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Flashing Oars 1927

Hooligans In Virology (HIV) learn more

The case against Bonnie Henry DICTATOR IN PUBLIC HELL Obamacare, Canada.

Christine Anderson with Rebel News on the power grabs and rape perpetrated by the World Hell Organization which presents itself as ruler of the universe but its an unelected body run by billionaires cannot be allowed to govern anyone's individual health. All they really care about is money using the fraud of viruses as one of their biggest crowbars.

PCR "testing" for never proven to exist viruses uses mathematical calculations that are in the trillions to guess what's there. It's not exact science, it's pseudo science. It's junk science. HIV test results and CoViD test results are as accurate as what any other sleasy used car salesman or repurposed chemical waste from China product tells you.

Del Bigtree covers WHO bogus claims they need more power to fake control fake pan demics.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here goes,

Next bandwagon please.

When virologists look at this image they see viruses budding from the cell. When Hustlers In Virology (HIV) see this they say it's spike proteins and Kovid-666 that is evil and will kill you which it never does. When Warped Speed Hustlers In Virology (WS/HIV) like Trump and Peter McSpikey see this they see dangerous spike proteins and have spike protein repair solvent or warped injection needles filled with pHARMa cyst concoctions no one in their right mind would inject into themselves unless they are on drugs.

This was presented in 1927 in a film showing cells budding from cells which is like humans budding from humans also known as birth and also known as normal every day life. In the FILM which is moving pictures, not an isolate picture as seen above, it shows these new baby cells budding out and then swimming around all happy. If Fauci and 99.666% of doctors and virologists looked at the film which I am sure 99.666% of them have not, they would say that based on 34,523,234,222,666 papers stacked all the way to the moon which they have not ever fully read, that this proves there are monsters in you that are swimming around and will kill you so you better take that shot with claims your body doesn't know what to do with itself. Instead you go home and have a shot of whiskey, relax after they scared you, and live another 99.666 years dying of natural causes some day while ending life not in a hospital bed, rather in a nice place you choose, surrounded by people who care and do not bill anyone afterwards for their care.


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