on "protecting ones-self" continue. Worst being, go stick viruses in your veins to protect yourself from them. It's like saying invite a robber to dinner in your home (compare to inviting a virus in your body) so you are immune to being robbed.

opinion based in part on information found here at 


Your team sucks

I don't use the S-word yet many people do.

"Retired NFL receiver Dante Stallworth explains why if you can't handle having a gay player on your team, your team probably sucks."



Excellent commentary by a news sports anchor

regarding football picks and locker rooms 


Gay Russian

Freeze gay rainbow colors of Kool-Aid in ice cube trays, add a little vodka and lemon lime 'fruity' soda, and we have a "Gay Russian".



Football player Michael Sam says "I'm Gay"

Wants to be the first NFL football player to come out publicly. 

reference NY Daily News


Traditional smishinal

Those who say we should base today's marriage definitions on the past, might consider the many traditions of the past where marriage was not defined as one man and one woman. King Solomon, had 700 wives, and many traditions throughout the world celebrate various forms of marriage including that of same sex. 


Why doesn't the flu shot work?

I was reading Google News and saw the story entitled "Flu Shot Fail: Why doesn't the flu shot always work?" I couldn't stop laughing. I don't get flu shots and find it hard to believe people believe the whole concept that injecting bizarre concoctions into their veins is a good thing.

A: It's rather simple, the causation theory is wrong. The flu is not caused by "a virus" it's caused by multiple things. That's the big fail of many aspects of medical science, blaming one thing, especially things that can only be seen by electron microscopes. A part of the causation theory that is ignored is too much processed oil in the diet. Another is too much sugar. Another is cold weather. Another is too much salt. 

We see so much flu around Christmas because people pig out at Christmas time on too much sweets, alcohol, and rich rich foods laced with processed oils. They overwhelm the body. They clog. They are like oil slicks. The body is mostly water. Dump oil in and you have problems. 

flu-shot-fail.jpg (175898 bytes)

Google news snapshot February 8, 2014



Billy Jean King did not make it for opening ceremonies at olympics

Her mom was dying.


Attorney General Eric Holder is applying a landmark Supreme Court ruling to the Justice Department, announcing Saturday that same-sex spouses cannot be compelled to testify against each other, should be eligible to file for bankruptcy jointly and are entitled to the same rights and privileges as federal prison inmates in opposite-sex marriages. 


The same dude who pisses off sensitive gays due to his use of the fag word holds hands with Elton John 


Burying a dead goldfish



From gymnazein "to exercise or train," literally or figuratively, literally "to train naked


Gayness is clearly a sport and should be treated as such

This is the home page "doodle" on February 7, 2014.


Priest denies woman with same-sex partner communion at her mom's funeral

how rude


Why aren't people who want to outlaw gay marriage for religious reasons not out petitioning for laws based on the ten commandments?

let's see why 


More proof pictures are gay

they are gay 


Spiders are 90% gay

this is too funny 


"Milk" actor James Franco making his Silverlake neighbors "miserable"

He bought a small fixer upper and instead of living in it, according to LA Curbed, he's made it into a production facility.

reference LA Curbed


Literally correct use of the word "literally"

"Mesner says he hopes the monument will strengthen the position of the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed a lawsuit in August challenging the constitutionality of the Ten Commandments statue. “When the government literally puts one faith on a pedestal,” wrote Ryan Kiesel, the ACLU of Oklahoma’s executive director, in the press release announcing the suit, “it sends a strong message to Oklahomans of other faiths that they are less than equal.”"

nuf said unless you want to read about Satan

Virginia will not defend 2006 gay marriage ban challenge

American Foundation for Equal rights are the same ones that successfully challenged California's ban on gay marriage and they are representing a gay couple who married in California and now live in Virginia and have a child and were refused a marriage certificate. The attorney general is a democrat.

more at USA Today


Many Denver Bronco fans gave up on their team 1/2 way through the game and switched to viewing porn and movies

chart shows it


Wisconsin 2006 marriage evasion law makes it a crime to get same sex married in another state

Penalties up to $10,000 and 9 months in jail. ACLU files challenge in court. One by one the dominoes fall.


Until the 1770's people thought kangaroos were mythical beasts

How long will it be before humanity realized that they believed in mythical beasts smaller than a blood cell?


Russia sets good example

Oh the LGBT/BUZZ about Russia being "so bad", I'm so sick of it. Russia has it's ways, and they should be respected. One of their ways is the fact is they treat their dogs more humane than the "oh so wonderful democratic USA" does. How? By letting them commute into the city by train to forage for food. In the USA roaming dogs are seen as viruses/threats that have to be caught, quarantined, and often exterminated.

story about how dogs in Russia ride the trains into the city

er, except in Sochi where they are catching and killing them because of the winter olympics

how disgusting is that 


Setting good examples



Ever feel like you are just going in circles?

Chasing your tail? Well, fret not, it's it's normal.


Um, ok, that's not hah gay* 

it's just gaycestuous 


Faggot police

The child was disciplined after he called Justin Beiber a fag. The detention assignment stated fag is an offensive derogatory term used to negatively identify LGBT persons. I have never heard a lesbian referred to as a piece of wood. I have never heard of a bisexual person referred to as a piece of wood. I have never heard of a transgender person referred to as a piece of wood. I have heard of gays, which I guess that means homosexual dudes, referred to as a piece of wood for some odd reason. Anyway, the child went on to describe what he meant. Based on his writings the word fag means bad. 


So, in the ongoing gay theme of equality, the next time someone gay calls someone bad, I expect they will be disciplined and given a detention assignment because that word is an offensive derogatory term used to negatively identify persons who have done something negative.



Medicinal Marijuana

According to Wikipedia: "Cannabinoids are a class of diverse chemical compounds that activate cannabinoid receptors on cells that repress neurotransmitter release in the brain. These receptor proteins include the endocannabinoids (produced naturally in the body by humans and animals),[1] the phytocannabinoids (found in cannabis and some other plants), and synthetic cannabinoids (manufactured chemically). The most notable cannabinoid is the phytocannabinoid ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound of cannabis.[2][3]"

Now, sit down, get ready.....

you'll never believe who owns the patent for "cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants". 


The US government. 




I was reading this article about claimed cause of Multiple Sclerosis being linked to a food bug and it stated this, "In their lab studies on rodents the researchers found that the toxin, called epsilon, crossed the blood-brain barrier and killed myelin-producing cells - the typical damage seen in MS."

What is a blood brain barrier? Blood travels through the brain to nourish it and feed it oxygen, if there was a barrier this wouldn't happen. 

"Blood brain barrier" makes no sense.



Shocking for who?



School ditches safety rules on playground and solves bully problem

Maybe less bully programs and more play is better.



Is a virus a bacteria?

Reading this reference article on the claim that a "new virus could kill Anthrax agent" I found something baffling and worth further research. The picture showed what looked like a sperm swimming in fluid, with the caption "The newly-isolated Tsamsa virus is a bacteriophage that infects and kills the anthrax bacterium and close relatives that cause food poisoning. It is one of the largest bacteriophages ever discovered."

Wait, let me get this straight, or gay, a virus is a bacteriophage? WTF?

The article stated in the photo caption, "The newly-isolated Tsamsa virus is a bacteriophage that infects and kills the anthrax bacterium and close relatives that cause food poisoning. It is one of the largest bacteriophages ever discovered." 

So I looked up bacteriophage on which said it's basically a bacteria with a virus inside it. So according to the photo caption definition, a bacteria can have a virus in it, and the bacteria can kill things. 

Is this what actually happens with so called immune deficiency viruses?

Since 70% of our immune system lies in our gut,s where mind numbing amounts of bacteria live, I wonder if an acquired immune deficiency syndrome could be caused by bad bacteria. 

The article claims that the bacteriophage infects the bacterium that causes Anthrax anthrax. Wait, I thought Anthrax anthrax caused death and disease, now it's bacteria causes Anthrax anthrax? That's confusing.

Words so often get spun all over the place in medicine. Then when I try to explain them, I get funny looks, and you wonder why I doubt what they tell me?



Disney allows 2 gay mom characters on new show

"Good Luck Charlie" couple Cheryl and Susan are as normal as any couple is normal. I wonder how Walt feels about this.



Marlboro ad man Eric Lawson dies at 72

OPINION: Many have jumped on this as kind of a 'see smoking kills' thing saying 'they shortened his life' but who's to say that those cigarettes didn't prolong his life? Imagine all the stressful situations that may have been in his life, where he reached for a cigarette and it calmed him down, thus, since stress kills, cigarettes may be prolonging life. Someone like him could have been dead at 52 without those cigarettes and instead they live a long life. I get so sick of all these people condemning smoking and wanting to raise 'sin' taxes even more, taxes that punish people for reaching for things they need to stop the stress from sending them to an early grave.



There are no gay people in Sochi

So says the mayor. Gay people are welcomed. "Our hospitality will be extended to everyone who respects the laws of the Russian Federation and doesn't impose their habits on others," he explained. Actually, America acts the same way, we want people who come into our country to respect America's laws and they are welcome. So, gay community, let's respect their laws when we are there, shall we?



Genderless marriage seals the show

The Grammy Awards 2014 had a whole lot of couples getting married, both straight and LGBTQXYZ's.


Let's hope Sochi games will help ease the plight of the persecutedsexuals



The Norwalk Virus

A recent cruise ship virus outbreak that sickened many was attributed to the Norovirus. In looking up some data on this Norwalk Virus, I encountered a testing mechanism for Hepatitis that merely finds antibodies. Now where have we heard this before? Are all of these virus tests only finding antibodies and random at that? I wonder if the Norwalk Virus testing is finding antibodies that are non-specific to any one virus. The symptoms of the disease are vomiting, nausea, weakness, muscle aches......hmmm, sounds like the flu. 

Note the image of "the norovirus" in the following reference looks like HIV! Omg it is HIV.



lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV)

Something to look into.



Marriage of all types took center stage at the 2014 Grammys

Bravo. But why is it limited to couples. I see discrimination here.


Catholic school principle lost job when he said he was getting married



Some communities are so viraphobic

Homos scare some, viruses scare others.


It's not rocket science

No it isn't. Medical science is a billion times more complex. When someone is trying to convey the message of something being not as complex as something else, might we suggest saying "It's not medical science".



HIV is not caused by diet. HIV is not caused by AIDS. HIV causes AIDS. HIV causes diet? Which of these is true? How do you know they are true, because everyone says so? Proven science? How proven is science when there are many disputing the proven scienc? 

It's been said that 70% of your immune system lies in your gut. It's in a TV commercial for yougurt. If this is true, where is the other 30% of your immune system? Saliva? Organs? What if AIDS, which is a new label that encompasses 29 old diseases, has more to do with diet and what chemicals enter the body than harmless retro viruses? I mean it's like expecting a retro Elvis impersonator to have the same impact on the world that the real Elvis had in his day. Like hellooooooooooo?


Russia does not criminalize being gay

That might sound absurd in light of the "gay propoganda" laws, but it's important to note, that the act of homosexuality is not criminalized anywhere in Russia. What is a problem, is being at a parade or in front of a church and pulling out a gay rainbow flag and waving it around.


Madonna don't preach

Madonna was caught using a slur. Omg, after all the preaching she has done you would think of all people who wouldn't do such a thing. To assist those who don't know in this free country what word she used (since I cannot freely say it here) it's the word after Nigeria. She apologized and called it's use a term of endearment. Ok bitch.

reference BBC news


"The Bachelor" star offends gays

"In the Friday interview – an audio recording of which was posted on The TV Page – Galavis [star of 2014 "The Bachelor"] said he respects gay couples "100 percent" but seemed to have some reservations about them raising children." 

He claimed his comments were taken out of context.


Um, sorry dude, your math is wrong, if you have reservations about there being a gay or bi "The Bachelor" because you have reservations about them raising children, that is not respecting gay couples 100%....79% maybe, more like 27%, but not 100%. 

Apology not accepted.

If you had said you have reservations of both straights and gays raising children, as by the numbers there's more straights fucking up the lives of kids than gays, then that would have been acceptable, though the preferred response would have been that you have serious reservations about straight couples raising children because when you look at the numbers, more kids are fucked up by straight couples than gay couples, as there is 900% more straights in the world than gays. Not only that, but there are 20 times more straights that take care of kids than gays (gays tend to not be parents) so that brings that number up to around 3000% more fucked up kids due to straight couples than ever occurs with gay couples.

I like this statement from

"If you want an example of behavior children should avoid than look no further than “The Bachelor”. No one wants their daughters acting that desperate on TV or their sons wasting years of their life for reality TV."



Article on the saying "do what you love, love what you do" challenges this new age mantra's validity.


Mobile HI virus testing now makes house calls

1-15-2014 - The report on KMIR 6 news at 6pm Palm Springs showed the Clinton Foundation supporting a new mobile van unit for HI virus testing. These will be showing up at the bars, and everywhere gays go, even though there's only 1 gay for every 9 straights. I would expect that they will appear in a 1 to 9 ratio, for every one straight club they park in front of, they will hit 9 gay clubs, that is, if they ever even hit the straight bars. Talk about inequality, prejudice. The report showed Palm Springs Mayor Steve Poughnet stating "everyone needs to get tested and we will even come to you". Sorry, I don't need to get tested with non-standardized, erroneous tests that find nothing but antibodies which appear in every human being there is nor do I need to get tested for a virus that floats in the air and can be transmitted by air because all viruses travel by air. It was also stated by the head of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation who seemed to me like he was talking like a robot, said that "getting tested for HIV will save up to 1 billion dollars in health care costs" and that there's "drugs that prolong lives". Last I checked those drugs are expensive so that doesn't seem like getting tested and getting people on drugs saves money, and where's the proof that not doing drugs wouldn't also save lives. We hear this all the time, "don't do drugs" yet they go around chanitng "do drugs" when it comes to ingesting poison pills. This desperation and constant unrelenting push of the HI virus industry is sickening, and they make fortunes off it, but hey, at least now we all have health care, just make sure, that if you want to avoid the dance around the HI virus to tell your doctor that you do not want to get tested for the HI virus unless you like that whole scam, as last I heard they are automatically testing blood for HI viruses now, even though there is no test in the world that can actually find them, they just sorta find them, which is like sorta finding a winning lottery ticket. Funny thing, this claim that "everyone" needs to get tested just validated what I have been saying forever, that viruses do not discriminate, they hit everybody via the air, not penises, as not everyone has sex. Since not everyone has sex, that statement means either not everyone needs to get tested, or it supports my theory which is based on proven science that viruses are not immune to flight, and thus all human beings must get tested, but that would be if we ignored that the tests only find non-specific antibodies which are not dangerous, in fact are healing entities, in everyone, and besides that why would anyone take a test that says they are not intended to be used to diagnose HIV status. Read the manufacturer disclaimers for yourself when that HI virus van shows up in your face.

Let me vote on it

Gay marriage is going to be up for a vote in Indiana. Some say that the people have the right to vote on it. That's like demanding a right to vote on the civil rights of minorities. Gay couple families deserve the same rights as straight couple families do they not? Is this not a separation of church and state issue? All marriage between straight couples is sanctioned by the church governments. The US government grants special privileges to those who are married based on these religious values. The government cannot say this can only apply to church sanctioned couples. These religious institutions and it's followers have no legal voting right on this, it is a matter for the courts to decide, and they must decide based on this separation issue for the inclusion of any sex, the courts must find for the neutrality of gender, that marriage is a commitment, a legal connection that can create a "family" and not a religious value of the State. This is completely smacking the Constitution in the face to allow a vote on a civil rights matter that also is based on a church and state separation issue. No governing body in the US has a right to say they will only grant one type of religious ceremony that has been unequally recognized, and not that of others simply because they are different.

Chefs now must wear hand condoms

A new law in California mandates that one use disposable gloves be used by food preparers, no touching of the food anymore ever or you go to jail. This is an extension of the hyper-sensitivity to germs, viruses, particles that I have seen explode over time. So here this same new year of 2014 while we have yet one more city (Los Angeles) banning one use plastic grocery bags to protect the environment, they immediately turn around and at the same turn mandate the use of single use hand condoms that will end up in landfills and blow around and get caught in chain link fences. It's yet another way these germ Nazis are making Nazi Germany look like paradise. Over the last 30 years I have watched the Los Angeles area AIDS groups push this mentality of protection to where they mandated penis condoms in order to have sex in a club, so it's no surprise that the health department leaders extend this to food. On one hand it might just help stop the spread of AIDS since the virus doesn't discriminate against penises or hands, on the other hand my hand now is telling me what's next is that it's going to be mandated that I wear a glove and a condom whenever I try to jerk off watching porn stars have sex wearing government mandated condoms, but can't get off because it's such a turn off, and then I have to go to the doctor to get treated, and because of that he uses single use gloves, once again we have more of these contributing to the single use problem. I suggest we put a measure on the ballot mandating single use officials who have their heads up everyone's regular use body parts. 

reference LA Times

Uncle Sam will recognize gay marriages in Utah

Utah overturned the ban on gay marriage, then put a hold on the overturn, now the federal government says it will recognize the marriages of those in Utah regardless. That doesn't mean that Utah couples are married though. The State has a stay on all of these modern marriages. 

reference Fox News 

No test

There's no test for HPV in males. WHAT? That makes absolutely no sense. Oh, of course, I see, it's stated by the medical community so that makes sense, they often don't make sense. But really, when I read that there is no male test for HPV I was astonished. Blood is not male/female yet they claim there's no test for it in males. If that doesn't make you question the validity of claims made by medical science, especially that of alleged STD's, what will?

Get tested for HRV

If you don't know what harmless retroviruses are, ask the father of retroviral research, the one who isolated the first cancer gene, ask him what he thinks. Test your knowledge on retroviruses. Check the FAQ's on retroviruses and see if Elvis is in the house.

reference Peter Duesberg 

Vaccine against Aids coming by 2005

"The head of VaxGen, Donald Francis, said the vaccine worked on chimpanzees and he was optimistic about the results of trials on humans, due to be published next year."

reference BBC 

Fed up Utah sheriff calls for uprising

Seems some people are catching on to using the same tactics gays used to get marriage rights and get The Aids drugs. 

reference Fox13Now 

Utah marriages off again

The US Supreme Court grants Utah stay on HMRG (Happy Marriages Regardless of Gender) until they can figure out if they are constitutional. It may be that this Utah case will be the deciding factor that will soon lead to complete federal recognition of HMRG.

All inclusive equality

I suggest we add the straights. Please, the term is no longer LGBT, it's SLGBT since we are striving for equality.

Biphobia and those who claim they are whatevers

Gay rights advocate Dan Savage has been accused of being biphobic. In 2011, the blogger Chris O’Guinn accused Mr. Savage of saying “blatantly hurtful, cruel and insulting things about bisexuals,” including his remark in the documentary “Bi the Way” that “I meet somebody who’s 19 years old who tells me he’s bisexual, and I’m like: ‘Yeah, right, I doubt it. Come back when you’re 29 and we’ll see.’ ”

Some are noticing that bisexuals are coming out, saying “More hetero men are tentatively admitting that they’re turned on by certain sex acts associated with gay men.”

reference NY Times 

Was alleged gay defamer Eminem bullied?

Some gay activists have trashed the fantastic rap singer Eminem for using the F-word in his songs as being a gay slur. Oh that's FAG not FUCK. According to what came out in court, Eminem was bullied, no, worse than bullied in high school, his head was smashed into a bathroom wall. I think we need a different term between bullying name calling and teasing where no one is touched, and alleged "bullying" when someone's head is bashed against a wall which is much more severe.

reference Rolling Stone 

And just when you thought you couldn't lavish enough praise on kids, try this new study on for size.

reference The Atlantic 

Dammit Lucy

reference Imgur 

Calling for the end of vilification

I find it interesting that a newspaper calls for the end of the "vilification of Snowden" yet continues the vilification of a harmless retrovirus.

Utah asks Supreme Court to restore gay marriage ban

Good luck with that!

Immune system attack! Killer tomatoes beware.

What is the "immune system" we keep hearing about that get's attacked by a virus that is 1 billion times smaller than a human hair? Am I not bigger than a virus? Science daily states: "The immune system is the system of specialized cells and organs that protect an organism from outside biological influences. Though in a broad sense, almost every organ has a protective function - for example, the tight seal of the skin or the acidic environment of the stomach. When the immune system is functioning properly, it protects the body against bacteria and viral infections, destroying cancer cells and foreign substances. If the immune system weakens, its ability to defend the body also weakens, allowing pathogens, including viruses that cause common colds and flu, to grow and flourish in the body." Apparently the immune system is just about everything that goes on in your body. So saying the HI virus attacks the immune system is like saying a mosquito is attacking your body. 

Antiviral drug

They don't use antivirals against the HI virus, they use anti RETRO virals. Or do they? If not why not? What does the retro mean? HIV is a RETRO virus. Yes it is. Compare this to retro celebrities. If you see Elvis, he's retro, not the real thing. The real Elvis was hot in his prime, but later lost his luster, and then died of a drug overdose. Retro viruses only appear like the original, they are not the original, they cannot do the same thing anywhere near the original. But this begs the question, where's the original HIV? Funny thing, I couldn't find "antiretroviral" drug on this page anywhere. 

Hep C more threat than Hi V

I was startled to learn this today that it's said that hepatitis c is a bigger threat than hiv. There's so much more money poured into Hi V research though, providing misinformation education, and testing that only finds random antibodies. 

Good Morning America host Robin Roberts is same sex committed

It seems the more I try to stay in the closet to choose a shirt, the more everyone else seems to keep coming out with their gayness as if we didn't already know they were born that way. I guess if I came out of this closet for a while, I could see these things better. 

Navaho Nation bans gay marriage

Banned since 2005 some hope to unban it.

This is an excellent article.,0,5735043.story 


I'm reading an article on cancer and the claim that cancer is caused by too little oxygen to the cells. It's a concept that is not new to me, but may be to many new to studying health, healing, and wellness. I read (pronounced red) that 30 years ago in studying nutrition and alternative theories in health and healing. What caught my interest, is in the article there is a drop down menu on the right column half way down the page which is titled "select medical condition". I look and there's hundreds. Starting at the A's I look for AIDS. Not there. I scroll down further, I see HIV/AIDS. This makes no sense. AIDS is a disease, and it has multiple causes, not one, and spans many different diseases under that broader category, so it should be listed AIDS. HIV should not even be in there, because it "is a virus", not a medical condition, unless it's labeled as such. There is not one virus listed there, wait, yes there is, but they are all listed as infection or some kind of condition. For example, the most similar comparison would be with HPV (the Human Papiloma Virus) which is said to be an STD like HIV is claimed to be. There's no "HPV" in the menu, it's listed as "HPV infection" because it's describing a medical condition. Based on this, we should see HIV infection and AIDS as two distinct listings. I suppose the way the cards fell was that the term AIDS is basically like saying infection, but one might say that HIV causes AIDS thus like flu virus causes flu, the term HIV/AIDS is appropriate, but if that's true, then we should see FV/FLU, AND when we look at what AIDS is, there is a claimed cause of one virus, but the term AIDS covers a broad array of sub conditions which all have different causes. It's like in the article below that mentions PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the new claim that a vaccine can prevent it. If it's found to be caused by a virus, they should call it PTV/PTSD (Post Traumaticostress Virus / PTSD) to be consistent with this bizarre new form of describing disease and infection. If we believe that HIV causes a broad syndrome of immune deficiency, well, that is not a disease, it's a broader condition, much like the term "medical condition" is, hovering over the sub categories of conditions. We would say then FLU/MEDICAL CONDITION to be consistent. 

Here's the drop down for you to look at. 


Everyone says to take vitamins and minerals, but those minerals must be in small amounts, trace amounts or they can become toxic. With HIV, which is claimed to be an immune suppressant, we have to consider what is an immune boostant. Trace minerals help, and certainly don't hurt in small amounts in the body. So too viruses in trace amounts are harmless, maybe they are even necessary. Small amounts provide immunity. So if you get HIV in small amounts, you develop antibodies, which create immunity. Same with flu, small amounts, your body develops antibodies, you develop immunity. When you get tested for HIV, all methods only find antibodies, not even specific ones, thus, a positive test shows immune response, immunity. If your body is overwhelmed with flu virus or HI virus, that is not good. Unfortunately there is no test in the world that can find how much HI virus is in the blood to see if the person is overwhelmed.

Here's an interesting blog on trace mineral selenium and chelates in energy drinks: 

In the article I read this:

"You are not correct. The atomic radius of selenium is smaller than that of iron. Which is a common metal found bound to a variety of amino acids (including glycine) ( ) . Amino acids are extremely effective chelating agents because the chelating functionality is present in all amino acids and doubly present in some (glutamine and asparagine). Futhermore, the use of amino acid chelated metal complexes is common practice in nutrition."

If amino acids are "extremely effective chelating agents" then wouldn't the food we eat, as long as there is a lot of protein, do the same thing in the stomach? Seems likely. Thus claims that a chelated form of any trace mineral is better are exaggerated.

Dirty soap  

Unelected gay community "officials" unable to shoot down that duck guy

He got his job back. HAHA.

" “Duck Dynasty is not a show about one man’s views. … in many episodes, they come together to reflect and pray for unity, tolerance and forgiveness. These are three values that we at A+E Networks also feel strongly about.” 

Those are the values I also support. 

That "bitch" goes back to 2 a.d. 

Make the yule log gay

Chambers Yule Log.png

Gay authors slam gay community

"As we highlighted yesterday, gay authors Tammy Bruce and Camille Paglia have both slammed the gay community and leftist media outlets for using the very same kind of bullying tactics they would usually abhor in pursuit of what Paglia described as an intolerant and “Stalinist” attack on free speech."

Horseshit in medicine

That's just an expression. There is no horse shit in medicine. There is, literally, cow lymph in medicine. It's in vaccines. Ewww. 

Vaccinate for PTSTD?

The oddest thing I read so far in the war on viruses, is the bizarre claim that vaccination can protect people from post traumatic stress disorder and what's even odder is the scientists don't even mention viruses as being a part of the cause of PTSD, yet all dictionary definitions of what a vaccine does, includes viruses. Hmm. 

Mental vaccines? Researchers now pushing vaccine for PTSD

Autism award

"A young boy was awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars after it was determined that the MMR vaccine led to a confirmed diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)." Don't tell anyone. 

Ban this ban that, ban ban ban

San Francisco bans burning wood on Christmas Eve. No shit. Fine is $100 or take a class on wood smoke awareness. I would imagine there would be no fines if the whole city burned again after another earthquake. The problem I have with bans is that for the rich, paying a fine is like losing a penny on the sidewalk, where for the rest of us, it's food and presents. I can see plenty of rich San Franciscans burning wood in their fireplaces at their dinner parties. 

Breaking code

Brits pardon gay guy who's said to be the father of computers. He broke the Nazi war code thus putting an end to the war much sooner they say. But he was found OUT and persecuted for being what he was. He killed himself. 

Some county clerks in Utah won't do their job

They don't want to marry 2 dudes or 2 gals, they are refusing to give same sex couples marriage licenses. I sure hope they get fired. If they can't do their job they don't deserve it.

Just try to get ur ?'s answered

I called Anthem to find out some of the details on their health club rebate incentive to get exercise, since I am being compelled to buy insurance or pay fines. They claim you can get up to $200 back. There's no exact details on their website as to which health club I can join to receive this or exactly how much I can expect, like if I spend $400 for the year, will I get $200 back or $25. So I call them on the phone, and wait for 15 minutes and the whole time there's this stupid recorded voice talking, and talking, never shutting up. How annoying. Finally get a real person, and they say "you have to talk to a licensed agent". I ask do you have any of those there I can talk to. "No." Why don't they put that message in the stupid recorded voice?

Shopping for health insurance?

 This guy has some thoughts.

Utah strikes down anti buddy/buddy marriage laws

The ban is lifted. Dudes can marry dudes.

You like bandwagons, take a stand, sign the petition

Support free speech

HIV analysis using electron microscopy

What is it finding?

Supreme Court declares prostitution laws unconstitutional

Why is it this country seems to be so much further ahead? 

And they don't even fine their citizens for not having health insurance, they just give it to them for free!

"You labelist"

I'm so tired of all the claims of racism, homophobism, etc. all coming from labelists.

"More people in the developing world contract tuberculosis because of compromised immunity, largely due to high rates of HIV infection and the corresponding development of AIDS." -  

The expert theory is HIV gets inside someone from someone's dirty penis and causes AIDS, and then some other infection takes hold which then kills them. The popular theory is that you have sex and get infected with a virus and die of AIDS, not other diseases. In the case of the above reference it's tuberculosis, but they have it mixed up, since HIV causes AIDS, they first get AIDS right? If it gets bad the person can die of the tuberculosis, right? Actually, no one dies of a syndrome. They don't die of AIDS, they die of a disease they get. AIDS is not a disease. AIDS is a broader category of diseases related to immune dysfunction. It's a syndrome. A syndrome is not a disease it's a number of SYMPTOMS occurring together that characterize a disease. CHARACTERIZE. So if you have symptoms of certain diseases, you have AIDS. There are 29 diseases like tuberculosis that lie under that category AIDS. So if you have those symptoms for tuberculosis, you have AIDS. You also have tuberculosis. If you have symptoms for the flu, you have the flu, you also have AIDS, that is, as long as you have HIV because in order to ever have AIDS you have to also have HIV. It's like saying CAR to describe a fancy sports car, which doesn't tell you much exactly about the type of vehicle you are driving other than it's got 4 wheels and a steering wheel and engine. The subcategory of the car describes it much better. The subcategory of AIDS describes the disease better. So really what HIV is, is a virus that causes immune deficiency, AIDS, but it's like saying dirt in an engine causes engine problems, and then to possibly fix the engine, you find subcategories, like which parts were affected. If you say "the engine" it's like in AIDS/HIV saying "the immune system". The immune system is a lot of parts like an engine. Ok, we agree. Finally we agree on something. So the disease that comes along is the main problem, not the immune deficiency (AIDS or HIV). That leads us to another interesting part of the puzzle, it's been shown scientifically that excess sugar consumption can cause immune deficiency, thus, sugar causes AIDS as well as HIV. So one should practice safe eat and wear intestinal protection when eating sugared cereals. Alcohol is also a causes immune suppression thus alcohol causes AIDS, so avoid all causes of AIDS. Practice safe drunk, wear proper protection when drinking alcohol.

17th state to OK Gay marriage

New Mexico.

Is it ok for gay celebrities to say they don't like straight sex?

Should they be suspended from filming if they make an anti-straight comment? Should straight pride groups call for their suspension? If so that would be SAAAD.

Quack! Quack!

The bible according to Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson says: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”


That's all His stuff not mine, I am not interested in coveting God's stuff. Besides that, is God going to die or something? 

Gay couple will get married on Rose Parade float

 It will happen live for hundreds of millions of people to see on New Years Day on the AIDS Healthcare Foundation float. Nothing like associating gays with AIDS/AGAIN! This comes from the foundation that brought you condom laws mandating them at sex clubs and on porn stars, spending $6,000,000 to do so. That's enough money to pay a years salary to a non-profit health care corporation cheif executive officer. For example, Kaiser head George Halvorson had $6.7 million in total compensation and benefits according to an LA Times article published May 2011.**

Just when gays claim a victory with marriage....

ObamaCare Marriage Penalty – Get Divorced So You Can Get A Subsidy - The Affordable Care Act makes being married a big disadvantage when it comes to getting subsidies. The amount in subsidies we are talking about are not trivial either as they could add up to as much as $10,000 or so. The rich gays don't have this problem, but the rest of us do.

Federal recognition of gay married couples applying for student loans

"Under the new guidance, the Education Department will recognize a student or a parent as legally married if the couple was legally married in any jurisdiction that recognizes same-sex marriage, regardless of where the student or couple lives or the student is attending school." 

The refrigerator was running, then stopped, and asked:


Homosexuality is becoming popular 

It's #5 in top stories in Google News. 

India Supreme Court makes gay a crime

Let's not freak out people, it will go through the Parlimentary process next where it will likely be struck down.

Porn Star Hank Cruz ran for Mayor of California city Desert Hot Springs

According to an article in

"The filmography of Hank Cruz includes… Hot Desert Knights; Sperm Deposits; Corporate Merger; Backroom Muscle Daddies; Bareback Harddrive; Fulfillment; Real Men Have Hair; Smoking Hunks; They Like ‘Em Big; Truck Stop On I-95; White Collar Bareback; Dungeon Gang-Bang; Backroom Muscle Daddies; Hardhat 3-Way; and My First Gay Daddy to name a few." 

according to the website about Hank Cruz:

"Hank is one horny guy. We put him in a vid with a hot latin bottom and he fucked the hell out of him. Then when he was done we shot another vid with Anthony and a hot bottyom. Hank wea so turned on by seeing them fuck, he jumpped in and made it a three way." 



are you positive? don't be so sure

you can test positive in one country, then test negative in another

if testing is not accurate, what do we have here?

false positive? reject the theory?  questioning aids

science says?

Immunodeficiency or Immune Deficiency?? Is it really both?

The above image appeared on a Medical News Today website page on Black Friday 2013 that featured a story claiming that a "new more agressive strain of HIV devlops more rapidly than other current strains". What I find to be a strain is that proper word structure is never consistent with the use of these terms but at least it's refreshing to finally read that they claim to be interchangable. I have not read that clarification anywhere prior to today. 

Why isn't it one or the other?

Shouldn't it be either AIDS or AIS?

If it's AIS, then HIV causes AIS. If it's AIDS, then HIDV causes AIDS.

Commenting on the story found here I always have to question where they get their claims from. How can they make such statements that they have discovered a new strain that acts quicker. For one, there is no absolute way to find the virus, isolate it, and culture it. And besides that, it has always been classified as a retrovirus. How many retro Elvis have you seen that can pull off pretty much exactly what the real one did or better like they are now claiming this "new strain" does.

Why is gay blood unworthy of donation? Isn't that prejudice? Supposedly viruses don't discriminate yet oddly the gay community has higher diagnosis rates than the straight community. The whole theory should be sent to the landfill.


books & reading: Aids Opium Diamonds and Empire  Virus Myth

movies: House of Numbers




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